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maeband Currently this would be none of them. for some reason i was under the impression that this got better as they got older... 😬😴 #funnyfriday *meet the #maeband #family! named after maely, designed by her #mom, and made by her #grammy. we are passionate about living life to the fullest and finding a social media balance in #relaxation, #business, and #play! we also hope to inspire others to #giveback with us because all that we have is #bythegraceofgod! invented 5 years ago while pregnant with mae, it is now available on #amazonprime! never buy #maternitypants again! temporarily transform your favorite regular jeans into #maternityjeans! they make great #babyshowergifts! for #maternity and #postpartum! #maternityhack #lifehack #maternityfashion #maternityclothes
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Jenny Long-Innes
1 minute ago
jlonginnesfitness A whole load of excuses could have kept me from a friday workout. would’ve been too easy to call it an unplanned rest day and just couch it instead of pressing play. . freezing temps and an under the weather toddler are two things that would have kept me from leaving my house to go do a workout. i am not a “walk/run in the cold” kinda girl, and the gym would’ve been a no-go. . the convenience of on-demand workouts and the support from my fit fam community are the reasons i actually showed up today. these challengers think i hold them accountable, but it also works both ways! ☺️💪🏼
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2 minutes ago
madre.padre 💫new design alert💫 • introducing 'mothers are from saturn' - an out of this world tee for all my intergalactic muthas out there. it's mother-worldly 👽 • now, i need help with which colour ink to go for... yellow or pink? we will be doing it in white ink on a black ringer tee, too. • also would love to do this design on an xtra large black tote bag so you can stylishly store all ya mum shit. • lemme know your thoughts! 👇🏾
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PostPartumFitness Community
3 minutes ago
postpartum_fitnezz Because mom’s bump is the most comfy place in the world😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️ @clark_is_king #pregnantandperfectpregnancybellpregnancyjourney#babybump#bumplove#siblinglove#postpartumbody#postpartum#postpartumweightloss#[email protected]#fitmomsofig#fitnessmotivation#postpartumbody#strongwomen
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Caleh Cristler
4 minutes ago
So i decided today for #flashbackfriday i would post a video collage of my progress! 🖤 the first video on the left was around 2-3 months after having hannah and starting to workout again. i was feeling incredibly discouraged because i had gained around 50 lbs back with this third pregnancy, but i was determined to take it one day at a time. fast forward to today, a few days shy of 11 months postpartum and i’m feeling great! 💪🏼 this is proof that you can do it, you can come back. right here, in my little garage with my programs and simple portioned nutrition...change can happen! 🖤 what’s stopping you? 🌈 you ready to join me, or nah? 🤷🏼‍♀️😜
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Velvet Queen Shapewear™
5 minutes ago
shopvelvetqueen We're so excited and looking forward to seeing you this weekend in atlanta!!!. this is an opportunity to experience velvet queen in person while sipping and mingling. dm me for location details. #colaboration #velvetqueen
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4 minutes ago
mein.pures.leben Türchen 15: heute gibts mal was für haut, haare und nägel. die ringana caps beauty & hair stärken alles drei mit 100 % frischen und natürlichen inhaltsstoffen von innen heraus. nach der geburt meines sohnes hatte ich ganz ehrlich gesagt brüchiges haar, haarausfall und weiche nägel. meine haut sah auch einfach nur müde aus. mit den caps habe ich dann recht schnell eine besserung bemerkt. meine haare, nägel und haut sind wieder wie zum neuen leben erwacht. ☀️ heute gibts die caps beauty & hair bei ringana in der weihnachtsaktion um 20% reduziert zu 36,80 euro: http://www.ringana.com/de/produkte/frische-caps/produktuebersicht/caps-beauty-and-hair/ meldet euch einfach für mehr infos oder gutscheinen. . . . #adventskalender #türchenimadvent #15december #advent #vorweihnachtszeit #vorweihnachtsstimmung #meinpuresleben #vieleschönesachen #vorfreude #nachhaltig #donnerdtag #weihnachtsliebe #24türchen #fürmämis #gesundeshaar #haare #gesund #dutt #nachhaltigeweihnachten #knot #hair #nails #haarausfallnachderschwangerschaft #haarausfall #vegan #gesundundschön #brüchigeshaar #postpartum #ringana #weihnachtsaktion @ samedan, switzerland
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5 minutes ago
_herbacouple_ I wouldn’t trade this for nothing 🤤. it’s got the best taste and amazing nutrition 😸 it’s a win win for me👩🏻‍💼 #herbalifeshakes #nutritionforlife #weightlossjourney #postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumjourney #breasfeedingmom
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💯جیاواز له پوست💯😗200k😍
6 minutes ago
xandai_kchek خوشه ویست تری که ست تاگ بکه بلی ئه و قسه راسته ههه ده ی بزانین بچوکه که ی مالتان خوش ئه وی @xandai_kchek ــــــــــــــــ!! @xandai_kchek لایک و کۆمێنت بکەن ئاکتیڤ خراپە. ll @xandai_kchek@xandai_kchek@xandai_kchek@xandai_kchek ✅ -------- * @xandai_kchek ڵایک و کۆمێنت بەردەوامی ئێمەیە👉❤️ ### __________________
@xandai_kchek * 💯جوانترین پۆست لەێرە ببینن💯
🔵هاوکاری ئێوە بەردەوامی ئێمەیە 🔵
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Laura Latham BS DC RYT-200
40 minutes ago
theyogafix You think you do, but do you? 🤔 if you’re still reading this far, you’ve probably tried a kegel once or twice. no? a kegel traditionally refers to the voluntary contraction of the muscles of your pelvic floor. go ahead and imagine you are trying to hold in a f**t with all your might. 💩 those are your pelvic floor muscles that you are contracting in and up to hold in that fart. . . this part of a kegel is great for contracting the pf, but in order to have good function south of the boarder you not only have to be able to contract these muscles you have to be able to relax them too. . . . “but i just had a baby and i leak ⚠️ when i work out or cough and everyone says i need to strengthen my pelvic floor not relax it”. yes, you need to build strength in your pf but in order to get the most out of the contraction you must be able to relax too! all the momma’s who’ve been kegeling with no results, this is for you! . . this is not a females only problem, though… fellas - been “sharting” during big lifts? when you sneeze or cough? well you better be paying attention too! 🏋🏻‍♂️🚽 . . how do you relax your pelvic floor? (prepare for more f**t talk) we went over holding in a fart, now imagine you had to let one rip 💩. feel the muscles that just contracted relax and lower down. awesome. (this is mula bandha for my yogi crew - a kegel that explores the full range of the muscles, contraction and relaxation.) 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️ . . contracting and relaxing with your kegels can be a game changer. now how to integrate these concepts in breath and function?? stay tuned for more posts!! 🤱🏻🏋🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ . . ✌️ follow me to get your asana fix and movements to fix your asana #getyouryogafix #mulabandha #rootlock #muladhara #postpartum #postpartumfitness #prenatalfitness #pelvichealth
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Chelsea Marie 🎀
8 minutes ago
chels__mariee Oh goodmorning my almost one year old! 🙈😢❤️ mr. mav is just as excited as his mamma that it’s almost the weekend! 😏🙏🏼 #maverickrylee
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10 minutes ago
strbjakfit Day 4️⃣ of fitmas🌲is curtsy lunges! . these are one of my favorites because they work those outer glutes 🍑🔥 . we’re up to 2.5 minutes out of the total ~12 minutes, so you should already be out of breath and sweatin’ a little 😅 . even if you can’t get a full workout done in the morning, it makes such a difference to get your heart rate up for even just 10 minutes! . by the end of fitmas🌲 you’ll have a perfect little circuit workout to take ya into the new year! . new to fitmas? check out previous posts ⬅️ or my stories ⬆️ for moves and demos! . xoxo
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10 minutes ago
eriszhou 3 months postpartum .. not easy..but getting there.. #postpartum #mumlife #fitness
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10 minutes ago
sad_shayri_and_love --------- comment 's ------------ ➡@sad_shayri_and_love❤ ➡@sad_shayri_and_love❤ follow me⤴⤴😷🔕 #sad #sadquotes #lovequotes #likeforlike #postmalone #lover #evening #instagramer #postpartum #loves #instagramers #like4follow #photo #newschooltattoo
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Melinda White
12 minutes ago
melinda_s_white Someone went on the p***y yesterday! finally a step in the right direction! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
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