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Um programa piloto da prefeitura do rio, implantado com recursos do banco mundial (bird), derrubou de 60% para 4,6% a reincidência infracional num universo de cerca de 450 jovens que cumpriam medidas socioeducativas — todos estavam em liberdade assistida. a experiência, que durou de 2014 ao início de 2017, poderia servir de modelo de política para recuperar adolescentes infratores, mas foi suspensa quando os recursos ficaram escassos. o município, hoje, não tem dotação orçamentária para retomar o chamado passo a passo, o que especialistas e pais veem como uma situação gravíssima ©  márcia foletto / agência o globo

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📸 photo series 1 / photo 6 #kirkbystephens “ cowper day has an excitable, bustling and chaotic energy that tells an ageless story of man and horse. people are thriving on the excitement, the ownership and the exchange. “ #horse #pony #travelphotography #auction #livestock #horsesale #streetphotography #photojournalist #photojournalism #canon #romany #cumbria #horseauction #baw #justgotshoot #potd #horses #streetphotographerscommunity #potd #photooftheday
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#35mm bag of cans with the lads
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Nunca e puesto una foto mi hoy es el dia un sueño como el vino poder estar con alfredo arribas ... su somni serà abierto en años una emocion indescriptible capo, genio, humilde, referència...
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#tbt #throwbackthursday if you had two hours to wait for your celebrity photo subject, and knowing you only had five minutes to make your images, what would you do? would you use your time wisely? here’s what i do.
i was sitting in a hotel room, waiting for the very lovely and talented halle berry.
her publicist had told me to arrive at 12p for a shoot. so that’s when i arrived. then i was told that things were running about two hours late, and asked if i could hang tight. i said sure, since that was any only assignment for the day. no worries. the publicist added that even though she was late, i’d still only have a five minute window to shoot.

now, what to do while waiting. the room where i was to make pictures was a lounge part of a conference floor.
i didn’t have my notebook, or paper or a pad. i did have a pen and some post it note pages in my bag. i sat down. loved around the room for possible locations to setup for the editorial portrait session. i came up with three concepts. one had her sitting length wise on the sofa with a philly scenic painting above her. another had her standing full length against a wall in the room. the final concert was just to shoot tight horizontally against the same wall for the verticals.
as i sat there i sketched the concepts. once sketches were done i went about positioning my lighting.

when my subject arrived we exchanged pleasantries. the publicist then chimed in, "you only have five minutes.” then i told the subject my concepts and showed her the sketches. i had thought she would only be open to one concept since time was tight. she said, “let’s do all three.” since the lighting was set up for different areas of the room, all my subject had to do was move a few steps from space to space. i accomplished the images i needed in three minutes. it went very smoothly. the client was happy and my subject was happy with what she saw in the images and the fact that we finished so fast.

happy clients and subjects are always a good thing.

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I like this pic so much, some people got in my shot, so i just erased them ;v
the second one is the original, the third one was used as background.
and the first one is the final result. ❤
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Hypnotic creek ripples
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