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Bubur kacang ijo + ketan hitam + mutiara .
•tanpa gula βœ“
•tanpa santan βœ“
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It’s get to know your customers day!

tell us what your rowdy about?

we’re rowdy about gut health, and you!

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They say that good things come in small packages…

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How to heal your gut: go crazy on unusual and bright coloured foods. the standard british diet is a mono diet consisting of wheat, dairy, meat and 4 different types of veg. there is a whole world of plants out there that we just haven’t been taught about. our veg is often no longer grown in soil or outdoors, and is washed, wrapped and pasteurised (not in that order 😁) to create ’clean, perfect’ and safe foods for mass production. whilst doing so, also reduces our microbial encounters and creates sterile foods. we live in glass boxes, spend all our time indoors and sterilise the water we drink, the table surface and the plates we eat on (dishwasher). soil is teaming with bacteria, but not even our children play in the mud any longer. πŸ“£ - buy food that feels alive ➰- invest time and money where you can, buy at farmers markets, organic veg boxes, or grow your own. πŸ“£ - buy weird foods that you don’t know what to do with (hey internet πŸ†“), and πŸ“£- don’t reject a little experimentation and imperfection. your gut microbiome need you to act diverse ( photo: lingonberry, whole hawthorn and sea buckthorn)
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I often say to my boyfriend that i'm sure aldi has a way of tuning into our conversations - it seems that everytime one of us contemplates buying something it just so happens to be on special at aldi that following week. funny and a little creepy that, but very handy at the same time! tonight, after listening to me pine and whine for ceramic cookware, the bf noticed aldi's latest sale and took advantage, surprising me after work with a ceramic, non-stick (non-teflon) fry pan, much to my excitement!! (the things you get excited by when you're in your 30s - last week it was a dyson, standup, cordless vacuum cleaner!) sure, i am using that same frypan to cook his dinner tonight so he definitely benefits too - it's a win/win situation!
in the frypan are chickpeas, fresh garlic, ginger, grated carrot, curry spices, lemon juice and zest, butter, broccolli, brown rice and sea salt and cracked pepper. baking away in the oven is spiced pumpkin and wild alaskan salmon...the aromas filling our kitchen right now are incredible! must invest in more ceramic cookware! #luckygf #aldiislistening #ceramicfrypan #cookingnerd #wannabechef #lovingwellness .
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Jerusalem artichokes @bayleyandsage in wimbledon!

these are amazing prebiotic foods which means they contain a special fibre which cannot be digested and absorbed by our bodies but it’s fuel for our beneficial gut bacteria.
you can cook them a bit like potatoes and i think they taste best when roasted, in a soup or mashed.

just a word of caution: start slowly with them if you have never tried them before. have a very small amount at first because big portions they can cause bloating and flatulence.

do try them, they are delicious!
i simply boil them and then mash them with a little butter, salt and pepper. πŸ˜‹
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Who doesn’t like savings?! we sure do, and to celebrate fall, we’d love to give you 10% off your first purchase from rowdy bars!

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Five steps to supporting your microbiome and boosting your metabolism:

1. eat fermented foods. they’re full of live bacteria that help to balance your microbiome.
2. take probiotics. they, too, are full of microbiome-friendly live bacteria.
3. eat lots of microbiome superfoods and superspices: asparagus, carrots, garlic, jerusalem artichoke, jicama, leeks, onions, radishes, tomatoes, cinnamon, and turmeric.
4. add some healthy fats to your diet. avocado, olive oil, nuts, and seeds help heal your gut and support your microbiome.
5. avoid foods that are high in sugar and starch, as well as hydrogenated and trans fats. #prebiotics #prebioticfoods #prebioticsupport #probiotics #probioticsupplements #microbiome #guthealth #guthealthmatters #avocado #fermentedfoods #sugar #bloodsugar #bloodsugarbalance
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Get up. get rowdy - it’s monday! remember it’s all about your mindset, set it right.
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Prebiotics promote growth of “good” bacteria in your gut. they’re found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and are a part of the food that can’t be digested. prebiotics may improve gut health as well as potentially enhance calcium absorption. .

eating food with naturally occurring prebiotics can be a great way to improve gut health but some prebiotics can actually cause an upset stomach in some individuals. . .

a major type of prebiotic are fructooligosaccharides (fos). these are a form of carbohydrate made up of small groups of sugars. those with ibs may want to avoid fos. . .

for everyone else, adding fos to your diet slowly can help improve gut health. fos are found in :
- banana
- artichoke
- onion
- garlic
- chicory
- asparagus
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Hmmm! just figuring out what recipes to do for wednesday’s talk ..thank you to the @healthycupboard for carrying so many amazing products!!!
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Tonights dinner: sweet potato and potato rosti, topped with pan fried salmon, lemon juice, and mixed salad..gut healing, high in omega 3, vitamin c, zinc, protein, tryptophan, calcium, folate, biotin, bioflavanoids, vitamin k, b6, copper, iodine, magnesium, potassium and selenium and vitamin a
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There aren’t many brands out there concerned about your gut health…

luckily for you, we take gut health very seriously, which is why we use yacon root for its multitude of health benefits in our bars!

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Healthy coconut paleo waffles!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— do you use sukrin fiber syrup?! did you know it has pre biotics!? meaning it is good for your gut. order some today and enjoy 10% off with sukrin10! check out the recipe @paleohacks she has so many great recipes! #sukrinusarecipes #sukrinusa #sukrinfibersyrupgold #sukrinfibersyrup #sukrinamericasfavoritesweetener #prebioticfoods #sukringold
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One thing i really miss here in italy are the root vegetables i would take for granted while living in sweden, such as root parsley, celeriac, parsnip and swedes. although i have been told that some of them (parsnip and root parsley) grow wild in the mediterranean, i have never succeeded in foraging them, nor have i’ve been lucky enough to find them at the farmers’ market (besides celeriac which is sold overpriced here). this is the reason why i decided to grow them myself; last year i grew parsnips and this year i’m growing root parsley and celeriac. the latter has giving me a great satisfaction - if you’ve ever grown one yourself you’ll know what i’m talking about - seeing this tiny little seed growing into something that big is just mind blowing! anyhow, i guess what i’m trying to say is to not take those rooties for granted - they are far away from boring and with a little bit of creativity a nordic-inspired dish has nothing to envy a mediterranean-inspired one. look at this dish for example: just some grated apples, celeriac and wild fennel with some toasted hazelnuts - all in season and all from our backyard! πŸ™Œ .
una cosa che mi manca tanto qui in italia sono gli orataggi da radice che sottovalutavo quando vivevo in svezia, come per esempio il prezzemolo da radice, la pastinaca, il sedano rapa.. anche se mi hanno detto che alcuni di loro crescono spontaneamente qui non ho mai avuto la fortuna di trovarli, ne nella natura ne ai mercati di contadini (a parte il sedano rapa che vendono per un prezzo troppo alto). questa è la ragione per cui ho deciso di coltivarli da sola; mentre lo scorso anno ho coltivato la pastinaca, quest’anno ho fatto crescere il prezzemolo da radice e il sedano rapa. questa ultima mi ha dato un gran soddisfazione - se qualcuno lo ha mai fatto lo sa di cosa sto parlando - perché vedere un seme così minuscolo crescere a qualcosa così grande è strabiliante! cmq, credo che la cosa che sto cercando dire con questo è di non sottovalutare le verdure da radici - sono tutto altro che noiosi e con un po’ di creatività, i piatti cosiddetti “scandinavi”, non hanno niente da invidiare a quelli “mediterranei”. ecco un esempio: ...
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