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Chocolate 🍫 peanut cookie 🍪 pancakes 🤤

this 12 week challenge has me trying all kinds of new techniques lol

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Steamed protein
gluten free, steamed protein pancakes or dumplings coupled with mint/ coriander / tomato onion chutneys are great for breakfast and keeps you satiated till lunch time.
yellow moong and red lentils are soaked for an hour in water. drained and blended into a coarse thick batter with green chilli or pepper , a few curry leaves and a pinch of asafoetida. i have here, added to the batter , a tbsp of oat bran too. add salt , cover and keep aside for atleast 5 hours (overnight if possible) . steam pancakes and serve with vitamin c rich chutneys that include tomato, mint , coriander or pomegranate.
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tip: combine iron rich foods with a source of vitamin c for better nutrient absorption. do not mix calcium rich foods with food sources of iron as the latter hinders proper absorption of calcium. just a little tweaking of menus for boosting health.💪🏽
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🥞kid friendly protein pancake skewers🥞⁣⁣
looking for a way to sneak some extra gut-living collagen into your kids’ day? i got cha covered!⁣⁣
these are peeeerfect for summer and the kiddos will love to make their own skewers and dip them into some honey or maple syrup🍯⁣⁣
🍓protein pancake skewers with berries🍓⁣⁣
-1/2 cup+2 tbs @birchbenders paleo pancake mix ⁣⁣
-2 scoops collagen peptides (i love @thrivemkt brand)⁣⁣
-1/4 cup+1 tbs water⁣⁣
-1 tsp cinnamon ⁣⁣
-coconut oil spray⁣⁣
1️⃣ grease 8-inch pan with coconut oil and set heat to med/high⁣⁣
2️⃣ in a large bowl, mix the pancake mix, collagen, water, + cinnamon until all lumps are gone ⁣⁣
3️⃣ pour all of the pancake mix into the 8-inch pan—yes it will be thick but that’s what we want! let it cook on one side until bubbles start to form at the top, then carefully flip over and cook on the other side until golden brown. ⁣⁣
4️⃣ once the pancakes are cooked and cooled, cut into small squares (mine made about 20)⁣⁣
5️⃣ let your kiddos decorate their own skewers however they’d like! get creative- use any berries you’d like and then dip into some honey or pure maple syrup⁣⁣
tag a mama who needs some kid-friendly recipes and lemme know if you try these! ☀️⁣ happy monday! ⁣

📸: @syannawand. #kidfriendly #healthybreakfast #mealsforkids #fitmom #healthymom #fitmum #proteinpancakes
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Staying on track is a concept i have struggled post-show. i have been going through so many changes, not just with my body, but also my life and emotions. i haven’t fully been able to grasp everything going on. i’ve eaten healthy, but then binged later in the day or week. last week was a low for me. i don’t fully know how to explain it or understand it. yes i was working out still everyday, but my eating wasn’t matching that. what a lot of people don’t talk about with the world of competing and bodybuilding is the post-show and the reverse diet. this has been by far the hardest aspect of my journey. i’ve gained more weight than what i necessarily wanted and i’ve been struggling to come to terms with it. i’ve been h*****n myself emotionally with it and then my amazing coach made a “7am talk” about staying on track which really connected with me. so this morning i made a promise to myself that i would start to do better. i would do better with my eating, with my workouts, but more importantly with myself. i wouldn’t be so h*****n myself if i go off track, because that doesn’t allow me to have a healthy relationship with food. so i got up, made blueberry protein pancakes with peanut butter and started my day, and i will get up tomorrow and do it all over again. it’s important to know that it’s okay to get off track, that happens, but don’t let it derail you from your goals. ———————
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The perfect guilt free breakfast. ##protein pancakes 19g protein 5g carb high fibre. . where it tastes so good to be healthy
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Healthy low carb protein pancakes this morning after pt! easy peasy 👏🏼 1x banana, 2x eggs, protein powder, baking powder and cinnamon. topped with half a banana, organic maple, chia seeds and cacao powder 🍌 suuuuuper filling.. made 4 small ones and could only finish 3! 😯 happy tuesday ⚡️ and thank you to everybody who messaged me last night after my post, you guys are so great!! 😽❤️
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@sinisterlabs has arrived @popeyeschilliwack protein pancake mix, protein peanut butter and almond butter spreads!!!!!
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@julianbakery paleo pancake mix; came out pretty d**n good; #lowcarb #paleo #proteinpancakes #gains #healthyeating
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this looks really naughty but it’s actually low calorie, high protein and full of goodness, plus delicious!
protein pancakes made from blitzed oats, banana, soy milk, vanilla protein powder and then folded through whipped egg whites. fried in a little coconut oil. topped with strawberries from the garden, raspberries and cherries. the compote is simply blueberries boiled with a little maple syrup. garnished with fresh mint and lemon balm leaves from the garden. yum!
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Birthday day is cheat day, lol. my baby @makeupbyrociob made me chocolate oreo pancakes! definitely got my chocolate cravings out of the way with this one, lol. anyone guess how old i turn today?
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I just got back from cuba after a week long trip , and thought i’d share with you 3 take-aways i learned/was reminded of during my trip.

1- disconnect. it’s more important than i thought. while this is advice i constantly heard, it was actually very rare for me to fully genuinely disconnect from social media/work, as there always seems to be internet connection around the globe. this wasn’t the case for cuba though. during my week long stay, i spent a total of 20 minutes connected to wifi, simply for the purpose of speaking to my family members on whatsapp. 🛑

2- talk to strangers. talk to the waiter. talk to the piano man. talk to the chef. talk to the quiet bus driver. talk to the 70 year old couple enjoying their 40 year anniversary. they all have so much to teach you and i, and more often than not, you’ll make their day. also, friends matter ✋.

3- eating vegan while traveling is easier than you think. while cuban cuisine mainly consists of seafood and pork, replacing animal products with beans and sprouts was not only extremely easy, but incredibly tasty and nutritious. speak to the chef. you’ll be surprised how easy it is for him/her to accommodate you.🌱 _______

thanks for reading.
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💕 t o m o r r o w 💕

we will be drinking these and baking up a storm once we order them tomorrow! i may be so excited that i’m going to choose the overnight delivery option! 📦
if you already have your own account......get ready! if not, don’t pass this up!

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Ever want to take me on a date? take me to cava! #latelunchvibez #healthy #yesieat #alhamdulilah
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@nanobcaa protein pancakes now available from your favourite supps shops
amazing snack if you are looking for something new and bored of protein bars.
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Pannekakene er godkjente @nutritionodin 👌🏼 takk☺️ #proteinpancakes #yum #coachcelius
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Monday fitness tip #23: try these!! 4 of the best leg exercises for toning up your legs👊👊💪

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