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Dear women,
there is a man out there that will honor you
a man that will worship your wild, soft, vulnerable self
he will go to the ends of the earth for you
he will bathe you
kiss your wounds
but this man can only enter your field if you can do this for yourself
if you can go to the ends of the earth for you
bathe you
kiss your own wounds
there is a man that will hold you as you primally scream, cry and rage
...and will love every moment of it
he will take your tears and send them to the river to pray
he will take your anger and offer it back to the earth to transform into love
he will smile with grace and ease as you run n***d and free
this man is here. this man is awake and ready to serve you.
but mama, you must serve yourself and love every ounce of your being in order for him to enter your field.
as this man is a real, rooted, primal man, and he is not here to heal you...as that is your job..
he holds you as you recognize your own shadows…and do the work for yourself
he does not give in to your manipulation or emasculating tactics
as he understands that is coming from control and fear within yourself...a fear of not being seen/heard/loved…
but mama you are love. you are loved. and you don’t need a man to tell you this...and that is why he loves you..
as you recognize that you are magic, you are divine, you recognize your gift and power….that is why he is here...to protect that, to serve that...to amplify that….
but mama, you must claim your full self first in order to call this divine union in.
i am creating an epic video course for “claim your queendom” i want as many women to take this course...as it is packed full with powerful content that i have been channeling and collecting for a long a*s time...one of my major topics in this course is calling in your divine partner….yes.
also…..sign-up to join my tribe of queens...i send you incredible transmissions and codes every week in audio/video format...i want to see you rise sister, and feel your potent magic!!
link in bio mama loves :) join the tribe of queens! πŸ™‡πŸ»‍♀️
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As we bring our light into the collective wounds...we bring s**t up to be seen...stories to be heard...
and we have the choice to choose what serves and what does not...
this is not an easy task...
but a necessary one for our human evolution.
it’s why i’m so adamant about it...but than again super compassionate..as i get it.
just know, you are blessed with the sacred temple and have the ability to birth heaven on earth...to bring balance of the feminine and masculine qualities within you...
to empower all beings and yourself into a world of peace.
but first, we must clear the old programs...and return back to the path that has always been here. the eden, the paradise of earth that is our body...rejoicing and remembering our sacred gift of life. .
it’s not a foreign concept...it’s literally in our faces screaming all the time we’ve just been tuned to a program of fear and dominion...but we are waking up....we are remembering the love and light in which we are.
keep doing the work. you’re doing wonderfully β€οΈπŸ’―
for my beloved sisters in my “claim your queendom” program we work one on one to access these old codes and work on releasing them...returning back to your original authentic essence of perfection πŸ™β€οΈπŸ’‹
apply now, link in bio.
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A fiery goddess is rising...
for far too long she has been chained up to restraint her power
a power that has been held back for centuries
patiently, quietly she has been restoring her precious vessel and claiming her divine power
with her whole body open and ready, she has broken through the chains, flying free,
she knows how to claim what is rightfully hers and has no fear in doing so
she embodies truth, love, passion
if you stand near her, you may start to feel old parts of yourself that no longer serve your highest form
slowing peeling away..
and this may terrify you for it is all you have ever known…
old stories, old paradigms, old belief systems cracking and crumbling
a foundation that has been built for centuries is now falling...
and you can feel it
she knows you can feel it

she does not say sorry for shining bright
and allows herself to be expressed
she was born into beauty
her body is her temple
a place of worship
not a place to be hidden and covered up
sacredness, sanctity of expression, freedom, worship
not hiding behind closed doors where no eyes can gaze
for that is where the darkness dwells
where over fantasizing and unhealthy idolization breeds
when women step up to claim their body and power
all of humanity bows to her essence.
when she comes home, we come home.
when she honors herself, we honor her.

there is no time to stay small, no time to dwell in old patterns
allow the shift to happen
and step up
claim your power
own it
allow the passion to ignite within your soul
witness your blocks and know these are tools for your strength
all these “things” happening to you are here to serve you
to show you the option of strength or suffering
which will you choose?
ladies if you are feeling the call to step in and reclaim your soverign gifts my “claim your queendom” program is for you...together we dive deep to see what holds back your shine...releasing and letting go of old stories so we can anchor in and call forth our authentic essence….apply now...link in bio...
love you mamas
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If a person can experience space, then their true nature will arise spontaneously…
during my awakening process…
i was moving through so much...to name a few...identity crisis...lack of self love/worth...security issues..
it was really tough…
and as i did this...i started to awaken the wild, creative goddess deep within me…
i would hear her voice and it seemed separate from mine...because i was so disconnected...i was actually afraid of her..because she was so real and so powerful...like d**n girl who this be?! this is me??!
i just had so many layers of societal and family s**t blanketed on my shine..
i thought i was doing “the work” for the past 5 years but nah i was actually what they call spiritually bypassing...which a lot of spiritual practices do…
they don’t dive into what needs to be seen...we actually run the opposite direction and pray to jah that he’ll take it away..nope.
if you really inspire to be transformed, to be a light unto yourself, then the first step is to completely immerse yourself in this quest…
if you want to do it you have to do it fully not half-assed.
only at full intensity can you transmute from ordinary to extraordinary
if you feel miserable stay with it. experience it fully.
do not escape in any way...as you are denying yourself a truth. simply be with it, be grateful for it no matter what occurs.
stay neutral, with a meditative mind…
in staying with the feeling and intensity with no judgement, the sensation will spread...allow it to run through you..like a cleansing wildfire.
when you accept the pain and suffering with no judgement on what it is, in humility and with patience, the energy instantly begins to transform.
whenever anything is total it transforms into its opposite...your suffering becomes your portal of initiation...your blessing, your doorway to your heart's desires….
this is where true transformation occurs...dying into the moment...into the feeling...allowing it to consume you…
you are the creator of your experience..you have the ability to transform, shed and recreate your self :)
ready to dive in and do the work?….”claim your queendom” mentorship program is for you boo. check out the link in bio!
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When i say “claim your queendom” what does that mean?
to simplify it...it means to claim and honor one's sacred essence, sovereignty, magic, creative flow, unique soul imprint.
it means to claim and recognize the true voice within that beckons you to listen….
the voice that feels like home…
it means to recognize your inner knowing, and having the confidence to step into it…
it means moving out of the path we were told to be in and choosing to walk in your flow, unashamedly.
it means looking at yourself in the mirror and choosing to love yourself
it means recognizing the said “flaws” and saying to ourselves…”mama, i recognize that i have wounds of abandonment and betrayal, but i choose to love myself”
it means picking ourselves up from the curb where we were left at and saying…”i got this. i am a badass queen, and i deserve to be treated with respect, honor and dignity”.
it is choosing to forgive others and ourselves for the disrespect, as we understand that is coming from a place of wounding…
it is recognizing the wounds and choosing to empower ourselves to where we want to be.
it is empowering ourselves to release when we need to release...to ask for help when we need help...
it is a moment to moment dedication to honoring and loving yourself.
understanding that you are whole. perfect. divine.
understanding that being a woman who steps in and claims herself...is a gift to the world...is a changemaker...inspirational light to us all...a force of creation that has the ability to make waves...
there are more and more women stepping up and reclaiming their gifts…
are you ready to claim yours?
mentorship program opening for september...those sisters that are interested...this is a life-changing opportunity...apply now at jaclynnmoon.com…link in the bio queens...
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What does it take to claim your queendom? (1/3)

it takes looking at the baggage of whatever weighs you down, whether that be stories of what your parents or society told you...yea we go there...because your authentic queen self has her own unique vibration...and it is up to you to bring her to the world.

it means letting go of the victim mentality….
yep. you are the master creator of your stories and beliefs...so that story you have of “there are no men out there that see me” or “i am not safe to be in my powerful queen self” or “i’m afraid of sharing my full self”... you are absolutely right… because that is the story you believe.
do you wanna let go of that story and maybe create a new one that best serves you?
maybe “i attract a man that will see me, hear me, feel me and honor me in the highest loving way, “ it is safe for me to be in my powerful queen self” “i am excited to share my full self” ...because yessss you can.
do you want to vibrate at the level to receive that?
it first takes you stepping into your empowered queen self…
letting go of the sassy, victim-mentality, poor me saga princess…
im sorryy...it is just not serving you...you may think it is...but girl, it aint. .
i may be coming off as a savage queen ( which i am..) i am absolutely empowered in my fiercely loving queen self...and i am here to empower you to do the same.
i won’t allow you to fall back asleep in your limited ways…
i won’t allow you to think less of who you are
i won’t allow you to think you are not worthy.

i am here to give you the tools to awaken your full potential, are you ready to claim your queendom?
are you ready to soak in your magic? do you believe you can?
i am taking on clients for september for my 7-week mentorship program “claim your queendom” ( this is a 1 on 1 mentorship, we work hand in hand together…) all my clients have leveled up incredibly after working with me...as it is literally my life's purpose to awaken your full potential.
apply now at jaclynnmoon.com….link in bio…”claim your queendom”
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I love you girl πŸ‘ΈπŸ½πŸ’―β€οΈ no matter what happens, i’ll be two steps behind every trip’ πŸ€˜πŸΌβ™ŠοΈ keep your head up beautiful πŸ™ŒπŸΌ @mariamaria_1712 #bossbehavior #queensruntheworld
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Born and raised in the states, i was raised and surrounded by many strong women in my family. i grew up with more aunts than uncles, more girl cousins than boys, and have a younger sister. my family held up with many strong women. when i finally made my way to laos to meet my family that i have never met before, it was no different. i have realized that these women before me, carry such a soft and kind heart and yet are strong and fierce to not back down. i am blessed to be a part of this family, because i am learning what it means to be a women in this world. i am grateful i got an opportunity to meet these beautiful women and can’t wait for more future travels to laos. *********
p.s. that’s my mother on the far right if you haven’t noticed. •

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Another slay of a day #killingit. come see us this weekend for great coffee and ok conversation #queensruntheworld
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This is what happens when your a queen.... and when you’re a tall beautiful woman... but mainly when ur a queen... πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ˜ #queensruntheworld #tallisbeautiful #walkinggoddess #msbri ❀️
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“b e c a r e f u l of m e”
all this time i thought you was the ultimate prize possession, when it was actually me all along ! πŸ‘‘
#irunthis #queensruntheworld i’m having a ‘fix my crown’ moment! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ #chinup @prettylittlething

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It’s a queen thing, they don’t understand @caliwalton πŸ‘ΈπŸ½πŸ‘ΈπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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Hit like if you’re a queen that runs your kingdom like a well oiled machine. πŸ‘ΈπŸΎπŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸ½ #kingdomlife #momsofinstagram #queensarestrong #whatsakingwithoutaqueen #queensland #queensupliftingqueens #queensruntheworld
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πŸ‘ΈπŸ½’s...if no one has told you today how beautiful😍 you are, & how captivating your smile is 😯hopefully, this helps add a little magic to ur dayπŸ’«βœ¨ #richcrew🐊 #weafamily🀝🌹 #queensruntheworld #lyrisist #lyrics
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Queens run the world.... not feeling very queen like after last weekend.. wrecked would be an under statement.
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