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Which tattoo is your favourite? #pauley's #beautiful #tattoos 😍💞
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When your teacher comes in clutch after loosing your wallet in class 💵🏤😋 #csustan #warriors #accounting #pauley #thankful #dbg #stanstate #csu #stanislaus #wheresmywallet #dejavu
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I hope everyone had/have a great day {#alanashby #aaronpauley #alan #ashby #aaron #pauley #omandm #ofmiceandmen #omam }
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So, marfan awareness month is upon us again, and so my time to give you the signs, and ways to know if you have it has also arrived. firstly, we’ll begin with the basic signs of marfan syndrome. the first, telltale signs of marfan’s are as follows; a tall, thin frame. abnormally long fingers. disproportionately long arms, and legs. doubled jointed. flat feet. scoliosis. small pupils. these are just a few of the symptoms of this rare, genetic disorder. to further explain what marfan syndrome is, i’ll say this. it’s a fibrotic connective tissue disorder which can affect your heart, back, mouth, and eyes. we’ll start with how this can affect the heart. marfan’s often causes something called mitral valve prolapse, more commonly known as a heart murmur, and it can also cause a heart aneurysm. the word aneurysm refers to a bulge or ‘pocketing’ of the wall or lining of a vessel commonly occurring in the blood vessels at the base of the septum or aorta. an aneurysm occurs when part of an artery wall weakens, allowing it to widen abnormally, or balloon out. if an aneurysm expands quickly or ruptures, symptoms may develop suddenly and include: pain. clammy skin. dizziness. nausea and vomiting. rapid heart rate. shock. low blood pressure. moving on to the second area that this disorder affects; the back. the back is one of the main areas that this illness takes upon itself to inflict pain, making somedays simply impossible to walk, or even attempt to get out of the bed in the morning. the third area would be; the mouth. in the mouth, to detect marfan syndrome, you can notice an abnormally raised roof of the mouth, or crowded teeth. this obviously isn’t exclusive to marfan’s, but most people with the disorder have these symptoms, and they are sometimes, and often checked for it when they’re being checked to see if they have it. fourthly, we have; the eyes. in the eyes you will often see that people with marfan syndrome have general blurry vision, or nearsightedness. again, this isn’t exclusive to marfan syndrome, but it is very common for people with the disorder. go to comments:;
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Last night was certainly one to be remembered. i got to meet the four people that have created the music to help me through some of the toughest times of my life. even though, i was unable to actually see them perform, i still managed to have an absolute blast. i waited in like to meet them, for actually not very long at all, and i got to physically hand them a letter. with my own, like actual hands. they were the sweetest people i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and i have never been so happy than in them five or so minutes i got to spend with them. they were so genuine and sweet. i am beyond words with explaining how absolutely phenomenal my night was. not getting to see them performing was, to say the least, a bummer; but i’m honored to say that i met them, and i can’t say enough about just how amazing everything was. i’m so proud to call myself their fan. ♡ [#austin #carlile #austincarlile #austincarlileslegs #vocalist #alan #ashby #alanashby #ginger #princess #gingerprincess #guitarist #phil #manansala #philmanansala #guitarist #model #tino #valentino #arteaga #tinoarteaga #drummer #aaron #pauley #aaronpauley #kindagreasy #vocals #omam #ofmiceandmen #ofmicefamily]
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Carlos Quintanilla
It's been looooong time since i've been back in #pauley but ooh what a feeling! #letsgobruins🐻 #pac12 @ucla @ucla mbb #eightclap 🏀🏀🏀🏀
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Guilty??? happy valentine’s day!!!❤️❤️💓💓 #ncis #ilovencis #ncisfandomfamily #ncisvalentinescontest #ncisedit #ncisislife #ncisfanpage #pauley #pauleyperrette
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