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I usually don’t repost things like this but cmon...... i know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what are we talking about here. really though, are we talking about bars and lyricism that can invigorate people’s thought processes, and make them appreciate the power of words???? or are we talking about trap beats with nonsense messages behind it just cause the beat is fire????? if we talking the latter then put up the producers in this....... not the artist. some might say i’m an old head hating, naw i got a deep profound love for the game but i ain’t in love with all of it. i got passion to hear a message that’ll last the test of time that this generation can grow and make a true profound change to, something that can make us look forward and be glad on how we left the game when we passed it down, maybe that’s just me hating on the young’s though. i mean when we got it handed we preserved the culture, just saying. all things aside i salute anyone that’s moving forward and making money and climbing to new heights, how can i not?
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People say things
meant to rip you in half
but you hold the power
to not turn their words
into a knife
and cut yourself.
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It is the thread of ideas

that weave your destiny,
what you create

is in your own hands.

a glimpse of jijivisha fellow ritika’s classroom.
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The nice thing about success in life is you can start to gauge your bigger steps and how you accomplish things with your bigger efforts. the challenges in life sometimes cause us to stop and to perhaps doubt when in fact we need to keep moving & inch by inch most things are a cinch! so don't let the bird and become a overload situation. so when the feedback isn't as strong and things aren't as positive just keep the wheels moving. the reality of life is most often you are the driver going/doing the things that you need to have done! so you're in control, so take heart you can do it. baby steps... 📏 #feedyourmind 🎯double tap-tap & kindly follow/comment please. ty...😃
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Read it backwards: today was a good day
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How to never give up! .
part 2

scene 1- .
i am 8 years old playing cricket with my siblings and dad. there was a huge ditch near the house, dad said if the ball goes in there, you take it out yourself. and obviously, thats what i did, i was batting and the ball went straight into the ditch. dad got angry, he said now you go get it. obviously, not taking into account that i am 3 feet and the ditch 10, i jump into it. i fling the ball outside, as was the deal. but mmm thats when i realize that sister, you are in trouble 🙆
scene 2- .
i watched dangal, the story of two sisters, raised like soldiers, by a hard working set of parents. people loved that film for many reasons but i remember that scene when geeta gets into the ring, for her final olympic match, her father's cheer, haarna nahi hai geeta! i cried when i saw that. that love, that hardwork, that moment! ❤i cry every time i think of how powerful those words are, from a parent to a child. .

cut to- scene 1
as dad stood there, both amused and surprised by my guts, he held out his hand to pull me out. by then mum had walked there too, i looked at her and all i heard was, haarna nahi hai geeta! .
i climbed out. myself. it took some work, but i did. .
so every time, i have found myself in a ring, in a ditch, even in a situation where i am asked to get gum, in 120 seconds, that's all i hear. thats all i hear everytime i think i might give up. .
to all the parents out there, you might not realize it but what you say and teach your children, will define who they are. .
p. s. that's me, at the back, playing for the school basket ball team, as its shortest member, at 5'3. someone said short people can't play basketball and then obviously... .

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Dear god,

i come to you with a broken and a contrite heart because that i know you will not despise ..
i come to you because it is in you that i live, move, and have my being ..
i come to you because only you are the way, the truth, and the life ..
i come to you because you are the author and finisher of my faith .. so i will not look to the left or to the right ..
i come to you because only you will give me beauty for these ashes ..
i come to you because you are my father ..
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Day 37•

why isn't my skin "skin coloured"?
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You, dear wild one, are more capable than you realise. others see what is inside of you, the love and light, the well of wisdom, the cup brimming over with creativity, the followers inspired by who you are, how you're living, what you're doing and how you do it. you have the potential for abundance and to step up as the influencer you can be and impact where you feel called to help.
realise this and believe it, then release what you were here to do.
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Support your favorite power of words finalist in the national grand final this saturday, april 28th, 2018 at @wsepacificplace.

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