Jamison Clark
jamisonclark.design #vibingout speaking with @devi_lockwood devi-lockwood.com at the people’s climate march in washington, dc earlier this year about @updraft.cc the app for activism, #sustainability, and how people build movements through interaction. ........ #design #projectupdraft #devilockwood #peoplesclimatemarch #washingtondc #rochesterny #585 #goosedesignco #youngentrepreneurs #blackentrepreneurs #activism
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Help People Do
2 days ago
awheremedia We don't need to brag we just ask how clients how they feel and they do it for us. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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Jesse Paris Smith
3 days ago
michiganmanhattan Happy friday!! here i am right after the 2014 people's climate march in nyc, which was the largest climate march in history, and the day before the very first @pathway2paris event :) #peoplesclimatemarch
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The Unknown Persists
5 days ago
unknownpersists Why yes, we aren't posting any new features while our site is under construction but we had to share this sneak peek of @alexleck_ film from the people's climate march in d.c. | shot on 120 mm ilford hp5+ |
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The Feminist Vegan (Sarah)
2 weeks ago
feminist.vegan Happy indigenous peoples’ day. important reminders re cultural appropriation: “spirit animal” is not a casual term; dream-catchers are not cute accessories; and non-indigenous white people are all living on stolen land. 📸: indigenous activists at the people’s climate march, photo taken by allan lissner.
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Alex Leck
2 weeks ago
alexleck_ Here's a few photographs i made at the people's climate march last spring. the sheer number of people who attended was staggering and i certainly met some very interesting and inspiring individuals that weekend. washington, dc. april 29, 2017. #120mm
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Rob Brune
3 weeks ago
rob.brune The #peoplesclimatemarch nyc 2014 photo by me - used by people w/o my permission but you gotta choose your battles
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Chris Long
last month
chrislongimages Three years ago today an estimated 400,000 people participated in the people's climate march through the streets of manhattan. #peoplesclimatemarch #environmentalprotection #environmentalactivism #climatechange #manhattan #newyorkcity #newyork #tbt
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last month
all_is_sonny 3 years ago today i participated in the largest people's climate march to date in nyc. at the time, i couldn't have known that the policies for a cleaner and healthier environment brought forth by president obama would be dismantled by a president who denies climate change. but i will not let that hinder me in the fight for what i believe in: clean air, clean water, clean land, and clean energy. #beavoice #activism #proudsupporterofscience #peoplesclimatemarch
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