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Look who is leading and teaching today #proudmama #girlspower
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Go forth! 🖤 when the spirit takes over! 🙌🏾 #nationaldaughterday#mention#proudmama#praise#worship#dancer#dancemom#heidiboo#heidisimone#rip#jesus
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i love her more than words can ever express!! couldn’t end the day without letting it be known!! #mylexib
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@evangeline.joanna in 2018:
.✔️ won trophies.
.✔️ won our hearts.
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Happy daughter’s day, olivia and kathryn! my whole world grew wider, brighter, and more beautiful than i ever imagined the day you joined our journey. my love for you is endless. i am so proud!! keep reaching for the stars! 💖🌟🐞🐞 - #proudmama #daughtersday2018 #myladybugs #motherslove
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I hang out with the coolest kids!! #tommysday #charliesadventures #proudmama
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Happy national daughter’s day to this creative, compassionate, and intelligent gem 💎. i am forever grateful that you chose me to be your mom! i love you more than you will ever know, my sweet girl. 💯❤️😘
"i hope that my daughter grows up empowered and doesn't define herself by the way she looks but by qualities that make her an intelligent, strong and responsible woman.”
~isaiah mustafa
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You must be rolling in it - youve got it made - but your social media says so! warning real life post! 😂 it’s 3.04am as i write this post. i should start by saying i am truly grateful and thankful for all that i have, for my two beautiful children, my supportive partner and their wonderful daddy, our beautiful home and for being able to do a job that i love however do not be fooled by social media!! here’s the c***k for me! im raising two small children, babies in fact single handedly monday to friday, dealing with the challenges of childcare, illnesses, raising them, caring for them, trying to be two parents to them. whilst keeping a home which is still very much under extensive renovation, building my business, having in the back of my mind daily ‘is grandma ok today’ (fuck you cancer). living off 3-4 hours sleep a night, i kid you not! example: i have a one year old currently sleeping in me having sicked up from coughing so much (she’s had this cough since she was 8 weeks, the doctor says it’s nothing 🙄) and a three year old going dry at night having leaked and needing his sheets and clothes sorting! that’s my night tonight! yes i’m very blessed to do something i love for work but please don’t think i’m rolling in it 😂 have you seen my overheads or my tax return!? big love to all parents out there raising their family whilst tackling the daily challenges life throws at us constantly. tomorrow i’ll need to find the energy to fulfil my children’s day whilst putting on a smile to the whole world. if you see me, give me a hug xx
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Happy national daughter's day to my one and only. 💗
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#nationaldaughtersday if i show her face, she would shut down the internet. love my munchkin like nothing else in this world. i gave birth to her, but she gave me new life. #proudmama #teamnatural #nappilyeverafter #sheneedsasibling
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Happy national daughters day!! so proud to be your mom kailei ray! always my person! xoxo #nationaldaughterday #oneandonlygirl #proudmama
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Annual birthday lasagna!!! homemade by mom. loved by hunter❤️❤️. made tonight to eat tomorrow cuz lasagna is always better the next day. always. #happybirthday #15 #birthdaylasagna #proudmama
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Tuesday nana time ... best day of the week! all my loves! #proudnana #proudmama #granddaughters❤️
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You are my sunshine🎶
my only sunshine 🌞
you make me the happiest 😊 everyday
i love you most 😘
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I officially have a karate kid!!!!! 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #proudmama #mykidsawesome #soproudofhim❤️ #insteadofdanielsonitsharrison #lovehim #whitebelt #kenpokarate
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My beautiful, sweet baby boy suffers from anxiety. but don't call him a girl, as he boldly told a substitute teacher, "i am not a girl. i don't know why you keep calling me one, but that's not right." #proudmama #longhairdontcare
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