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Few shots from yesterday morning. i was 190lbs here no food and after 45 min cardio. first time i’ve felt happy with how i’m looking. 2 weeks left till it’s time for it all to pay off. i started at 11.4% weighing 212lbs. i will end up probably 5lbs heavier then last year but hopefully even tighter. i have a lot of growing to do this off season but first let’s get thru this!!! as much as we suffer trying to bring our best conditioning it will be all worth it very soon. if you don’t have a passion for #bodybuilding then you will never come in your best shape. embrace the journey no matter what life throws at you during prep. time to f**k s**t up!!! 😜🤘🏼#contestprep #bodybuildinglife #flexing #muscle #posingbodybuilders #trainharder #intensity
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