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You can literally see the goodness in these! so many health benefits #hairgrowth #nailgrowth #clearskin #acne #eczema #psoriasis #energy #strongerimmunesystem #lowerscholesterol #antiimmflamatory #bonesandjoints #balanceshormones #pregnancyhealth #improvesfertility #aidsweightloss and so much more!! plus order either premium or fruit and veg capsules and get the kiddies chewables absolutely free!!!! like for more info πŸ“πŸ‰πŸ₯¦πŸ‡πŸŒ½πŸπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
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You read that right fit moms....we have teamed up with @ yeg_pelvicphysio to bring you another bump to baby workshop!
this isn’t your typical birth prep class.
are you ready to be empowered as you mentally and physically prepare for your birth?
bump to baby will provide you with:
βœ”οΈ an assessment from a pelvic health physiotherapist
βœ”οΈ a personalized alignment, engagement, and relaxation cues based on your assessment
βœ”οΈ core and pelvic floor exercises perfect for the ever-changing pregnant body
βœ”οΈ exploration on how different movements in each stage of labour can affect baby’s ability to descend through your pelvis
βœ”οΈ education on how to prepare your perineum through massage and stretching
βœ”οΈ discussion about natural pain relief methods
βœ”οΈ tips for healing your core and pelvic floor in the immediate postpartum period
βœ”οΈ a mini-massage while others have their assessment
βœ”οΈ learn stretches that will help your body prepare for labor and birth
βœ”οΈ a small group atmosphere to connect with other like-minded expecting mothers
βœ”οΈ refreshments provided
βœ”οΈ a receipt so you can claim through extended health benefits
friday, october 26 @ 6:30-9:30pm. cost is $80. space is extremely limited!!
book today by calling 780-966-0009.
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A quick gym sesh today in between finishing some work projects for a deadline this week and meeting my friend for lunch this rainy monday. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
today i wound the clock back and started #bbgstronger again - i love mixing it up and after nearly a year of pwr it felt good to have a slightly shorter (but higher intensity) workout, with a different structure and an australian accent on the voice prompts! wearing my new fave top and bra picked up in the @lululemonuk outlet at @bicestervillage recently - definitely worth checking out for some fab discounts πŸ‘
β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
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Beautiful autumn weather for #buggyfitness
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When was the last time your kid taught you a lesson?
i was watching my son at his swim lessons recently. i watched as he floated on his back, doing what he had learned, what he knew to do. after a short while he found himself complacent and in over his head. when he didn't think he could recover he turned around and attempted to make his way to what he knew was safe: the wall. however his coach pulled him back, reassured and reminded him, and made him get right back to it.
have you found yourself complacent? in over your head? thinking you need to go back to what is "safe"? ask yourself what are you going to do back at that safe place? it's a wall... where will that take you?
this has been me for some time now. watching him has taught me this lesson.
if this is you also, remember what you know and what you are capable of. if you find yourself reaching for that safety net remember what you set out to do. allow your coach, mentor, friend, spouse, whoever, to pull you back and push you toward your goal. to remind you what you know and encourage you to keep going. if you don't have anyone to encourage you, to pull you back from quitting, call me. i know all about these struggles. but i also know i have all the knowledge, tools, and/or resources i need to keep going plus all the encouragement and support in the world when i'm uncertain.
by the way, this was the day my son graduated to the next level of swim class. i'm so very proud of him and so excited to watch him grow and learn in something he loves so much.
pursue your dreams and don't let fear or uncertainty hold you back! now go kick some ass!
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Chest infections suck! for what seems like forever now i have been tackling it and i am working hard to practice what i preach πŸ‘‰my pelvic floor is truly mastering the art of 'knacking' (squeezing) and i am 'zipping up' my abdominals to give bump support during a cough and sneeze. it's exhausting!!
πŸ‘‰i am taking pregnancy nutritional supplements and probiotics as i am on a course of antibiotics to help maintain a healthy balance in my guts microbiome.
πŸ‘‰maintaining a healthy balanced diet and aiming to avoid comfort junk foods (so tempting to do and it may have happened πŸ‘€)
πŸ‘‰rest with a two year old: yep that one is a little more tricky for pregnancy number two, especially when she is not 100% herself as she passed it to me the poor poppet. πŸ‘‰hypnobirthing relaxation app on the go to try and release some tension both physically and mentally
πŸ‘‰ eucalyptus aromatherapy diffuser being maxed out. need to buy shares in euc oil
πŸ‘‰ pilates stretches being put to good use (see other video clips) to help relieve back and hip aches from straining through coughing πŸ‘‰gentle dog walk to try and clear the lungs
any other tips gladly welcome! wishing everyone else a healthy monday xx

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#repost @kensingtonroyal with @get_repost πŸ“·pa
congratulations to their royal highnesses the duke and duchess of sussex expecting a baby in the spring of 2019 πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ πŸ‘‘ .
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Full house starting this new yoga block on friday with a few old faces and a lot of new faces πŸ€—
i look forward to meeting you all🀰
the only things you need to bring are a bottle of water and an open mind! πŸ’€πŸ’§
see you there! πŸ‘€
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Thank you @robynpuglia, @regeneruslabs and the speakers at the weekend's #thegestationaljourney for an absolutely brilliant weekend of learning! i have been applying my nutritional therapy learning within my midwifery care for a while. i now have more knowledge and confidence to integrate within my antenatal clinic. here's my learning from sunday's speakers:
- leaky gut and oxidative stress are all associated with pregnancy complications @jevansmd - the menopause and pcos has similar symptoms due to oestrogen deficiency. it's no wonder that my blood sugar balance seems a lot more difficult to control recently. i never realised how big a role oestrogen has on the body @gershfelice - i've always been aware to include dads in my interactions with mum's, especially at antenatal classes and in labour ward. but it never crossed my mind that 1:50 dads also get affected by pnd. not just through their partner, but within dad himself. food for thought! i also learnt that iron cause changes in breastmilk that cause baby to be 'gassy' @stephgreunke
there's a lot of learning to integrate and i'm looking forward to adding it all for the benefit of women in my care, both in antenatal clinic and in my nutritional practice.
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W i s s e l v a l l i g • ik breidde een sjaal en muts met oorkleppen naar een patroontje van @julijasshop_breit perfect voor wisselvallige herfstdagen πŸ§£πŸ’¨β˜”οΈβ„οΈ
ook mijn gezondheid is nog wisselvallig, al heb ik stilaan meer goede dan slechte dagen. het begint dus beetje bij beetje - hout vasthouden! - te keren πŸ€°πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ’•
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Spotted! @meggymegmeg looking fab in this white dress!! ⚑️#thefashionbump #bumpshell #dressedtothenines
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That first bm after delivering a baby 😩
never fun.

here are a couple tips to keep in mind:

1. keep hydrated, eat some prunes or ask for some stool softeners in preparation.
2. understand that the pelvic floor muscles need to relax to let the stool pass so don’t go clenching down there when it’s time.
3. don’t bear down, let it come on it’s own. if you had a vaginal delivery, your pelvic floor muscles have just let out a baby so go easy on them! if you had a cesarean, your abdominal muscles don’t want you to strain!
4. use a pillow for support to your abdomen to produce some counter pressure.
5. tip the garbage can over and get your feet up on it so your knees aren’t lower than your hips. this position favours opening of the pelvic floor muscles and gives the best passage way for the stool to pass.
6. respond to the urge as soon as you feel it but then just sit on the toilet and relax, don’t stress about it!
good luck!! #postpartumhealth #mammatobe #mommytobe #vaginalbirth #csectionrecovery #babydelivery #pregnancyhealth #maternitylife #mommyberries
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Did you know @life.space.probiotics for pregnancy & breastfeeding contains 15 strains of premium quality beneficial bacteria and is formulated based on scientific evidence to support a healthy microbiome and general wellbeing? visit the @life.space.probiotics stand j06 at our melbourne expo this weekend to learn more. always read the label. use only as directed.
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Throwing it back to one of my very first transformations since starting this journey almost 2 years ago
seeing this today is what's making me soooo excited about waking up tomorrow and getting my workout done and ending the year strong!!!! in reality what has me the most excited is the super trainer who gave me that first transformation is releasing a new workout that's only 20 minutes long soooooo i could literally follow the exact calendar and still get my running in πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
i remember how hard and frustrating it was to get through that first program. i was so weak, 4 months post partum and desperately needing a way to feel like me again. tears and all i got it done. and 2 years later i want to do this new program go all in and be able to look back to a new transformation like i am doing this one
it just took a small decision to say yes to myself! and here i am 2 years later and still going strong πŸ’ͺ
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Your #1 source for pregnancy health advice:β €
😍 @wholemamasclub β €
—β €
(what did you think we were going to say?)β €
—β €
we're counting down to the launch of our brand new product launching tomorrow. we can't wait to share the news and celebrate with a week of giveaways from some of our favorite whole30 partners. it all starts tomorrow, so stay tuned.β €
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Hey expectant and new momma's! what's keeping you from moving forward?! i want to hear from you!
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When all you feel like eating are homemade nachos but your mind is telling you to nourish the baby and to have your veggies..so you eat both! βœ…
for some reason i’ve been craving homemade nachos with black beans a lot in this pregnancy. i really didn’t feel like eating a salad, but i had premade this salad to encourage myself to eat it (it worked!) it’s so important to eat healthfully for your growing baby and provide them with their vital nutrients, but i also believe in occasionally indulging in your favorite foods. i went with eating both. i fulfilled my pregnancy craving, but i also got my veggies in #winwin .
what were your pregnancy cravings?
#doitforthebaby #eatyourgreens #balancedlunch #pregnancycravings #nachos
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