Chip, Bleu, & Hank 🌭
6 minutes ago
the_ween_pack Little hank was x-rayed this morning and we were told that he does not need any surgery on his pelvis (at this time at least)! he is 9 weeks post accident and he is healing well! walking, no limping, no lameness, not ouchy...doc says he should be able to return to a normal dog life again, we are going to give him some more rest for a couple more weeks just to be safe but otherwise he is good! 😄
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13 minutes ago
chiefthegermanpointer The “waiting to go outside” face . 🐶🐾☀️
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Gia And Cami
10 minutes ago
Mom throws ball. i get ball. i bring back to momma. again!
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Shrimp 🍤
18 minutes ago
shrimpbythe3c Duck, duck, geez those birds look good. 🐶🍤
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23 minutes ago
kuru_kai Help!! missing human. my mom has been mia since august 14th. she has been home a few times but only for a few days at a time, then she always manages to slip by us out the door. she is short and has brown hair. my family keeps mentioning "college" so if someone could let me know how far that town is from here, it'd be much appreciated. i'm offering a reward of 2 games of fetch!! please get her home for christmas!!
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