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🙌🏔😍glaciar los perros, en el parque nacional torres del paine 📸: @chibiiiiiiiii__ #torresdelpaine #patagonia #chile #magallanes
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Laguna esmeralda em ushuaia. durante os meses do inverno a laguna costuma ficar congelada e coberta pela neve! ❄😍

📸 @viajandocompatgiusti
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New blog! jaime + christian’s yosemite elopement started with their first look as the sun was coming up behind half dome, and then a little brunch picnic in the valley below, and a hike out to their sunset ceremony overlooking el cap. our best friend @cannonjtc officiated their ceremony and we all hiked back in the dark in awe of the amazing day they’d had! these two are instant-friends and i’m so glad they came all the way from australia to elope out here with us 🖤 fun bonus, they’d just watched free solo, so when we ran into our friend @alexhonnold in the meadow...they were pretty stoked. swipe all the way for that one 🧗🏻‍♂️
follow the link in my story to see the full blog post! brides, these photos will probably convince you to have a veil if you’re on the fence about it 👀
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Essa é uma daquelas fotos que pode até virar um quadro, né? ☺️😍

o perito moreno é marcante, quem conhece não esquece jamais! ❄️

valeu @sheedy_jawich pelo click! 📸

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