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🌿10 signs your body needs to detox:🌿 ✖️skin breakouts ✖️bloating/stomach pains
✖️food cravings ✖️trouble sleeping
✖️fatigue/low energy levels
✖️inflammation ✖️congestion/mucus feels like a cold 💓
my magic pink drink (that’s all natural and plant based) has helped me with all of this! it's amazing how you feel when your body is detoxed and balanced.💓 .
which ones do you have? i’m sending samples of this amazing pink drink on monday! let me know if you want one!!!
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La, you taught me so much. .

adobe max was such an incredible conference! a combination of sessions, hands on labs and keynotes from adobe staff and professionals in the industry was the perfect way to reignite my creative spark. if you’re a creative and ever get the opportunity to attend, i highly suggest it!

and as far as la goes, it’s a beautiful city with so many things to do. travelling here on my own helped me reconnect with my independence, and i am extremely grateful to have been able to visit this wonderful place.

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I promise this isn't pbr 🍵

this is actually cascara tea. it is made from the husk of the coffee bean.

usually the husks are discarded, but someone realized it makes a great drink when seeped!

anytime i find cascara on a menu i make it a priority to support them because they are reducing the amount of food waste!
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~obligatory picture of pumpkins in honor of the first day of october~
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Patiently waiting for it to not be 90 degrees 🌡️
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Los mejores cariñitos de la vida siempre me los da este cachorro divino. 💖 #lukeskywalker
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Lavender pillows, step ☝🏼. coming to @honeycombhamilton soon, soon 🌿
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Playing with light and angles. @marucoffeela
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My neighbors are all done and so am i...
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Final day off in bk before a six day stretch calls for hanging out with the kitties all day.
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•food friday! i’ve been dreaming about this pizza for a while now, it was just so amazing! i need to make my way back to the backspace here in austin soon! they have the cutest little restaurant and the food is literally to die for!• .
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Wish friday lunches were like sunday brunches 🥗☕️ @earlybirdbrew #happyfriday
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