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Posting something not from shoot!
basically it is from the shoot day, but not exactly a "shoot-shoot" kind a picture. this is what we technically call an in-between-shots.

but in my case, shoots happens in between such moments. clicking a picture is not about cameras, lights, models. it is about how well you live the moment. the more lively you feel, the better the pictures are or the better people can feel the picture.

it is about how great you gel up with your team. my shoot days are mostly about @oyebhoi @anukritie di & i teasing each other, eating lots and lots of food (basically eating everything that we find tempting), roaming here and there with luggage to find right place to shoot, and majorly @oyebhoi & i fighting like anything. the shoot happens somewhere in between. we have to constantly remind each other about the part of shoot left as scheduled for the day!
and all this make me love this job of being in front of camera more and more. i am sharing this picture to show you that my life is nothing as perfect as shown in the pictures i post. my real life is the one in-between the shots.
photography: @oyebhoi

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