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Keeping in mind that music production has no ceiling.. i want to remind my @cook_gang that tone.. pitch.. and key.. can also be found outside of traditional instruments and synths. for example; i find that ᗩᗰᗷieᑎt ᖴ᙭ have very unique vibes when played as chords. with a large number of nuances typically found in a single sound.. they’re a great way to create atmospheric melodies. in the comments below.. drop a space emoji (🌌, 💫, ✨) and share with the gᗩᑎg your favorite vst for ambient fx - ❤️ as always! #trenchlord #cookgang • 👊🏾 join the ᑕook gᗩᑎg: @cook_gang • 🎹 beat name: glacier | link in bio • 🎥 by: @chaoschytist
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What up gᗩᑎg! 🤙🏾. as we build traction this first quarter.. lets set our end goal on ᗰᗩᔕteᖇy. i know for a number of @cook_gang members.. 2017 was the getting your feet wet year.. major salute on your commitment to the craft! 👏🏾. whatever your choice of daw.. deploy the patience necessary to learner it in and out. whether the mission is discovering your sound.. designing them.. or even career reinvention.. havin fluency when using the tools for the job is key. drop a (👨🏾‍🎓) and let me know the software/hardware your going to master this year - ❤️ as always #trenchlord #cookgang • 👊🏾 join the ᑕook gᗩᑎg: @cook_gang • 🎹 beat name: stove | link in bio • 🎥 by: @chaoschytist
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Trap music will always accept a good b3 style o***n with open arms🤘🏾🔥. lets get some feedback going for our brother @dylanprevails .. i can hear an o***n slide at the end of every 4 or 8 bars. what do y’all hear? drop it in the comments below - ❤️ gᗩᑎg 🤙🏾 • need feedback on your beat? record a 30-60 second ᑕookᑌᑭ video using your phone.. and send it to: cookgangofficial@gmail.com • beat name: flex | link in bio
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Do you.. instead of doing it all. @cook_gang fam.. when developing your sound.. ask yourself.. what do i want to be know for? 🤔. think of it like this.. when you have a taste for a steak.. would you prefer one from a premium steak house.. or from a buffet style restaurant that offers every meat under the sun? you’d go with the steak house right 🤷🏾‍♂️. start with creating a ‘signature’. examples of this can be; a unique 808 that you often use.. the certain way you transition between hooks and verses.. or even the way you structure your intros. remember.. no matter how saturated an industry may become.. there will always be a demand for expertise. drop a pen emoji (🖊) if you have or plan to develop a signature sound. - ❤️ as always gᗩᑎg 🤙🏾 #trenchlord #cookgang • 👊🏾 follow the ᑕook gᗩᑎg: @cook_gang • 🎹 beat name: titanic | link in bio • 🎥 by: @chaoschytist
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A better ᗪᖇoᑭ starts with creating an even better intro. fresh out the kitchen, our sis @behindher_smile demonstrates this for us🔥🔥🔥. lets get some feedback going gᗩᑎg. share your thoughts with us in the comments below #cookgang • want feedback on your beat from the ᑕook gᗩᑎg? record a 60 second cookup video using your phone.. (intro & hook) and send it to: cookgangofficial@gmail.com
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What’s up gᗩᑎg 🤙🏾. our bro @officialxavb said he needs @brysontiller on this one! drop a (👊🏾) if you agree - ❤️ family! #cookgang • need feedback on your beat? record a 30-60 second video using your phone.. and send it to: cookgangofficial@gmail.com
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What’s up gang! 🤙🏾 have you been getting my posts later and later? if so.. this is due to instagram’s latest changes. their new ‘algorithm’.. has a large number of you guys that truly value the information in my posts.. receive them days later.. and for some members of our @cook_gang family.. not at all. to make sure you continue to receive them the second they’re up.. turn on my ‘post notifications’. if you’re already following me.. you can find this option by clicking on [•••] in the top right corner of my profile. this will inform you directly the second new material is up 👊🏾. if your not going to let the algorithm keep information from you.. drop a (🚨) and let me know what music related questions you have - big love as always! #trenchlord #cookgang • 👊🏾 join the cook gang: @cook_gang • 🎹 beat name: room key | link in bio • 🎥 by: @chaoschytist#flstudio #beatmaker #beatmaking
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The decision to choose a rebellious 808 pattern to compliment the melody of this beat was genius! 🧠🏆. lets get some feedback going for our family @prodbycino . what are your thoughts gᗩᑎg? hear anything that can enhance this vibe? • want feedback on your beat from the ᑕook gᗩᑎg? record a 60 second cookup video using your phone.. (intro & hook) and send it to: cookgangofficial@gmail.com
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L Söderberg
Tiger darrow - hands. out on blanket fort. . made in #reason10 #propellerhead #musicproduction . check out: @propellerheadsw @blanketfortposse @tigerdarrow ... #newmusic #future #tigerdarrow
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⚡MAZEMAT⚡ Antwerp Cookietown
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Salute from the chief propellerhead💂‍♂️ #propellerhead #gangnam #weeeee
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Arie Ardiansyah
Wf3607 wah filter wah / filter fx engine designed to mimic the “wa wa” sound from a wah pedal. wf3607 features 6 modes of filtering effect taken from the familiar crybaby sound to synth-like filters. wa wa wacka wacka wacka wa wa! in the 1920s guitar players were fascinated by the “wa wa wa” sound made by trumpet players by opening and closing their mutes. its filtering effect alters the resonance of the instrument and it feels to increase the expressiveness of playing. more info : https://www.kuassa.com/products/efektor-wf3607-wah-filter/ #aax #au #audiounits #vst #vst3 #ableton #protools #cubase #nuendo #logicpro #logicprox #garageband #flstudio #cakewalk #recording #software #plugins #daw #musicproducer #studiolife #recordingstudio #rackextension #re #propellerhead #propellerheads #reason #propellerheadreason #wahwah
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Alex Blake III
I just like this one. 💆🏽‍♂️ #reasongang #iamablake #reason #propellerhead
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Eugene Fauntleroy
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"aint no cappin" - dropping tonight @9:30 🔮🔮🔮 🎬filmed by @noah.ljbc 🎹produced by @bigtexaco91
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Happy friday ig! we do know valentine's day was a little over a week ago now, but we had to share a special sound that captivated that energy for your next project. got a theme for a spring, maybe summer love song? any time of the year is a good time for positive, flirtatious, loving vibes! 🌹💕💅💃🎼🎶 "roses" available now on #beatstars
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marc mathias
Dropped my first beat tape ever on soundcloud, and it won’t be the last. 8 vibes/beats in total. check it out | link in the bio 🙏🏾
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Mindset Beatz
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Doug The Beats
My good friend @pjhasbeats and i have decided to link up and form @pjdougofficial as a unit in this music biz. team work makes the dream work! to new beginnings! 🍾🥂🎉🤯🔥🎹🎼💨 - - - - - #beats #instrumental #music #production #musicproducer #productionteam #joinforces #newwave #newbeginnings #steppingstones #milestone #foundation #cubase #reason #flstudio #garageband #maudio #steinberg #propellerhead #imageline
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