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As nature intended
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Opportunities don't happen. you create them. - chris grosser

when your hunger and drive to succeed overpowers you to move mountains ⛰to get to where you want to go it's an awesome feeling😍. all of a sudden fear 🚫has to go! doubt 🚫has to go! lack 🚫has to go! failure 🚫has to go! in jesus name🙏! there is an untapped power ⚡within us that when it's found and activated, there's no stopping us🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️! you have to reach that level of being fed up with being fed up😫! that frustration 😠turns to an unquenchable hunger to take back what god gave us 🎁but we let go of.

to take our rightful position in god's kingdom 🙌and stand up with authority and take our spoils back👊! we will no longer be defeated in life, in family, in society, in business👊! we will be the head and not the tail🙌! above and not beneath🙌! blessed going in and blessed coming out🙌! we will be the lenders and not the borrowers🙌! someone out there needs what you have or needs to listen to what you went through📣. the obstacles you overcame to get to where you are🧗‍♀️. end this year with boldness 👊and determination! set yourself up to start 2019 on a positive 🔝note full of opportunities, blessings and adventures!

i pray 🙏we all make it! my hearts❤ desire is to spread hope and joy and the unconditional love of christ🙏➕ that helps us overcome anything!

he takes my brokenness 💔and makes me whole❤! i can do all things through christ that strengthens 💪me!

be encouraged👊! be motivated👊! be determined👊! you can change what's not working. all it takes is action.

god bless you all🙏! i'm blessed and grateful to connect with you all. i pray that my ig is somewhere you can always come to for motivation and encouragement. there's too much negativity 🚫in the world.
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I wanted to show off this incredible art by @ultraraw26. go check out their page. 🌟 🌟 🌟
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Day 74... what to do when you want more... .
it's not all in the dumps because you weren't outside your routine... a few sips don't out weight your consistent effort... get back on the wagon, you're not a machine... how ever much progress you make is still progress, slip up and all... be perfect next life, for now just keep doing what there is to do

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How could one?
without getting rxperience and knowledge, how could one be wise?
what do you think about this? 🤔
let me know.
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“not everyone believes in her and not everyone supports her, but her god goes with her and that’s what sustains her.”
- morgan harper-nichols
there will come a time when you will feel led to strive for something that maybe you haven’t been able to accomplish before or has ever been seen before by anyone else — comes marching in maybe your spouse, your mother, your best friend, someone in your circle to tell you ... it’s not possible, you’re not capable, you’re not strong nor smart enough.
you might believe you are unqualified and i’m here to tell you, that’s perfect! those around you are only limited by what they can see in the natural but our god is supernatural. he will use you in a way that is greater than you can even imagine. he uses the unqualified, the “weak” to lead the strong!
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Slow down when you feel like you’re frantically trying to do everything. allow his peace to be your pace. let him lead. you follow. the storm of stress and anxiety brings unnecessary pressure for us to hurry and rush. his peace will lead us back to the true meaning of christmas. “hurry up” and run to jesus, the author of our peace!.

“don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before god with overflowing gratitude. tell him every detail of your life, then god’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding, will make the answers known to you through jesus christ.”
philippians 4:6-7 tpt
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The « real » girl power 🙏 #goal #jenniferlopez #purpose #fitness #sport
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Crushed expectations and grief caused by an autism diagnosis is one hard thing to overcome for parents of children with autism. but in this darkest moment there is hope, light, purpose and even strength.

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Working on a few things but one this is for sure... .
conversations with my potential clients and current customers is automated so that i can focus on my business... .
18 consultations setup this morning without going back and forth with people on the phone... .
the chatbot set it all up for me! 💪🤖
want to know more?? dm me .
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Within us is
an inner guidance system,
infinite intelligence
that knows why we are here
what we are here for
who we truly are

go within
close the door of your mind
get away from the noise
be still
and listen

reconnect to intuition
take courage
follow your heart
become all that you truly want to become

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❌fear is just an illusion❌
how to confront your fears
link in bio for the full video 🎞
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