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It has been raining since friday off and on and it has become pleasant in delhi. sattu ka paratha and sattu ki litti has been a traditional monsoon food in eastern up and bihar, we decided to have it for our lazy sunday breakfast. the sattu stuffing has a generous dose of ajwain seeds normally but since ajwain leaves are abundant in the garden right now i thought of adding those in it. the result was really really good.

the sattu stuffing is made painstakingly as loads of minced garlic, ginger and onion goes unto it along with some crushed pickle and spices, chopped dhaniya patta etc., it takes at least half an hour to make it. i did a quick version this time by adding powders of garlic, onion and ginger and adding freshly haarvested and chopped ajwain leaves (indian borage) for the freshness it brings. lots of lime juice went in and 6 paarathas for 3 people were made in 30 minutes, uncluding the baingan fry on the side. that jam like thing is a spicy mango chutney made of ripe mangoes.

dough is whole wheat sourdough, the only way i have been tolerating wheat these days.
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Calling all rowdy rousers!

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Are you planning on going hiking or camping sometime soon?

figuring out your nutrition needs in the wild is crucial!

check out our facebook page for a link on tips provided by @tararafting that will help you in the food department while on an outdoor adventure.
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sweated greens include russian kale, kohlrabi leaves, spinach
baby tomatoes
poached eggs
portobello mushroom, garlic, red onion cooked in butter
sprinkled with toasted flaked almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.
this will keep me going well into the afternoon!! #greens #all12essentialaminoacids #lycopene #antioxidants #iron #vitc #vita #nuts #healthyfats #prebioticfoods #functionalnutritionandlifestylepractitioner
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Simple ingredients = gut nourishing meals😍 πŸƒ & πŸ₯” hash with garlic πŸ…, πŸ„, brussel sprouts, asparagus & πŸ₯‘ πŸ₯– optional seeded soy & quinoa sourdough πŸ˜‹ #healthyeating #guthealing #prebioticfoods #feedyourgutbugs #cafestyle #ilovefood #balancedeating #enjoyfood #yum #nutritionist #fairymeadownutritionist #wollongongnutrtionist #illawarranutrition
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Do you eat garlic and onions? people either love them or hate them. i add them to most things because they lend so much flavor and aroma! ❀️ foods like garlic, onions, brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and radish are considered prebiotic foods because they contain fos (fructo-oligosaccharides) and inulin which feed our residential bacteria.
residential bacteria is native to us and is what we need for long-term health, so eating plenty of prebiotic and probiotic foods are essential.
a healthy gut is a major factor in hormone health as it helps regulate everything and controls inflammation. in fact, the gut is often the first thing i look at when approaching my clients health concerns. it’s that important! #hormonesupport #gutsupport #prebioticfiber #prebioticfoods #eatvariety #eatrealfoods #getplentyoffiber #feedyourbacteria #healthygut #nourishyourgut #nutritiontips #healthylifestyle #wellnessadvocate #wellness
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Busy monday?

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The microbes in our gut produce the majority of our dopamine and serotonin (the feel good stuff!). our gut is often referred to as our second brain. what can we consciously do to help the conversation between our two brains be a positive one? eat the rainbow, lay off ‘food from a packet’ and highly refined sugars, and if possible keep to regular meal times. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
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Late lunch....but worth the wait, with a good appetite for it.
i get a little concerned if i haven't had a good dose of greens regularly, plus i had a plentiful supply from my visit to @marketgnomes last week!
so here's what's on the plate...
russian kale, spinach, samphire (sweated on the pan in butter and water, with pepper and seaweed salt), 2 poached eggs, 3 sweated (added later to the greens) cherry tomatoes, 1portobello mushroom with garlic (cooked in a little butter), half an avocado, and two lightly toasted slices of @tartineorganicbakery sourdough bread. now i'm full!! #latelunch #greens #prebioticfoods #feedyourgutmicrobes #lightbutfilling #antioxidants #minerals #vitamins #antiinflammatory #liversupport #essentialproteinscovered #complexcarbs #bloodsugarcontrol #goodfats #feelfulllonger #functionalfoods #functionalnutrition #functionalnutritionandlifestylepractitioner
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Food idea!
try this cool and refreshing tepary bean salad. the tepary bean is known as the s-tota bav to the o’otham people. they’re low glycemic, which makes them a good choice for diabetics. they’re packed with fiber, which slows down the absorption rate of carbs and sugars. you can cool the beans before serving, to activate the resistant starch. the fiber provides prebiotic fuel for the gut microbiome.
ingredients (add or take out what you like)
tepary breans
lacinato kale
yellow bell pepper
blood micro greens
minced mint
lemon zest
olive oil
avocado slices *serve chilled*
#wellforculture #nativewellness #indigenous #teparybean #salad #plantbased #gutmicrobiome #prebioticfoods #prebioticfiber #resistantstarch #ancestralfood #indigenousfood
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Jicama - rich prebiotic (feeds probiotic). olaliberry pie crust - almond flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, egg, honey. #prebioticfoods
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Food and gut health... learn how a #clean and #nutritious #manitoba #diet can play in your overall #health.
our food choices influences the number and types of bacteria that grow in our #gut. if you’re constantly eating #sugar and #processed #foods, or foods that are contaminated with #pesticides and #herbicides, it’s far more likely that the #bad #bacteria will grow.
over time #candida and #yeast overgrowth can take place, and if you’ve ever dealt with either, you’ll know they’re not fun!

book your consultation today! :) #holisticnutrition #manitobanutrition #organic #cleaneating #probiotics #prebioticfoods #integrativemedicine #naturalmedicine #herbs #holistichealing #theherbalmarket #drjayne
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Prebiotic foods can sometimes be underappreciated.

by in large, americans don’t consume enough prebiotics every day.

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Hey, rowdy rousers!

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🍾when your homemade kombucha is finally bubbly!🍾
from one of my previous posts a new friend off instagram came around today to pick up one of my scobylicious scobys to make her own kombucha. instagram is certainly good for some things! if you like food and eating (πŸ€”) check out her page because daaaammmnnn her food look good πŸ‘ @kirstenbridge.nz
ps: i still have many a scoby so if you live in christchurch feel free to come collect your lil alien in a bottle πŸ˜…
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When was the last time you got rowdy?

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Ya allah.
ngences teringat kimchi sup yang @melatimh makan semalam di #oisokoreanrestaurant .
maka hari ni aku buat version kimchi jiggae aku sendiri. rasa dah nak seakan. .
mujurlah memang simpan stok @kimchibykaklo ni. nak merestok lagi, makyong malas hohoiiiii🀣🀣🀣
jemput makan.
#seleramakyong #prebioticfoods #kimchisedapyakmat
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Protein packed chickpea bagels with some nuts, seeds and beetroot, walnut pomegranate dip 🌿

simple and easy to make!

gluten free, grain free, low fat, packed with protein and low gi carbs πŸ’«πŸ’« .
1 3/4 cup *besan flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt .
1 cup of low f*t greek yoghurt @yoproau
egg white for glazing and seeds for topping.
*original recipe used all purpose s/r flour, if using non gluten free flour omit the baking powder
mix everything except egg white and seeds and knead into round dough shape, cut dough in quarters, roll into sausages and form bagel shapes, bake 200c for 15min or until golden .

taste better when warm or heated πŸ˜‹
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