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🍁🍃vegan week🍅👩🏼‍🍳 soup has always been the only way i can survive the cleansing process i call, “nutrition for intuition”. i think i’m gonna call this one, angel approved tomato soup! ⭐️ 2:44 🙏🏻recipe on tumblr:thewingedwitch
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Healthy homemade dinner 🙌🏼
sweet potato hash with peppers and onions, topped with a bean and corn salsa, shrimp sautéed in a hot pepper tomato sauce, and of course avocado on top 🥑🦐
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At last some food after the whole day with nothing #maggie #icedtea #cook #food #homemadefood #personalrecipe #dinner #endoftheday #deliciousfood
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New item in our etsy store. baby cotton. this soap has a clean crisp fragrance.
#coldprocess #personalrecipe #lovesoaping #makeyourown #teachyourchildren #loveyourskin.
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Trying out a new personal recipe. peanut butter shortbread cookies filled with either nutella or hershey’s kisses.
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Sticky sweet potatoe pies with ginger, cardemom and golden puffed quinoa for breakfast here! i really lóve my business for several reasons, but allways having so much variety in my fridge and pantry (so i can truly eat what i need) is one of them ... the freedom and peace i feel inside to give myself what i desire is such a joy and feels so rich. no rules (!) , just listening to my belly, my heart and the moment. to what i need. not comparing to others, not thinking what i should eat or not eat... i see a lot of woman struggeling with that. the relationship with their food & body is not a true-love-relation. the trust in their (very personal) desires is missing. i know how it feels. was struggeling with that myself when i was younger. but nowadays i see, féél and create food as pure l o v e. it’s (one of the ways) how i give love to myself ánd others. to nourish myself, my guests and my family with positive energy, creativity, lustforlife and personal attention. i see a true hunger for that around me. so i decided to start developping something really special and close-to-my-heart now.... an adventure with a blend of selfcare, moodfood and learning to trust your desires again so you can féél your very personal ingredients to feel free, energised, fulloflove and you! #onamission #selflove #selfcare #firestarters #eatwhatyouneed #personalrecipe #developping #stayhungry #trustyourdesires #moodfood
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Segundo simão et al (2012), para respostas agudas, a ordem dos #exercicios pode afetar, sim, o desempenho a depender do objetivo do aluno. vale lembrar que temos dois tipos de respostas: agudas (resultados mais rápidos) e crônicas (resultados mais lentos). um exemplo na prática fácil de entender é que, se dermos início a um treino de perna, onde o primeiro exercício seria o #agachamento, a carga ou número de #repetições será maior do que se deixarmos o mesmo para ser executado como último exercício. e se os outros exercícios anteriores envolverem os mesmos grupos musculares ocorrerá uma maior #fadigamuscular por conta desses exercícios anteriores.

obs.: se o seu treino foi realmente eficaz talvez, não haja a necessidade da prescrição de alguns exercícios complementares (monarticulares). @lifeacademiarecife
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Cindy is glowing more than ever after our new tigi copyright custom care treatment. repair + shine and she’s ready to seize the day. @looselipslou
add this personalised treatment to your next service. we have all had ours done and i can honestly say this is by far the most exceptional treatment i have ever used. #personalrecipe #treatment #tigicopyright #shine #repair #smooth #moisture #darwinhairdresser #darwinstyle #exclusive @tigicopyright @tigi_aus #vanityhair #nt #parap
cheers chris
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Have you ever made something so delicious that you're still tasting it two days later?? 🤤🇬🇷🥔
i made these mediterranean meatballs stuffed with feta and onion, with roasted greek lemon potatoes and sauteed spinach for dinner on friday, and i woke up craving them this morning!
my plating might get me chopped 😂 but the flavors were out of this world.
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Big sister thinks little sister needs to learn how to cook. strawberries, tomatoes and bananas. taste baby, delicious, you are my first customer#imaginary play #sisters #personalrecipe
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Some the wonderful #food iv worked in the past couple weeks. #smoked #chicken #fruittrays #strawberry #salads with my own #personalrecipe on the #dressing and more.

not pictured is all the flank steaks iv made and so many more entrees and sides.

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Ja dbam o klientki a klientki o mnie... taka ot co, dobra wymiana tego co zdrowe i naturalne. dziękuję za cudowne w smaku suszone pomidory, śliwki oraz orzechy💓
serdeczne podziękowanie dla pani eweliny, za te smakołyki 😍

gabinet dobrze być.
ul.frascati 4/2a

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