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yaasss queen you killed it 🔥✨💛😩
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Deepika, ranveer, abhishek and aishwarya bachchan dancing at isha ambani's pre wedding party and deepika is wearing a red saree❤❤
الأزواج رانفير و ديبيكا سينغ و ايشواريا و ابهيشك باتشان بحفل ما قبل عرس ايشا أمباني و ديب لابسة ساري أحممممررررر😭😭❤❤
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Happy birthday adira ❤❤🎂
my sweet angel 😘 @yrf
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Heartless by marissa meyer
my opinion: this was such an enjoyable book. heartless is the origin story of the queen of hearts from alice in wonderland and it is chock full of magic, romance, and fairy tale fantasy. i thought that the story was incredibly well developed so that no character development was shocking or out of place. as you read, you really evolve along with catherine as she has to deal with pressures from her parents to marry the king when all she really wants is to open a bakery with her best friend. i thought that all of the elements of the original alice in wonderland story were perfectly placed and the fairy tale vibes of the book never felt forced. the book took many turns that i didn’t expect towards the end and i absolutely loved the ending. it was sad but very fitting with the flow of the story and also very satisfying. this is an odd compliment but i really appreciated the length of each chapter as well; they were short enough that my attention span didn’t fizzle out but not so short that the chapter transitions felt abrupt. the only thing i didn’t like about this book was how catherine blamed mary ann for everything that went wrong with jest and was so quick to dismiss her, even though they were “best friends.” everyone knows that it’s hoes before bros, don’t ditch your best friend for a man!!! also catherine really only started standing up to people at the very end of the book and i wish her character had shown some more gusto earlier on.
recommendation: i would recommend this to people who enjoy retellings/origin stories of classic fairy tales, as well as anyone looking for a good love story. i wouldn’t recommend this to people who don’t like lots of riddles, rhyming, and otherwise quirky fairy tale elements. it’s not like a modern retelling in our universe, it very much takes place in wonderland with all of its magic and mystery.
rating: 📚📚📚📚
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Beet, the #queenofhearts among veggies, is not a traditional ingredient in #tcm. however, after its introduction to china in the 1500s, doctors have recognized its benefits and incorporate it into a modern tcm diet. it is a great source of zinc, mg, vitamin b/c, and phytonutrients that are particularly suitable for replenishing blood and serving as antioxidants -> anti-aging, anti-cancer...
beets have warm, sweet, and fairly cold quality. almost everyone can eat beets, but i don’t recommend having it with other foods with cool/cold properties like mangosteen, which might lead to diarrhea.
one recipe for this season will be a beet, water chestnut, and sesame soup. i’ll post the recipe if anyone’s interested!
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Quando sei vittima di una dipendenza, soprattutto se non vuoi ammetterlo o se non hai nessuna intenzione di combatterla, gli affetti scivolano piano piano all'ultimo posto. il gioco d'azzardo spinge le persone a giocarsi anche ciò che non gli appartiene del tutto, come il futuro dei propri cari, che può diventare incerto. non è mai solo una questione di soldi o risparmi (che purtroppo non sono neanche mai pochi)
il primo passo è riconoscere di avere un problema. il secondo quello di cercare aiuto.
@osservatorio.fad ha creato un numero gratuito in cui poter ricevere sostegno in forma anonima: 800558822. utile anche per chi vuole aiutare qualcuno vittima di questa forma di dipendenza.
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