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A colorful woman || #arlucas
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Australian poet lauren eden @ofyesteryear #laureneden
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Self-care // journal entries
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Yesterday has come and gone. did you feel the sand as it slipped through the hourglass? what will you do with the precious few grains of sand given to you today... #time
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I was roaming around on the beaches of goa when suddenly, a little boy came and gave me a letter. before i could ask him anything, he ran away. 'the carefree smile is looking preety', the letter stated.
i looked here and there to see if someone was watching but alas, i found none.
after some fifteen minutes, an ice-cream vendor gave me a chocolate flavoured ice-cream cup and a note,
'hey, don't be much confused but yeah, even these expressions are looking cute. fine, don't boil and have some chilled ice-cream'
"who the hell is this?
i swear i'll k**l him, ugh"
i thought of keeping aside all the thoughts and cherishing my love, my ice-cream and that too chocolate flavour.
i started walking again and exploring the beautiful nature when i saw a diary milk silk in sand and underneath, a note stating that
'you look gorgeous when you're hair are not tied. yeah, i know now you will tie it up in a bun but, it is ok as i like that style too'
"is this person insane or what?"
my legs were tired and i wanted to enjoy the breeze so, i decided to sit there and admire the stars. i wished my bestie was beside me too but she was just not interested in spending her last night of the college trip sitting idly on the beach so i landed up all alone. the silence engulfed me and the music absorbed me when a little girl pulled my top.
"didi, can you please help me find my parents", she said pleading
"sure, cutie. tell me where you lost them, come", i replied with a smile.
she held my hand and dragged me to a dark place and then, the grip on my hand was lost.
i shouted her name but received no response.
'pehli nazar me, kaisa jaadu kar diya;
tera ban baitha hai mera jiya;
jaane kya hoga, kya hoga kya pata;
iss pal ko milke aa jee le sara'
i then saw my classmate abc appearing, a guitar in his hands and a smile plastered on his face. he continued,
'main hu yaha,
tum ho yaha,
meri baahon me aa, bhool jaa,
oh jaane-ja, dono jahan,
meri bahon me aa, bhool jaaa'
he bent on his knees and sang the next lines,
'baby i love you,
baby i love you, baby i love you, baby i love you so much
baby iove you
oh i love you
i love you
i love you so much
baby i love you'
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It is possible.

it is possible for love to feel like summer,
just endless moments of happiness in your life,
it doesn’t have to feel like your life has tumbled down after that one heartbreak,
it just takes time to find that purest kind of love,
it is possible to find the love you have seen in movies,
love that you have dreamt of.
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Word Defined
This is our definition of foodie! what’s yours?
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Hiba.S 🦋 Poetry
B r o k e ♥️ • thanks for your love on my previous poem, insta fam. you are why i write ♥️ hope your weekend was better than mine 🤒 i’ll be working for 6 days straight for the next few weeks and today being my only day off i spent it writing an assignment! my brain 🤯 have a great week 💋
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