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Bridget Auerbach
I know in today’s food and health climate it can be hard to know what to eat, my best advice is to keep it simple and fundamental.
1. food from nature is good for you, eat any and all kinds of it. variety is good, make your plate colorful.
2. processed food is not good for you, eat as little of it as possible. this is food that is changed from the way it was in nature, that could be processed with a machine, or combined with chemicals, fillers, additives or other synthetic ingredients. these are foods in packages. if you eat these, read the ingredients and make sure they’re made of food from nature, things you recognize. look for organic and non-gmo-project verification.
3. animal food should be eaten very moderately and should always be organic or even better, local. meat and dairy should be thought of as sacred and should be respected, think of them like a condiment. every meal should not be dominated by food from animals. quite the opposite. even if you’re a meat eater, eat mostly plants.
4. as far as super foods and all the trends {like fancy berries or leaf extracts or tinctures}, don’t pay attention too much. try things here and there to see how you feel and what you like, but just worry about eating real whole food from nature and you’re on your way! once you’ve got that down, you can refine and tweak from there.
5. when you’re ready to refine and tweak, i would start with experimenting with eating less fruit, sugar, grains or dairy. maybe then adding in some super foods or interesting self-care practices like a real food cleanse or gravity method colonic.
what do you think, do you have any questions?? #simplefood #simplelifestyle #lessismore #crushandglow
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Carli Orsi-Pearson
Tonight’s dinner is leftovers for a low macro day. one corn tortilla, lots of mixed greens, 1/3 c beans, 1/3 ground beef, salsa and only a dollop of guacamole. my day would have been on par if i’d stopped here.... but the bliss bites got in the way. 😬 #fasterwaytofatloss #lowmacroday #restday
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When one of the big bosses decide to show up to a team lunch with a homemade paella....πŸ™‡πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ™‡πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ™‡πŸ»‍♀️ #seafoodpaella#paella#seafood#allhail#soimpressive#lunch#showup#oneup#foodlove#foodshare#foodstagram#instafood#instagood#instagram#overeater
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Tareva Is A Freaking Loser πŸ’ͺ🏾
I’m really turning food centric and focusing on rebuilding my relationship with food. there are some major aspects of my health that are entirely out of my control right now so i’m going to hone in on those that i can control.

my lunches last week were a great tool to keep me focused during the day so i decided to do it all over again. keeping it sweet and simple. have a wonderful week, y’all!
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Bridget Auerbach
Exercise is super important for me, it always has been, binge eating or not. movement is important both for our physical bodies, for our hearts {like, the organ}, and for our minds and moods. the one major realization i’ve had as i’ve matured and learned how to take good care of myself is that it’s extremely important to find exercise and physical activity that you actually like and look πŸ‘€ forward to. it can’t be s**t you hate. lately i’m really into @sltnyc, combined with a little bit of cycling and always yoga on the side. what are your most or least favorites?? i’m thinking of trying rock climbing soon πŸ€”. xx #movementeveryday #crushandglow
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Susan Factor
In #chicagoland thin crust pizza is definitely not king but i actually prefer it to pan/deep dish. my 2 favs are @rosatis_pizza for flavor (they’ve got the spices down perfectly) & @beggers because the cheese-omg the cheese is piled on every time! (beggers, crown point, in). #pizza #sausagepizza #sausage #thincrustpizza #pizzapie #beggerspizza #rosatis #cheese #mozarella #oregano #food #foodporn #foodaholic #chicago #chicagofood #foodie #livetoeat #overeater #yummy #indianapolis #weekend #saturday #saturdaynight #dinner
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Chrissa Cooper
Fun games i like to play alone bc most other games require friends #tweetstagram #foreveralone #selfquotesaturday #gameday #overeater #bpd #mentalhealthisfun #pokemon
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Elisheva Hirshman Weiner
Candy. we all know the reasons candy is not a preferred food we choose to give our children. it has little nutritional value and can cause cavities. however, children usually enjoy eating sweets because, well, they are sweet! it's important that your child not feel deprived of candy, but that doesn't mean candy needs to be served everyday. save candy for shabbos parties, birthday parties, and holidays. you can incorporate sweets into occasional snacks or meals, as well. most important, let kids be kids and enjoy their candy!
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ashlie qualagari
When i started coaching, i hesitated thinking who's going to follow me and want me to coach them since i wasn't this fit chick with washboard abs. i still had far to go in my journey.

but i quickly learned that most of the time, that's not real life! all i needed myself was someone that was like me to follow and be inspired by through good and hard times. i needed someone who has been where i was. struggled with weight and overeating, and just kept trying. and that was/is what my coach is to me. it's a lifelong journey. and it seems hard to have to think i have to do this forever. but i learned healthy eating through my challenge groups and that to be a coach all i had to do was be me and tell my story and maybe there will be people out there with the same type of story.
so i will continue on my journey now as a coach hoping to inspire out there along the way.

#fitgirls #healthyeating #inspiringwomen #healthymoms #challengegroups #ttcjourney #overeater #ttcrainbowbaby #pcosawareness #ttcpcos
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Bridget Auerbach
Morning routines are everything, you guys. for me it’s a necessity to start the day off right, every single morning no matter what. i take a digestive enzyme πŸ’Š {aide digestion}, drink lemon water πŸ‹ {flush toxins and alkalize}, drink a smoothie πŸ₯’ {get full with nourishing ingredients that are easy to digest} and write in my journal πŸ““ {reflect on yesterday and plan for the day ahead}. most mornings i also usually exercise in between lemon water and smoothie and i usually journal on the train. today i was feeling tired, so i took my time at home and skipped exercise, also joe is away so i wasn’t worried about making noise at home.
what are your morning routines, or what’s holding you back from having them?? #tgif #selfcare #crushandglow
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BonBon UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
πŸ‘‰ i felt so guilty last night after binging and now today im left trying to overcome yesterdays mistakes. i know there is no point in punishing myself but i do it anyway
however today i have my positive pants on πŸ€—πŸ’‘
im being proactive πŸ’ͺ🏻and doing some serious meal planning for the next few days βœπŸ“š
ive got this πŸ‘Œ
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I have struggled with my relationship with food for most of my life and i know that it affects so many of you too! that's why i'm so excited for a brand new program that we are launching next month!

if you are someone who: • wants to lose weight, but don't like to exercise or aren't ready for it yet
• exercises but struggles with nutrition and does not see the weight loss results you want
• loves food, loves to eat big portions, and loves to feel full
• is tired of yo-yo dieting but wants to maintain your lifestyle
• wants an easy-to-follow way to lose weight without strict rules, like cutting food groups, counting calories or eating small portions
• cannot exercise due to injury/illness but wants to lose (or maintain) weight through better eating habits
• has experienced emotional eating and wants to be free from obsessing about food and feeling overwhelmed by food choices

then this program is for you! want more details? drop a comment or emoji below and i will message you with details about you my free informational launch group! i'm so excited for a way to help more people! <3

#whynotyou #changeyourmindset #itsabouthealthy #loseweight #mindsetshift #healthymama
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