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This is my story. this is my song. praising my savior all the day long. it didn't take 8 months to achieve these results. it took about two weeks. and limelight is not my savior 😂 but i do have to give credit where credit is due. this is why i "jumped on the limelight bandwagon". it's a pretty great wagon. might you agree? and it's not going to break the bank. ❤️ let me know if you're ready to give limelight a go. i would love to help you achieve your best skin. #limelightbyalcone #beforeandafter #allnaturalskincare #quenchtherapistcollection #onedropwonder #skinpolish #skintherapist #quenchcleanse #itworks #parabenfree #leapingbunnycertified #beautifulskin #ifeelpretty #thatssofem #holycow #limelight
1 28 August 2017
These three products are a must have for these hot summer months. hydrate your face all summer long!!! my goal is to get this grid crossed off this week!! you can buy these products individually, and a duo with the quench cleanse and skin therapist or as a trio!! get yours now so your skin will stay looking fresh :). #limelightbyalcone #usewhattheprosuse #skinpolish #quenchcleanse #skintherapist #quenchtherapistcollection
0 5 June 2017
Our skin care collections are amazing 😍 save by purchasing the products together for your daily routine! #limelightbyalcone #skincare #dreambalmcollection #quenchtherapistcollection #gracefulbeautywithmeg
0 3 January 2017
Thank goodness for amazing skin care that helps me look younger than my actual age 😘 #quenchtherapistcollection is my jam! #fortytwoyearsyoung #allnatural #drytomatureskin #hydrating #cerifiedorganic #limelight
2 10 June 2017
Quench therapist collection! everything you need to keep your face in tip top winter shape. via @riplapp
1 1 October 2017
This!!!! this is why i know i'm with the right company! limelight by alcone's skincare is untouchable...why haven't you tried it yet? message me and i can help you get the right regimen for your skin type ♥️♥️♥️♥️ . . . . . #skincareregimen #skincare #skincarelovers #chemicalfree #crueltyfree #theproofisintheproduct #makeupartist #skincareroutine #facecare #limelightbyalcone #dreambalmcollection #quenchtherapistcollection #limelifer
2 18 3 days ago
Waking up to snow and realizing that winter is still here despite the amazing weather we have had lately. which means i still need extra hydration for my skin. the quench therapist collection is a great combination of products for dry or aging skin. its ingredients are focused on hydrating and balancing the skin, as well as calming some common issues that arise with aging, sun damage, and troubled skin. #quenchtherapistcollection #quenchcleanse #skintherapist #skinpolish #combatwinterdryness #hydrate #repair #makeupfree #feelingfree #naturalskincare #organicingredients #makeupbyroxanne
2 22 March 2017
I ❤❤❤❤ our skin polish. i am actually a little obsessed with it! my skin is extremely dry and the quench therapist collection skin care that includes this mask is the only thing that i have ever found to hydrate my skin. i have been using it since november 5th (plus have shared with customers until i got samples) and still have product left for several more masks. that is serious b**g for your buck right there! #limelightbyalcone #usewhattheprosuse #quenchtherapistcollection #quenchyourskin #hydrate #skin #skincare #skinpolish #newskin #bangforyourbuck
0 10 January 2017
Ain't nuthin' like a #facemask paaaaarty 🎉🎉 so my good pal recently sent me some #samples to try from #limelightbyalcone - a company i had previously never heard of. i was a little skeptical, only because i wasn't familiar with the company and it's, you know, my face (which can be #sensitive and #crabby about anything new). 😬😉 buuuuut, the #skinpolish mask was amaaaazing. i used to use masks alllllll the time, and i have no idea why the heck i ever stopped?! i am so excited for my order to come!! #quenchtherapistcollection #masqueofzen and #onedropwonder - i honestly don't even know much about one drop wonder...other than i have to have it. 😍😆💃 thank you jackie @three11fan for introducing me to this company and their products! check out her site and the products! dreamlandglam.com and, maybe even more importantly, the #ingredients which i was sold on. bonus: they smell freakin' incredible. seriously. and since i'm an #instantgratification kinda girl, if anyone needs me, i'll be maskin' away with other samples and packets until my limelight box comes! 😉😜 #skincare #treatyoself #worthit #supporteachother 💛 @limelightalcone @alconeco @three11fan dreamlandglam.com
2 28 February 2017
This!!!! this is why i know i'm with the right company! limelight by alcone's skincare is untouchable...why haven't you tried it yet? message me and i can help you get the right regimen for your skin type ♥️♥️♥️♥️ . . . . . #skincareregimen #skincare #skincarelovers #chemicalfree #crueltyfree #theproofisintheproduct #makeupartist #skincareroutine #facecare #limelightbyalcone #dreambalmcollection #quenchtherapistcollection #limelifer
2 18 3 days ago


Jana O. Lead Beauty Guide
Wow! this is what happens when you get rid of those nasty chemicals in your skin care. take care of your skin! #quenchtherapistcollection
1 27 last month


These four products will b**w you away! #quenchtherapistcollection #onedropwonder #limelightbyalcone #gamechanger #cantlivewithout❤️
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Lauralee Eldridge
Not letting this #winter weather get the best of my #skin! keeping that healthy #glow all season long! #quenchtherapistcollection #quenchcleanse #skinpolish #skintherapist #onedropwonder #hydrate #exfoliate #nourish #heal #natural #noharshchemicals
0 12 last month
With winter coming up, everyone needs great skincare that will work to hydrate your face. the #quenchtherapistcollection will be your best friend! shop now and save your skin from dehydration 🌿🌿 link in bio - - -#skincare #winterblues #dryskin #limelightbyalcone #takecareofyourskin #quenchtherapistcollection #plantbased #organic #crueltyfree
0 1 December 2017
✨product of the day✨ quench cleanse facial cleanser - comment or message me for more information and free samples - perfect for dry and mature skin, but works for any skin type - natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, rosemary, ginseng, and rosewater help to increase circulation and hydrate and restore skin - has the added benefit of having a lovely, light, fresh scent - will leave your face feeling soft and refreshed - get the quench therapist collection to save some big bucks and double up on hydration #quenchcleanse #quenchtherapistcollection #facewash #organic #crueltyfreeskincare #goodforyourskin #treatyoself
0 8 November 2017
For the winter months, this is one of the best collections you can get! all of these products are catered to normal or dry skin and the one drop wonder is the extra added boost everyone’s skin needs❤️ - taking care of your skin is important. why not start a new regimen today that is cruelty and chemical free but most of all it works 😉 - message me for any questions - - - link in bio
1 0 November 2017


Melisa Catron - Limelight
Quench therapist collection! everything you need to keep your face in tip top winter shape. via @riplapp
1 1 October 2017


Sheena Holcombe Covington
Doesn’t it feel amazing outside today? have you thought about how this cooler weather may affect your skin? your skin care regimen not only depends on your skin type, but also the time of year. our quench therapist collection is perfect for the cool months because it hydrates, restores and replenishes. complete with a cleanser, mask and moisturizer, this collection will leave your skin feeling so soft and ready for the fall and winter months! #limelightbyalcone #allnaturalskincare #effectiveskincare #quenchtherapistcollection #ihavesamples #messagemefordetails https://www.limelightbyalcone.com/sheenacovington/party/86868
0 7 October 2017


Lisa Hackett
Don't have a lot of time in your mornings? need a 10 minute skincare and make up routine that is quick but effective? i did a very simple and easy one yesterday morning and thought i would share! *first pic - used the mask right after cleansing. *middle pic - after my skin care products before make up - must dew was my last one with a nice oil booster/glow. *last pic - after applying my make up and quickly! skin care: 💫 quench cleanser 💫 skin polish face mask (only use 1-2x per week) 💫 skin therapist moisturizer 💫 must dew oil booster - smells like a spa! 😍 make up: 💫 primer spray 💫 shinto ii botanical foundation 💫 concealers 2 & 4 💫 finishing powder 💫 blush - keen #4 💫 perfect eyeshadows - #2 peachy gleam & #41 pastel me about it (very light and gives the right amount of coverage) 💫 perfect mascara 💫 10 years younger finishing spray 💫 nude lipliner #1 & peace lip gloss looks like a lot but it is quick, easy and a very neutral look if you don't want "a lot". 💖 reach out if you want an easy look too! the best part - you can get the quench therapist collection for $78 (quench cleanser, skin therapist moisturizer and skin polish mask) and the must dew for $28 (all 4 pictured below from my bathroom) which is only $106!! where can you get an amazing skin care collection for just around $100? one that is effective and works all while leaving your skin so extremely soft!! 🙌🏼 #limelightbyalcone #affordablebeautyproducts #quenchtherapistcollection #mustdewfaceoil #professionalgrademakeup #shoplinkinbio👆🏼
0 3 October 2017


Brianna Richardson Thompson
Who’s skin changes when the weather changes? 🙋🏻🙋🏻 i have combination skin mainly because when it’s cold my skin is dry and patch. then when it’s hot i’m super oily. so as the weather is changing i switch my cleaner and moisturizer to match my skin care needs. and now my face isn’t dry or patchy anymore it’s actually normal. quench cleanse is a life saver for dry skin. especially if your skin is dying for moisture and hydration. in the picture above i’ve attached some before and after of peoples results using the quench therapist collection💜💜 #limelightbyalcone #quenchcleanse #drytonormalskin #miracleinabottle #quenchtherapistcollection
0 7 October 2017
Let's be honest, most of us don't take care of our skin when we're young. sun, environmental damage, poor diet, bad habits, and time all take their toll. there are a lot of anti aging products out there these days. but they come at a high price and are full of cancer causing chemicals. not with limelight. whether you're trying to reverse damage that's already been done or prevent further damage to skin, these 2 collections are up to the task. they are completely chemical free and all natural, full of healing and rejuvenating plant based ingredients. and considering their effectiveness they are incredibly affordable. i'm 34 and i already use both of these collections in my regular skincare routine and have noticed a major difference in the health of my skin. but check out these ladies' amazing results. this isn't about trying to look younger. this is about having healthy and radiant skin at any age. i have samples of all of these but the one drop wonder, let me know if you'd like to try them. #limelightbyalcone #beautyguide #everydaybeautywithashley #chemicalfreeskincare #allnaturalskincare #parabenfree #crueltyfree #antiaging #quenchtherapistcollection #onedropwonder #sotoks
0 8 October 2017


Elissa Anderson
1 15 September 2017


Here's all the details!! #usewhattheprosuse complexion morning: #quenchtherapistcollection evening: #dreamclean, #skintherapist, #onedropwonder. face: concealer 02 under eyes concealer 0 highlight ivory #botanicalfoundation cheeks: #perfectpressedpowder #perfectblushpossible eyes pastel me about it taupe for the best #perfectmascara lips #signaturelipglossfaith all products are #limelightbyalcone alcone and can be purchased at ginaedmond.com. thank you!
0 4 September 2017
2 15 September 2017


Danielle Sarah
Quench your skin with our quench therapist collection featuring our quench cleanse face cleanser, skin therapist moisturizer and skin polish exfoliating mask. each one of these products is essential for healthy, moisturized, refreshed skin. this is a great combination of products for dry or aging skin. it will hydrate and balance your skin, as well as calm your skin(oatmeal) and also help replenish sun damaged and troubled skin. remember cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate. #3stepsystem #ifyouhaveskinthisisforyou #allnatural #madeinusa #limelightbyalcone #quenchtherapistcollection #easynaturalskincare www.limelightbyalcone.com/daniellesarah/party/68821
0 0 August 2017