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Photo by @babaktafreshi a caravansary, countless memories… by the morning twilight the caravan gets ready to depart, on its long journey across the desert. reminds us the stories of one thousand and one nights, caravansaries were the motels if you were traveling several hundred years ago in the middle east and central asia, the roadside inns to safely rest overnight. here in the morning blue hour, mars shines brightly in taurus, the bull, near pleiades (the seven sisters star cluster). perseus is on top right. this was in 2005 when i was slowly shifting from film to dslrs. rests in kavir national park, 4 hours drive from tehran, this is known as qasr-e bahram (or bahram palace). not visiting there for 10 years now i have beautiful memories from this caravansary, my teenagehood first stargazing nights in early 90s to a morning like this when i met my future wife. caravansary (pronounces caravanserai) is a persian word comes from caravan and sarāy “house”. about 500 of them are remained in iran (and others in neighboring countries) and listed as protected historic monuments, some are even updated to working hotels. the earliest examples were the stations along the 2500-km long royal road in the achaemenid empire, some 2500 years ago but most of the remaining caravansaries are built during shāh abbās i of persia, about 400 years ago. the network was built to support the flow of commerce, information, and people on trade routes covering asia, north africa, and south-eastern europe. explore more of the world at night photography @babaktafreshi . #longexposure #astrophotography #twanight #mars #pleiades #caravansary #caravanserai #iran @natgeo @natgeo creative
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T ê k t ī t ė )}» is a meteorite and is believed to enhance communication with other worlds due its extraterrestrial origin. it encourages spiritual growth and enhances retention or absorption of higher knowledge. tektite balances the energy flow of our chakras and when places on them, may help to reverse a chakra that is spinning the wrong way. this stone strengthens the energy field and balances both male-female energies within the personality of the wearer. tektite resonates best with the crown chakra but when placed on the third eye, can open communication to other dimensions. 👽this cosmic piece of space was wrapped with .925 sterling silver and strung onto a matching sterling silver chain. i don’t often work with real silver due to its price but i’ve had a few requests lately. 🛸✨
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After sunset, #lookup at the moon. a short distance up/to the left will be a small group of stars that looks like a tiny dipper. this is the pleiades, or the seven sisters star cluster. most people see 5-7 stars. how many can you spot? . . #space #science #stars #pleiades
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By billy carson the #lyrans were the original #ancestors of our #galactic family. many thousands of years ago their #civilization reached a very high #technological level, however fell into #disagreement and #factions within their #culture. these factions went to #war and #destroyed much of their #society. many of these beings from #lyra left in their #starships to #colonize the #pleiades, the #hyades, and the #vega system. some of these #pleiadians of lyrian #ancestors also came to #earth during the #lemurians and #atlanteans period. the #lyrians now have long evolved past the conflict, or war-like stage of evolution. these other civilizations could be looked at as our galactic cousins. they range from fair skinned to dark brown. #4biddenknowledge
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My 💙boys💙 and me went stargazing tonight in the arctic crispy -10 celsius air. #bigdipper #casiopea #iss #pleiades #orionsbelt 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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Pleiades, m45, seven sisters (12 december 2017) http://www.dailymotion.com/sv4dinos τime 18:30 larissa greece distance: 444,3 ly celestron travel scope 70/400 portable telescope camera zwo asi120mc usb 2.0.color sharpcap recording software #pleiades #telescope #celestron #travel scope #camera #zwo asi120mc #sharpcap
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The pleiades or "seven sisters" is a star cluster 444 light years away. so even though this pic was taken last night, it captured a moment in time that happened in the year 1573. captured on a canon 80d with tamron 70-200g2 lens. #pleiades #astrophotography #withmytamron #tamron70200g2 #canon80d
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All we'll drive! head to our facebook page to try out our poll, initial results are starting to #rumble in! ~ joker 🃏 https://poll.fbapp.io/how-do-you-subaru it wasn't easy to set up some of models cover many years and many models from around the world of 50 years of subaru history, some real classics, missed something out let us know! #subaru #legacy #aklsubarus #subiflow #longroofsociety #wagonmafia #subyfam #subaruwrx #impreza #subygang #newzealand #clubsub #clubsuborgnz #ej20 #rumblebros #wmmc #autofest2018 #sixstar #pleiades #allwelldrive #awd #awdarmy #flatnats17 #megameet #omega #impreza #wrx25nz
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Learn to Skywatch
... tonight's target: the pleiades⠀ hint: look for a fuzzy cluster of stars next to the moon
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The seven sisters or the pleiades cluster. it was hard to get a good picture because the moon was close by at the time. taken february 21, 2018. #newjersey #pleiades #pleiadescluster #stars #astrophotography # space #cannon #cannonrebelt6
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The Thomas Staniforth House
#hermes was the son of #zeus and #maia, one of the #pleiades. he primarily served as the herald or messenger of the gods. hermes was the god of shepherds, land travel, and literature. more specifically, he was known as a patron of poetry.
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Αdrien Bφrg
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Wild Mama Tribe
Part 2 of her #pleiadian thoughts 👽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #pleidians #pleiades #alien #wildlings #connectedbeyond
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Wild Mama Tribe
Does anyone else’s wildling recall being or being visited by something beyond the human form? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ since this little one could talk, she would wake up in the morning telling me all about the blueberry man who visited her at night. as she grew, she began to obsessively illustrate him. i just thought she was dreaming until a friend mentioned his experience as a child, which sounded just like hers. and he brought up the pleiadians—a race of blue aliens that live amongst the pleiades star cluster. i know, it sounds crazy! and it took me having a really open mind to not shut this down immediately and support my wildling. ultimately, the blueberry man stopped visiting my daughter, but she has never forgotten it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ what things have your wildlings said to you about otherworldly experiences?! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #pleiadian #starseed #uniquesouls #childofthestars #pleiades #bluepeople #blueberryman #childrenareconnected #wisesouls #listentoyourchildren #alien #aliens #spirits #visitsfromspirit
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Una acquisizione, realizzata da un socio #grag, delle #pleiadi: l'ammasso di stelle nella costellazione del toro è ancora protagonista in questo periodo dell'anno tra inverno e primavera.
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Golden Almach Creation
Join chela live on her youtube channel tonight at 6:30pm pst! what is the connection between financial abundance and extraterrestrials? where is humanity headed when it comes to money? tune in to find out! • want to connect with chela directly?👇 👽youtube: chela cooley 👽instagram: @chelacooley 👽gab.ai: @chelacooley
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Joseph Samuel Appel
7 samurai sisters #postyerdraughts #pleiades
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🔥believe in yourself🔥 🌀believe in yourself, or no one else will, except those sacred few that help you along the way to discover your own self belief. cherish those people, and the others who don't believe in you, doubt your self belief, or get upset with the increase of your self belief are just upset with themselves and the reflection that you bring to them and their life. don't worry though because the role model that you are and we are is exceptional and very much needed for the rest to find their way. we all matter, we are all matter, made up of it at the very core of our self, so to think you don't matter is sacrilegious within your own self! believe you are here for a purpose, you came to this planet you already made the choice to incarnate, so discover why you made that choice and why you decided to come here at this time. what gets your wheels turning? what gets your chakras on fire and you feeling like nothing could ever stop you? what is that thing in your life that creates non stop joy and pursuit in your life? do that and never stop and you will succeed. if you never quit you have succeeded, bottom line. do what makes you happy, because slaving away for money whilst doing something that makes you very unhappy is a waste of this precious life, so forget the money and chase what gets those wheels turning. it's better to live an short yet abundantly happy and passionate life than it is to live a long miserable life that you dread when you wake up. so wake up and chase those dreams. you can and will create anything you strive and work hard for. ✨namaste human beings of light✨👽#spiritual #evolution #higher #vibrations #frequency #thoughts #manifestations #higherself #channel #spread #revolution #forgiveness #love #truth #collective #consciousness #pleiades #starseed #indigochild #channeling #information #knowledge #sacred #malaga #music #hawaii #divine #pain #transform #wisdom
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