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Tomatos and flowers are slowly winding down the season. here in the beautiful pnw we often times get an extended summer sometimes all the way to halloween. not this year the trees are starting to change colors and have you noted the crispness to the mornings?
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Life is just one big journey 🇧🇪 @_puremoments_
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We are home🌵🌵e x c i t i n g projects this week! first is @idsvancouver this wednesday-sunday our planters will be featured in booth 111 between the grey stage/north studio (more booth features will be in our stories👆🏻). collab with @kylaraycreative @greenstems @kavuus for their pop up cafe🌿 next up is @lululemon (gahhh so excited for this one) for their seawheeze marathon on thursday, going to be adding plants (with the best @theplantjunkie ) + our planters to @vanconventions centre!!!! let’s go team👊🏻
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This here is a good example of natural retrenchment. normal part of a tree's life. as the upper crown dies back, those lower suckers develop into the new crown.

this ash tree isn't old. it is damaged by ash borer, but it's a good example of the importance of interior growth.

if you plan to let a tree live its normal lifespan, it's crucial to keep the interior growth.

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Your tongue is poisoning
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W tej krótkiej chwili, w której nie słychać jaż dnia a nie widać jeszcze nocy 🌿______________________________________________________________
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Dreaming of the desert and wishing i had a huge cactus in my house #cactusvibes
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“knowledge is an antidote to fear,-knowledge, use and reason, with its higher aids.” -ralph waldo emerson

begonia ‘little darling’ is a rhizomatous begonia; a type of begonia i promised myself i would never get. why? i had heard they are very difficult to care for and i was too scared i would k**l it! it was not until i got this ‘little darling’ at the begonia show at @scbgarden that i started reading about rhizomatous begonias and really learning a little more about how this type of plant likes to be treated and why. educating myself has effectively diminished the fear i once had about raising rhizomatous begonias. i am excited to report that just in the short amount of time i’ve had this plant, it has begun to put out an impressive amount of new growth. this plant has been such a great reminder that it’s okay to be scared of something i’m not familiar with, but also to embrace the fear and use it to fuel my journey of learning about and supporting my collection. 😁
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