Taylor Peters
4 hours ago
peterspetsitting Look who has finally graced me with his presence! gizzy let me let him today! and he loved it! purring up a storm! #peterspetsitting #adventuresinpetsitting #catsofinstagram #catstagram #purringmachine
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Tracy Webster
18 hours ago
teaelanor Oct 19: last night with my little old lady was my last night with my little old lady. i love you so much, twiglet. ❤ rest in peace, babbu.
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Marilyn Jeanne Curtis
mrs_curtis8 He was the one who would always bite me and hiss at me when i first found him. now he is a huge snuggler and is always purring! #rescuekitty #purringmachine #socute #nevillekitty
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Liz Dougherty
liz785 Who needs heat when you have a cat 😻 #purringmachine
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Makayla Jo
2 days ago
makaylajo23 I can't believe it, but 2 hours before i took these pictures, nobody could even pick her up. such a scared little thing, but once i trimmed her nails (she had some daggers on her) and cuddled quite a bit, we both decided we like each other more than when we started. #cat #calico #calicocat #cuddle #cuddles #wildtotame #familycat #familykitty #thisismycat #shesnores #purr #purring #purringmachine #kitty
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Diesel, Daily, Diplo, Daenerys
2 days ago
devonrex4 Hello my name is diplo. in this picture i’m 4 weeks old👀 my daddy calls me #purringmachine and my mom named me after the dj #diplo because she likes his music a lot ! #cats #cats_of_instagram #catsofinstagram #catsogram #catsagram #catsofinsta #catstagram #catsofworld #petsofinstagram #pets #petstagram #devonrexcat #devonrex
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2 days ago
She always knows when i'm sad and comes and finds me. ---------------------------------------------------- i don't know how she does it. i'm not sure why. but whenever i'm upset or having a cry, she somehow knows and always appears. of our three cats she's the least friendly and most temperamental. she's the first of our cats to be a biter and doesn't mess around with play scratches, preferring to go straight to drawing blood. she's taken her time to trust us and is wary around new people. more than a few visitors have been bitten when they didn't listen to us about leaving her be. but with me she's mellowed out, possibly because she can spot a sucker when she sees one. anything she wants, i end up giving her. it's her big eyes, you just can't say no to them. but even in her grumpy years she still always made a point of sitting with me (or on me) if i was sad. she'd wait until i felt better and then would leave. it took me a while to cotton on, originally i just thought she was looking for an ear scratch or someone to give her food. but it's happened too often to be a coincidence. so for whatever reason, this grumpy, independent tabby cat has made it her mission to look after her human. and i couldn't be more grateful that she has. ---------------------------------------------------- #selfcare #sometimesyouneedacatcuddle #tohelpyoufeelbetter #mindfulness #365daysofselfcare #day38 #tabby #tabbycat #tabitha #sweetgirl #volumeup #purringmachine
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