Teresa Aller
1 minute ago
teresaaller Guess who just accepted an offer from goldman sachs for a summer internship........ this little go getter did. i’m so proud of her and her hard work, congratulations sweetie no one deserves this more than you!! #proudmama #shesapistol
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Simmone Morris
2 minutes ago
simmonec01 Nativity scenes... bursting with love and pride for this one, she delivered her solo line with aplomb ❤️ #thecutest #nativity #innkeeper #proudmama
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Pam Saul
3 minutes ago
pamsaul #lovemykids #proudmama #loveyourjobloveyourlife this kid -his persistence, hard work, and dedication just b**w me away
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Alisha Lavinia
3 minutes ago
alisha_lavinia The little lady does not want a single thing for herself this christmas. what she has asked for are items to give to those in need. i'll be purchasing items from this list to donate to cws lancaster to help serve our local refugee and immigrant communities. if you would like to contribute as well, i will gladly pick up any donations from you! i'd love for her to wake up to a pile of goods that's just about as big as her sweet heart! #proudmama
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Karla Mendoza
6 minutes ago
ourjunglebook Look at this beautiful boy enjoying this beautiful place! 😍✨
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10 minutes ago
Cutest drummer boy ever. and hard to see but the blue violin is a cute button 😊 @just._michael @atolmann #drummerboy #proudmama
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Belmaris Figueroa
12 minutes ago
belmarisfigueroa8 Le hice una cuenta a mis niñas síganla ❤️❤️🐶🐶 @chanel0perla #instagrampets #cool #nice #proudmama
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12 minutes ago
sixfiguresunder My kids have been saving the money they earn working together in what we call the "kids' fun fund." they get money recycling bottles and cans that we pick up when we go for family hikes and walks. i also let them have the money we get from @ohmconnect for saving electricity. they've talked about using it to go to @knottsberryfarm (they love that place!) or to buy kayaks for our family. they hadn't decided on something they could all agree on, so they kept saving. at the end of november they saw the community giving tree at the library and we talked about what it was for. suddenly all the plans for fun things didn't seem so important. instead, they decided to sponsor several children for christmas. they all agreed on it (that alone is a big deal). together we shopped for the needs and wants of kids we didn't know. it was a great way to start our christmas season and #lighttheworld. #learningtogive #loveothers #peoplematter #dogood #christmasspirit #proudmama #christmasgiving #frugalblogger #budgetblogger
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15 minutes ago
arianneashley There’s nothing like showing up for your kids. 😍 christmas programs this morning. 🙌🏻🌲 #proudmama
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