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When you want to cool off before going in the water. #visitoahu #lethawaiihappen 📷: @onumaaan
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At one point in time, i was approached by a hunting company presenting commercial opportunities. this would have been my very first experience regarding a pro staff position. ⠀

myself and another female were selected to shoot product commercials on a new bow one weekend before season. ⠀

i drove hours to the location, arriving early because i was told we needed a day to “prepare”. ⠀

i arrived to find the woman and one of the guys holding the bow, explaining to her what the release, peep, stabilizer, etc were. i must have looked a little lost because he said “sorry if it’s overwhelming, have you shot a bow before?” ⠀

i was able to fight through the shock and reply something along the lines of “once or twice. the bow you’re having us “review” is 30” axle to axle, had a 7” brace height and shoots 333 fps.” ⠀

“wow, you’ve done your homework!” he replied. ⠀

i sighed, realizing what this whole thing was really all about. ⠀

“it isn’t homework... it’s my life. and quite honestly, though it’s fairly forgiving and easy to time, i don’t like how spongy the back wall was.” ⠀

i remember walking out the door and away from that “marketing opportunity.” ⠀

on the long drive home i thought about it. ⠀

joe pesci movies are amongst my favorites because he isn’t “acting”. that tough guy, gangster role is something he embodies and he sells it because it’s natural. ⠀

same applies in this industry. there is no amount of studying that can replace time, experience and authenticity. ⠀

be true to you. be proud of where you are in your outdoors journey, own what you know and be truthful about what you don’t know. ⠀

i promise you, for intuitive folks, it’s as easy to spot posers in this industry as it is to call joe pesci out for trying to be a camp guidance counselor. ⠀

*side note- id actually love to be a kid at a camp where pesci is teaching about conflict management. ⠀
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Golden hour at monument valley🏜
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posted with written permission from the photographer, @whereisweatherby. #explorearizona
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Starry starry night 🌌 ⭐️ photo: @shainblumphotography #lobomountain
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•it’s on• ✨time to make the magic happen✨
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This is mr. peepers. he knows he’s handsome, but would like some personal space please. 13/10 i wanna boop that dog nose so bad (@quacktastic_mr.peepers )
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