Theodore Bolha
8 hours ago
theodorebolha This is what #stephenhawking said the other day... you know, i think #automation could solve our #politicaldivide here in #america - it'll be the most #productive employee there is, it'll solve the problem of taxes, healthcare and all those other republican concerns because it'll render money obsolete ~ which will make #theleft more than happy - because while it ends #money it also takes away all our jobs! it'll also enable us to all #homeschool our kids so they don't have to go to the #politicalcorrectness camps (school) and it would also make college obsolete, because all those jobs will be #automated too! so no more #studentloans ... no more #homelessness ... i know you all think i'm nuts, but i don't care because you'll see that we're a lot more advanced technologically than what you know... we pretty much have all the technology we need to automate 95% of the jobs - it's just that we need to implement it and make enough of these robots to do all the work.... and like i said; once some jobs are automated, like a game of jenga, others will no longer make sense.
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A guy in a place doing a thing
stevesdragon A different viewpoint, but a very good point. hypocrisy abounds. . regranned from @marksfitness.85 so tired of hearing ppl's outrages for players not standing for the anthem. i fought for your rights to be able to do whatever the hell you wanted to do. most ppl who are p****d probably never deployed nor saw a bullet fly past their face or their best friend get blown up. stand, sit, kneel, doesn't bother me. hell as marines how many of you fuckers heard the 5 min warning before colors and try to get inside so you didn't have to stand at attention. every single one of you! where's the outrages of players committing domestic abuse? yea don't hear those outrages, instead you just hope a player isn't convicted so he can play. shame on you. guarantee most of you watching football at home are sitting on your couch as the anthem is played, you my friend are a hypocrite, haha. let's see how many ppl i p**s off now. . #factsoftheday . #nfl #nflplayers #spoiled #richkids #norespect #nationalanthem #respect #1stamendment #firstamendment #freedomofspeech #dontgetsocaughtupinpatriotism #leadbyexample #learnfromthepast #distractiontactics #takeaction #politics #politicaldivide #nomoderates #nocompromise #boycottnfl #idontwatchfootballanyway #theyallmaketoomuchmoney #ihavesaidthatforyears #bandwagon #itookanoath to defend #theconstitution #cantpickandchoose #hypocrites #hypocrisy
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Rene Gagnon
2 weeks ago
renegagnon ‘stars’ & stripes. the red the blue. the great divide.
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A guy in a place doing a thing
3 weeks ago
stevesdragon I have edited this to better reflect how i actually feel, and not the mood i was in when i posted it. hard to be objective when you are shitting blood, lmao. @derrickrage, thank you. . i try to avoid politics. second easiest way to get involved in an argument. well, third if you count having a wife or girlfriend. but y'all need to check your pulse, take a deep breath, count to 10, remember your oath. i disagree with the players, but we can't lose sight of who we are and what we stand for. . if players exercising the rights you fought for is so much more important than three hurricanes, stolen valor, vets stealing from other vets, 22 veteran suicides a day, the greatest political divide i have ever seen in 50 years, and all of the other problems we face as a nation, then go ahead, keep making memes and talking about the spoiled rich kids in the nfl doing what spoiled rich kids have been doing for 10,000 years. it is your 1st amendment right to do so, and i would gladly fight, kill, and die to defend it. . i'm gonna get back to the shitter. thanks carl's jr. . regrann from @shootstabkill half my family still missing 🤦‍♂️🙏🙏🙏 . #hurricane #hurricaneirma #irma #hurricanejose #jose #hurricanemaria #maria #puertorico #florida #houston #texas #missingpersons #destruction #devastation #leadbyexample #learnfromthepast #distractiontactics #takeaction #politics #politicaldivide #nomoderates #nocompromise #boycottnfl #itookanoath to defend #theconstitution #cantpickandchoose #imdonewithfastfood #iveseenhowthosefuckerswashtheirhands
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3 weeks ago
Oprah winfrey convened a group of voters to examine the nation’s bitter political and cultural divide in her first segment as a special contributor to cbs’ “60 minutes.” winfrey held a roundtable session with 14 voters from west michigan, evenly split between donald trump supporters and detractors. winfrey pressed the group on trump’s track record as president, whether his tweets are “modern presidential,” the need for limitations on free speech, and their perceptions of trump vs. hillary clinton voters.- @oprah #oprah #oprahwinfrey #60minutes #politics #donaldtrump #makeamericagreatagain #cbs #cbscrew #trump #america #presidenttrump #politicians #politicaldivide #culture #culturaldivide
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4 weeks ago
theinterdependenceproject Brave conversations (with difficult people), returns friday 9/29. develop ways to navigate politically charged conversations with wisdom and compassion. register on homepage and this link: http://theidproject.org/events/2017/09/29/brave-conversations-difficult-people #politicaldivide #therearenoenemies #crossthedivide #politicaldiscourse #mindfulcommunication #mindfulness #caring #loveyourenemies❤️ #thisishowwedoit #metta
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4 weeks ago
i_wuv_manatees I got a free book! those are my favourite! randy barnett is speaking at the university i attend. at this speech barnett spoke about originalism in government, specifically in the context of judges. he had a strong leading argument and took a confident stance as he spoke about why the appointment of bork into a judicial position was seem so disapprovingly vs gorsuch's path to power. #ourrepublicanconstitution #randybarnett #politics #politicaldivide #law #honours #originalism #originalist
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Amy Tomhave
last month
a_tomhave I've been saying this for months. this is not 2008 and we will not have a repeat in 2018. democrats need to do the work and change their marketing/image/message if they want to get anywhere in 2018. it takes a lot more for folks to embrace altruism than fear if that's what you are selling. i'm not trying to be a naysayer but i believe myself to be realistic. it will take a s*x scandal and an economic meltdown if the democrats don't want to do the work. and by work i don't mean talking about why the republicans are bad. i mean change the freaking conversation and the tone that you use when speaking. it's very difficult to change the discourse but it's something that must happen if democrats want to change things up. #democrats #politicaldivide #changetheconversation #hopelessin2018
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Samia Mounts
June 2017
samiaxi Ashley rollo totally impressed me — i really, really like her. she's a lifelong conservative, and she's my age (early 30s) - she's a smart, funny woman with a really cute way of phrasing things. our conversation stretched well over two hours, so i split it into two halves. this week's episode features part 1 of my convo with ashley, in which we talk a bit about immigration vetting procedures and bernie vs. clinton, but then focus in on an intense, deeply personal discussion about pussygate, s****l assault, and r**e culture in america. it got real. and i got something so wrong that i had to correct it within the episode - i'm still reeling that i was wrong about this. it shattered my idea of what the realities are concerning s****l assault and how it relates to feminism. you'll wanna hear this episode! find fact checks at www.makeamericarelatepodcast.com, as well as a transcript and links to the articles and book i recommend within the episode. as always, i welcome your feedback, comments, suggestions, all of it! you can reply back to this email and i will always respond. also, my most heartfelt thanks to all who have left 5-star reviews! it means the world to me and really helps move the show out to a larger audience. if you've been listening and you like the show, please a take a moment to leave a 5-star review on itunes. it's the best way to support the show in these early days! you can follow the show on twitter @relatepodcast and on facebook at www.facebook.com/relatepodcast. have a great week, and do something nice for someone you don't know. let's make america relate again. xo, samia
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High Country News
June 2017
highcountrynews Trucks idle at a shell truck stop in farista, colorado, just outside walsenburg. the town, which has historically voted democrat and has roots in coal production and unions, is the focus of our latest feature. but the county voted republican in the last election. the mines are no longer around and a hospital and retirement senior living center have replaced them as the largest employer. people want the local economy improve and they did not trust clinton's connections to wall street. they trusted donald trump. ⠀ ⠀ read about this town that swung red, and how they feel about it now at hcn.org.⠀ ⠀ photo by @brooklynwarren ⠀ ⠀ #politicaldivide #bluetored #redandblue #republicanparty #donaldtrump #welovethewest
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Brooke Warren
June 2017
brooklynwarren Red and blue, side by side. hurtling towards the same unknown, but each claiming to be "more right." ________________ i visited walsenburg, colorado a number of times during the first few months of the year. reporter @leahintaos and i were uncovering the reasons why a county that historically voted democrat chose to swing for #trump this year. decades ago, the town relied on coal mines, and today its citizens are hoping for some sort of economic boost. are they satisfied? . you can read the story at hcn.org or at the link in my profile.
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