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✨🖤 ᕼoᗯ ᗪo yoᑌ ᔕᑭeᒪᒪ 'ᒪoᐯe'?" - ᑭigᒪet

yoᑌ ᗪoᑎ't ᔕᑭeᒪᒪ ᒪoᐯe. yoᑌ ᖴeeᒪ it. -ᗯiᑎᑎie tᕼe ᑭooᕼ 🖤✨ @addi_dffd #pregnant #maternityshoot #love #couple #marriage #lifegoals #youandme #belovedstories #parentstobe #cantwaittomeetyou #tattoos #parentswithtattoos 📸 by @zweitraum_fotografie 🖤🖤🖤
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I have waiting so long on posting this photo because when i look at it, all i do is pick my body apart, how i am not as lean as i want to be.
instead of focusing on how amazing it is that i can do this pose on the beach in the sand without falling, the muscles that hold me here, and the smile on my face, i was picking myself apart.

what if we said to ourselves what bruno mars said “when i see your face (or body 🤗), there’s not a thing that i would change, cause you’re amazing just the way you are.” loving yourself just the way you are right now is the only way you’ll move forward. so, instead of hiding it, i’ll be proud of my dancer pose on the beach. just the way i am. ❤️
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Zgadnij kotku co mam w środku❓
chłopiec czy dziewczynka ❔
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Pancakes and fruit for breakfast yesterday 🖤
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It’s a yuck day and i’m kinda wishing it was summer time again! 😩 but what i really wanna talk about is how grateful i am for this man! i’m pretty sure we’ve been through everything that’s meant to tear us apart and we’ve come out together and for that i’m so thankful! i’m thankful for the life i live with this man and the home and family we’ve built together! we just celebrated 5 years together and 4 years married! we can honestly say we started with nothing and built this life from the ground up and i wouldn’t change a thing.
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Not ready to move on to christmas, yet!! more corn mazes and pumpkin patches with the family plz 🎃
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