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Whether you want your hair to grow longer just because (maybe a bad short haircut?), or whether you want more hair growth due to age or being postpartum, this spray is for you! put 7 drops of rosemary in a glass spray bottle with 1 oz of fractionated coconut oil or olive oil and spray onto your hair. i also a small amount of water to the bottle so it’s not so thick. massage into your scalp for about 2-3 minutes and let sit for an hour before washing. i did this a few times being postpartum and definitely felt a difference in my hair being a bit thicker and more even feeling all around. lavender and cedarwood are also good oils that can be added if you’d like! all of these oils aid in hair support! so go ahead and chant, “long hair, don’t care!” 💁🏼‍♀️ . . . #doterra #doterraessentialoils #essentialoils #hairsupport #hairgrowth #postpartum #thinninghair #badhaircut #longhairdontcare #healthyhair
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I love pasta night at my sister-in-law’s house cause that means we get spaghetti squash! i love normal pasta too, but we don’t have spaghetti squash in china and i’m obsessed. i topped mine with chickpea & mushroom marinara 👌🏼
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Involution of the uterus⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ one week postpartum⠀ your u****s weighs around one pound, which is half of its weight just after giving birth.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ two weeks postpartum⠀⠀ your u****s weighs around 11oz and is within your pelvis.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ four weeks postpartum⠀ your u****s weighs around 3.5oz, which is close to pre-pregnancy weight.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ it takes about 6 weeks - a year for our bodies/stomach to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and size. our bodies transform during pregnancy that it seems only natural for our bodies to need this much time to recover, heal, and to gain strength again.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ learning to accept and love my body throughout pregnancy and postpartum has been a challenge at times, but a wonderful lesson in acceptance and self-love. we try to tell ourselves it doesn’t matter, but we are only human and sometimes feel sad or feel challenged to accept permanent changes to our new body.⠀ ⠀⠀ women not only experience pressure from society to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and have our body back to what it once was, but we also put this pressure on ourselves. instead we should be kind to ourselves and treat our body with the same love, kindness, and nurturing behavior that we practiced when our little one was growing in our womb.⠀ ⠀ shop: designsbyduvetdays.com⠀ ⠀⠀ design: © designs by duvet days / all rights reserved
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Josiah has never had ice cream. (swipe for that first bite reaction!) mainly because he’s highly allergic to dairy. the dairy free options are mostly full of additives i don’t think he needs. i’ve been on the hunt for something sweet & simple to give him that special ‘treat’. finally, i found a super simple winning combo. 🙌🏽 three ingredients: 2 frozen bananas 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 tsp vanilla extract add all ingredients in the food processor and process until creamy. you may need about 1tbs of milk depending on how solid the fruit is. i ended up adding a little of his goat milk. but y’all, this stuff is bomb!! same texture as ice cream and it tastes incredibly similar! #winning if you try it, let me know!! tag me 😘
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Real life // i am not perfect, i just had a baby // i am squishy right now and have hips that are way bigger than i remember 😳 // this picture took all my courage to post // but this is the journey, today will be the first day i attempt to “work out” in almost 6 months // that awful pelvic pain i had while pregnant left me hobbling around and unable to be my active self // but i finally feel good again! // and thanks to this body..i popped out the most adorable little man 😍 and he made it all worth while. // motherhood is so humbling trying to do it with every ounce of grace i can muster 🖤✌️
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The many faces of anthony🤣... he makes me melt everyday and i still can’t believe i am his mommy💙..we are finally adjusting to baby life at home and this mom is on track to healing. the past week he seems to be hitting a growth spurt (nursing constantly, awake more wants his mommy) and already just seems bigger. dr. apt thursday so 🤞🏽 we’re on the right track! lastly, we have been cooped up inside so we are ready for the warmer weather towards the end of this week☀️... hope all is well friends!❤️ . . to my fit fam- i’ve been enjoying this time with little man and back to pre pregnancy weight👍🏼 swelling is gone and now to get my nutrition on track and eventually (when i get the ok) to start some activity again💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️👟.. #forbaby #formommy #postpartum #csection #tiuteam #bbg #sweat #fitness #motivation #kaylaitsines
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Firstly, off topic but related - zoom in on her foot. i realised afterwards that i had put her sandals on wrong 🤭 it looks like one little piggy has tried to go all the way home. #mumfail • have you had any good surprises while renovating? • so many of you comment on my hardwood floors. they are original to my 1920’s era house and a very welcome surprise after lifting 6 layers of vinyl flooring. 2 days of sanding later they are perfectly imperfect! • the japanese have a word which i think describes all of the above perfectly (plus it is fun to say) - “wabi-sabi”. it means finding the beauty in the imperfections of life. #surrenderperfection #wabisabi
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Kisses for carpaccio!!! now that i’m back at work, i miss these little ladies like crazy!!! i’m cherishing every moment i get with them. 💞💞💞 ☺️✨ #love #photooftheday #instagood #photography #pregnant #triplets #tripletsofinstagram #babies #babiesofinstagram #cp3 #vegas #la #preemiepower #girlpower #lovetrumpshate #beauty #postpartum #daddy #mom #poodlesofinstagram #poodle #carpaccio @itschazzfool @porschaduh
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So many beautiful pictures to choose from, but in this very moment this one makes me shed a t**g tear. happy 5 months suga foot, thank you for taking our vacation to a whole other level of amazing ☀️#fivemonthsold #aruba #lifewithmars🚀
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Pregnancy & Motherhood Fitness
La foto non c'entra ma è per attirare l'attenzione sul testo 👇👇👇👇👇 · instagram, come qualsiasi altro social è fatto apposta per condividere cose, ma purtroppo con la vita reale ha poco a che fare. dietro uno schermo ci si prende la briga di scrivere cose che nella vita reale di persona sicuramente ci si penserebbe due volte prima di aprir bocca. · per quanto mi riguarda qui non cerco di infondere nessuna verità assoluta né di vendere a tutti i costi dei concetti, ma condivido semplicemente, come tanti altri, quelle che possono essere le mie conoscenze. di alcuni argomenti ne ho fatto il mio lavoro, di altri ne ho fatto semplicemente esperienze e a chi è capitato di scrivermi in direct sa che rispondo sempre, gentilmente, ho sempre piacere di leggere altre opinioni diverse dalle mie e di confrontarmi ma solo ed esclusivamente nel rispetto delle scelte e idee altrui. è giusto che ognuno faccia le proprie scelte, non mi sogno minimamente di giudicare nessuno, che siano o non siano basate su una valutazione concreta o che siano scelte fatte a casaccio. · il motivo per cui ho davvero poco tempo per fare belle foto e postarne 2/3 al giorno scrivendo roba a caso come il caro algoritmo vorrebbe x guadagnare followers🤔 è anche perchè ogni giorno cerco, rileggo e studio argomenti già letti e studiati, perché non c'è cosa che odio di più di chi dopo aver conseguito un qualsiasi titolo, si senta il detentore delle verità assolute senza tenere conto che fuori dal suo vaso di conoscenze c'è un mondo fatto di casi specifici, di ricerche fatte da altri di infinite variabili che possono essere applicate ad un singolo caso. così come odio i tuttologi, che sentono un po' qua un po' la ma non approfondiscono nulla. · qualsiasi studio abbiate fatto qualsiasi grande titolo abbiate conseguito non costruitevi il vostro piedistallo e non puntate il dito su nessuno, perché non conoscete né le sue motivazioni né le basi di conoscenze attraverso le quali fa le sue scelte. · per chiarire e confrontarmi in modo costruttivo il mio direct è aperto a tutti, tranne ai presuntuosi maleducati 🙌 · peace ❤
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🔥results from my 2 day cleanse!🔥 6 lbs ⬇️ 🤗❤️ with so much going on, it’s easy to say yes to restaurant foods and adult beverages! i’m guilty too! 🙈 we can’t all be 100% all the time. that’s not living. but i will tell you before this cleanse i felt tired and sluggish. i was eating c****y and feeling crappy. i thought i was getting a cold. by the end of day 1 i felt sooo much better. those cold symptoms were gone! 👏🏼 i am beyond grateful i have this reset! one thing you should know. i eat very well 98% of the time. toxins are a real thing. and while our bodies were designed to rebuild themselves top to bottom every seven years, they weren't designed to handle the toxin load 🤢we now subject ourselves to from our food/drinks & our environment. just look at the rate of disease, obesity and poor health around us in our culture. benefits of intermittent fasting and cleansing : ✅ more energy 🔥 ✅ mental clarity = no more mental fog 🌫 or zombie ✅ resets cravings 🌟 ✅ mood boosted = happier and more alert ✅ protecting the brain ⚡️ ✅ activating longevity genes = healthier aging ✅ recycle ♻️cells ✅ lower cortisol = less stress (physically, mentally, emotionally)😊 feeling fab! this post isn’t just to let you know how bomb cleansing is. it’s also for accountability. today marks day 1 of dairy-free!!! trying new things in the gym. i have goals to hit. my comfort zone isn’t a good place to stay. i’m ready for more!
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4th Trimester Bodies Project
Las vegas! we still have a few sessions open for our upcoming tour stop - saturday, march 31, 2018. i hope to see you there! - all parents and families are welcome to attend. our community gathering and photo space is fully accessible and lgbtqia+ friendly. - click through to our website for session info and registration. - a limited number of scholarship sessions are available. if you’re in financial need of assistance please email and let us know why a scholarship is important to you. priority will be give to poc, folx with disabilities, and lgbtqia+ families. - #4thtrimesterbodiesproject #postpartum #bodyimage #4thtrimester #lasvegas
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It's settled. thank you for the research/validation/stating the obvious...i'll take this and run with it. spring 2019. it's on.
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The Botanica Life
Thank goodness 🙌🏽for digize this morning. i don’t what i have but i woke up with the most horrible stomach cramps 😩 digize and some chamomile tea and this momma is feeling so much better. whoo
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Rachelle Gonzales
Going into the first refeed day in phase 2 i was really going by impulse of which dirty carb to eat when it told me to because i had never done one and was clueless. i honestly thought all dirty carbs on the list were similar. that night i faced a cold reality i was wrong! bloated to the point i thought i was going to throw up! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ going into the first refeed day in phase 3 i planned each dirty carb strategically. i made sure to have a little sweet, a little heavy, and a little light. no two dirty carbs are the same so i balanced it. in all honesty i felt amazing!! tons of energy with little bloat! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ i'm sharing this to show i too am constantly learning and evolving. i will never be that person who thinks i know everything. i love learning, growing and changing. i will forever share my growth with others so maybe they too will realize growth does not mean something is wrong with you... but instead means you just love evolving! . . . . #fitmom #fitlife #healthylife #healthymomma #noexcuses #lifewithatoddler #toddlerlife #fitmomlife #activelife #activemom #stayinghealthy #leadingbyexample #teamac #prepregnancy #prepregnancyweight #prepregnancybody ##prepregnancybodyback #postpartum #prebaby #pregnancypostpartum #momjourney #momjourneytofit #2yearspostpartum #bootygains #fitnessjourney #healthylifestyle #stayathomemom #momfattofit #fitwithatoddler
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Rachel Graham
Two days until surgery!!!!! 😭❤️ @drjosephmichaels
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Sunflower Birth Services
We’ve been busy! last weekend our sunflower family grew by 2 tiny feet! archer james vincent was born friday, march 16 at 11:13 pm via c-section. sarah, her husband kurt, and baby archer are all doing great. archer is currently getting a little extra love in the nicu, but mom and dad are hoping to have him home by the end of the week. 💙 look for more future posts on sarah’s birth experience and her thoughts on having a doula around for her c-section! 🌻
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PharmGirl Fitness
Why is it that we will spend hundreds on new clothes, mani/pedis, getting our hair done, buying makeup and body products for our superficial outside shell....but we have trouble reallllly investing in things that truly better our inside health (think: quality food, fitness, and mental wellness/personal development/education). where your money goes will show where your priorities are. so dare i ask: what are your priorities? do they match up with your words?
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Tricia On My Weigh To Happy
Every month i pull out a pair of my size 12s and try them on. last month i barely got them past my thighs. today i was able to button and zip them!! maybe by summer they’ll fit perfect 🤞🤞haven’t been able to button a size 12 since 2013!! #weightwatchers #goals #size12 #weightloss #progress #slowandsteady #freestyle #postpartum
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Yoga Moms
Motherhood is the greatest thing s2 #maternity#inspirepregnancy #pregnancy #pregnant  #babybump #bump #bumpie #fitmom#momsofinstagram #motherhood#momtobe #postpartumfitness#postpartumweightloss #motherrunner#transformationphoto #postpartumbody#postpartum #postpartumjourney#instarunners #healthypregnancy#fitpregnancy #fitmom
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@bodybuildingcom tasked the weekly challenge with 100 push ups 100 squats and 50 burpees. i altered it and did •200 squats (20 rep set) •100 push ups with shoulder tap (10 rep set) •100 burpees with push up (10 rep set) •100 knees to chest (10 rep set) •300 second bear crawl hold (30 second set) •all exercises through one were 1 set and completed 10 total. i had to take a few breaks bc as you can hear...kids 🤷🏼‍♀️👶🏼 but it got done! burned after my fasted tabata this morning but felt great 🤗 @bodybuildingcom has done a phenomenal job with the challenge, the support group, and community they have built (to include body space) i have been truly impressed and grateful. after the last 3 years of a miscarriage, 2 pregnancies, and medical complications i needed an extra push to really get back into shape 👊🏻 i’m committed to be the best i can for my boys and this community is truly helpful in that 🙏🏻 • #250kchallenge @optimumnutrition
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Stefanie ☠️ Breen
Another day. another shmorgishborg of food on only my 2nd of 5 meals of the day. i have a serious addiction problem to carbs. the bad ones like chips... so how i get around that? i cut up my whole grain pita in to triangles and toast them 😍 meal ✌🏼 success! #cleaneating #eatclean #eatcleantraindirty #cleaneats #postpartumlife #postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumfitness #poatpartumjourney #postpartumweightloss #5weekspostpartum #journey #goals #fierce #momstrong
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MomLife ~ Teenagers & Toddlers
Keep at it, ladies!! #selflove #beyourownmotivation
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Honey & Sage
Fertility is cyclical and carries rhythm deep within it, just like the phases of the moon, just like the seasons of the life. that’s why we’ve made herbal tea and care packages for the seasons of life: moon time, pregnancy and postpartum. #pregnancy #postpartum #m**********n #period #moontime #midwifery #midwife #doula #birth #fertility
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Amen! a million percent true!
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Kendall Jaso
My breakfast today was really good. yes, was good.. i scarfed this down! i normally eat whole oats with little fruit and honey but i bought this better pats brand of oatmeal at store since they were on sale and 100 calorie and they are really good for a change. i added sweet potato toast and melon fruit mix. sweet potato toast- sweet potato, fresh grounded peanut butter, blueberries, cinnamon, and pecans melon mix- watermelon 🍉, cantaloupe, honey dew 🍈 melon, cucumber, lime juice, very light sprinkle of low sodium tajin (ground chili pepper) #healthyeating #healthyfood #postpartumfitness #postpartum #weightlossjourney
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