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Sometimes i forget how proud i am of myself for writing and publishing this book. when i tell people i wrote a book, it’s hard not to say it sheepishly. as if it’s not a huge accomplishment that i’ve wanted since i was little. i’m still trying to learn the balance between being humble and being proud.
today i’m grateful that i have things to be proud of. what are you grateful for today?
rip this up and eat it is available on amazon at the link in my bio!
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Wearing @musclenation to the show
but this post is all about the caption
facing fears today and not your average “i’m scared of rides” fear, we are talking mental health fears, the type you can’t just decide not to go on, you can’t just walk away from, you can’t say “the ticket was only $10 just throw it away”its about mental health, anxiety’s being worried for no reason, there’s too many people, someone touched me, how many people before i get to the other side type fears, but you can always face it, it’s your mind it’s always your mind causing this again fear is not real, fear is imaginary you’re trying to predict fear in the future that you have no idea about, the truth is that person 6 meters away isn’t going to bother you, the 6000 people at the show aren’t going to bother you, if someone bumps into you it’s not a big deal they weren’t watching where they were going, remind yourself these types of things your anxiety comes from your mind your mind is in control but remind yourself your mind is also in control of turning small things into big anxiety’s and making fears about anything at any moment which means your mind is in control of lessening anxieties aswell this time last year i wouldn’t have even considered going to the show but my man @sergiosapic has helped me so much to come so far i couldn’t be more grateful for such a perfect man in my life and of course i’m so proud of myself for pushing to help myself and help myself by listening to my mans advice each and every day that i’ve had anxiety’s so thankful @sergiosapic
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Awesome feeling, maybe not the best but for the first time painting i think it went pretty good.πŸ˜ƒ #proudofmyself #firsttry #painter #carpainter #girlsbehindthegun #motivatedpainters #autobodyrepair #autobodywork #positivevibes #automotive
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I’m going to give it to you straight - you. have. to. take. care. of. yourself. first. or you will end up projecting your own anxieties, insecurities, issues, and doubts onto your loved ones. dealing with your own s**t first will make you a better wife, husband, lover, friend, parent, daughter, brother.... taking time for your self care and growth doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you smart. as the saying goes - you cannot pour from an empty cup. take this as a sign to fo something kind for yourself today. page 73 of dear mirror. link in bio!
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Merci pour tout l’amour et la bienveillance que vous m’apportez chaque jours. ♥️
encore plus hier, vous. ma famille. mes amis... je me sens tellement, tellement reconnaissante !
chaque fois, je me répète que le positif apporte du positif, comme deux aimants fait pour être ensemble ✨
je voulais vous remercier de tout les mots touchant qui me sont envoyés tous les jours. ✨
merci du fond de mon petit coeur. πŸ“· @lea.mse_
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Terakhir ya! apresiasi kepada diri sendiri 😝 #selflove
untuk diriku, jiwaku, dan ragaku, terimakasih ya! terima kasih sudah mampu bertahan selama 4 tahun di fasilkom πŸ₯Ί walaupun banyak air mata yg dikeluarkan #jiakh tapi selamat ya ternyata kamu bisa & berhasil melewati semua ini! 😒 ✨

ingat sekali masa2 down aku itu saat semester 3 - 4 sampai aku ikut test sbmptn lg krn ada masalah + ada yg jahat sm aku jd gasuka dgn lingkungan fasilkom smp bener2 nangis terus, di kelas tb2 nangis, inget bgt wkt itu lg guest lecture di aula tiba2 nangis jg lgsg ngechat mama kl udh ga tahan.. pkknya dimana2 nangis wkwk separah itu 😒, bener2 benci muak bgt waktu itu sm yg namanya fasilkom πŸ˜‚ πŸ™ƒ smp2 aku udah males bgt bergaul di fasilkom.. pulang kuliah lgsg menyendiri ke perpusat (btw thx to perpusat!! cinta bgt dah πŸ’˜), nyamperin teman2ku ke fakultas lain, ke ado, pkknya maunya jauh2 dari fasilkom aja ga betah.. huhu lebay si ya aku, tp gmn ya lingkungan itu nomor 1 sih, kalau udh ga nyaman dr awal ya jd susah aja gt buat sukanya huhu... tp bukan berarti teman2 di fasilkom semua jahat ya! haha ada yg baik2 kokk cmn ya akunya aja yg emg menutup diri karna udh males duluan hihi 😝

tapi bukan hidup namanya kalau tidak ada masa2 jatuh atau turun.. justru dr hal ini aku bisa banyak belajar dan bersyukur atas apa di dapat selama 4 tahun di fasilkom.. rencana allah itu memang luar biasa baiknya ya.., terimakasih ya allah atas segalanya, ga nyangka ternyata aku bisa lulus tepat waktu & sesuai target ku #alhamdulillahπŸ™ #proudofmyself
terimakasih aku!
now, you’re officially, nauli s.kom πŸ’πŸ’–

mua by @iminaaay (day-1) & @suciutarimakeup (day-2) terimakasih kakak2! bisaan deh make-up nya jago bgt!! aku jd cantik wkwk πŸ€ͺπŸ’›
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Drop a βœ‹if you agree.

because it's the most scary ever, learning to face yourself.

read my two books "how to unleash your true potential" and "finding the magic in you" to explore your inner wisdom and peace.

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