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When you try and enjoy the scenery but you hear the word treat 😛
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Party bun🎉
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Cuddles 🥰
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When it’s monday again and you try to figure out how to quit your job and still afford bananas.
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It’s that special day of the week for cuteness 😛!!! #tongueouttuesday #tot
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Me on a monday morning...
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It was hard to find a photo to go with the news i want to share, but maybe this one works? (you can be the judge 😂). after over a year of doing physical therapy on my hip, it has been confirmed that i need surgery to fix it. i have hip dysplasia, hip impingement, and a labral tear. yup, 27 and i need major hip surgery, isn't that fun?! i've had discomfit in my hip as long as i could remember (probably due to the hip dysplasia) but what made it worse is when i tore my muscle about a year ago running. i'm in constant pain and walk with a slight limp. even though i'm terrified of going under the knife, i know it will improve my quality of life and help me go back to the level of activity i want to do again. if left untreated, i could develop severe arthritis and possibly need a hip replacement. this surgery is not a hip replacement, thank jebus.
i'm still coming to terms with the fact that i need surgery and i'm meeting with my surgeon early next month to talk about the procedure and more than likely will schedule the surgery. i feel in my heart that i'm not mentally ready to have the surgery this year, but we'll see what happens. i'll be stuck at home for at least 2-3 months and that means oreo and ginger will have to be my caretakers 😂.
the reason i wanted to share this with you all is because oreo and now ginger have played a huge role in helping my anxiety and fears about the surgery. its almost like they know i'm feeling off and are very loving and comforting towards me (not that they weren't before, it just feels like its more you know?). animals are so pure and fantastic and really have a way of making everything feel okay. i'm sure i'll look as defeated as oreo does in this photo after the procedure. he legit is my spirit animal.
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