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I’ve got sun shine on my face..😅
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Nic jinyho v životě ti tolik štěstí nepřinese ... #purelove 💟
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No sabría que hacer sin ti... te amo ❤️‼️ #canhijo #frenchbulldog #frenchie #bulldogfrances #dog #pet #family #purelove
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Guapetón 😎
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When spirit says, "i said what i said.." and sends one of your strongest ancestors to deliver the message because you're being a whiny lil b***h and they ain't got time for you today. so i had a "fuck this s**t moment today..." and whadduhya know, not 15 mins after prayer tonight (side note: i prayed in my craft room tonight as i was mixing. those pieces are gonna be on fire..) as i was pouring my last pyramid, the lyrics to auntie's (who just happens to be my namesake) favorite gospel song came to my head. i heard her singing it along with a vision of her in that white usher suit and gloves with that tamborine in her hand in church. got my a*s right together. i mean shit. when spirit sends your ancestors,who lived with lupus for 30+ years right along with congestive heart failure, degenerative disc disease,fibromayalsia (sp), copd, and beat lung cancer but didn't close her eyes until she felt like it....uummm you get your s**t together and be who the f**k you are. #bitchimmagic #kitchenwitchin #purelove #pureenergy
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Today i am strong enough. i don’t seek to challenge the universe. i no longer ask god to make me a better person. today i am good enough. when i close my eyes tonight and leave my body whither i go i know not. should i open them to another sunrise i will remember that i am but a traveler here, a guest in this house we live in called the body. i will honor it. together we will create space for the earth as the earth has created space for us.

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“open your heart and let the warmth of the sun fill your whole body with pure light, love and softness” my yogateacher said this morning. goosebumps and tinglen all over my body. this heartconnection is so strong and powerful. it connects us with our true nature. that what we really are. pure love, pure bliss💛 🙏
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