September 2014
roch3re "i don't want a world without panda bears, smiles, and fresh water." -rochile. "unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it's not."-dr. seuss #peoplesclimatemarch
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Katie Carlsson
4 days ago
carlsonkatiee Join us at ground floor farm this sunday 6/25/17 @3:30 for a summer of resistance kickoff party. there will be jupiter donuts, bagels, pizza, drinks, and a greenpeace webinar. #greenpeace #indianriverlagoon #summerofresistance #moveon #aclu #peoplesclimatemarch #sciencemarch #peoplepower #indivisible #friendofthepod
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Kassie Rodriguez
4 days ago
kassidillas A solid throwback to the people's climate march in d.c.!! i've wanted to post pictures of this incredible day and experience but somebody (ben) never sent me the gopro pics and vids. but yes here i am protesting our administration's refusal to take care of our beautiful home and our animal friends who live in it. if they won't, it will be left up to the great people and states of this country to pick up the slack. also! if you're looking for something to do on this marvelous monday, check out cowspiracy on netflix! it's an incredible film about animal agriculture and the enormous negative impact it has on the earth. #vegan #climatechange #cowspiracy #peoplesclimatemarch #pleasebegoodtotheearth #respectyourmother
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6 days ago
a.sign.of.the.times We must all seek truth, even if it proves us wrong.
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6 days ago
a.sign.of.the.times We've got to stop side steppin the truth
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Legend Bracelet
1 weeks ago
followyourlegend Caught this shot right as the #peoplesclimatemarch sign was walking by 🌲🌍✊️
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