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Mirror selfie from the other day bc i’m obsessed with my new tat😍πŸ€ͺ officially all moved in to my first apartment! not at all ready to have school work but can’t wait to get into a routine😊
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Not a champion, not a villain, though you could argue for both, but here is n! hope you all like! the most requested character i’ve had!
more to come!.. eventually
prints available at my etsy - tailstradingcards link below! (this one has reshiram and ghetsis will have black kyurem)
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Mean girls (2004)
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Tag someone u miss :c πŸ’ž ~ i made this just bc,, i really miss my boyfriend it’s killing me i need to talk to him rn b***h what the f**k
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You have to establish healthy barriers in life for the treatment you will accept. you are responsible for each and every experience. love can serve for as long as you allow it, but if the treatment you receive isn’t a reflection of that you must understand that closing a door which you’ve left open for so long isn’t selfish, it’s brave.
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The "reflect" series is meant to capture what the most powerful thoughts, conclusions, insights
that i have gained on my personal journey toward living a life with peace of mind. for me, i
especially appreciate the reflections at sunset.
what comes to mind for you if you think about some of the powerful insights that you have had
take care and keep smiling
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Whoop whoop πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™
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Saved a butterfly with a broken wing. going to try and rehab the little one back to health. we named the butterfly riley. πŸ¦‹
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We all go through slumps, but it's important to stay positive during difficult times!

be on the look out in the coming months for my setting boundaries launch!
check out our site for books, courses and more!
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Por mas dificil que se pongan las cosas rendirte con cabe en tu agenda...
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Non rinunciare mai a un sogno solo perché pensi che ti ci vorrà troppo tempo per realizzarlo. il tempo passerà comunque. #me #dream #sogni #positive #positivity
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Couldn't be better put! which are you ; comment below "hunter" if you have the spirit
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