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Review of @vividmdskincare products.•

▪️vivid md skincare contains high doses of vitamin c, e & a, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, anti-aging peptides and green tea. their products are targeted at repairing and renewing damaged skin. all free from dyes, perfume, artificial preservatives and the packaging is 100% recyclable.•

▪️satin cleanser - i love this product! it so gentle, originally targeted at patients receiving cancer treatments. it feels buttery but light, i’m not going to lie, i didn’t think this would remove makeup well, but it came through in a big way. it’s removes everything, including waterproof makeup without stripping the skin and actually hydrates! and it smells naturally lovely. suitable for all skin types.•

▪️purifying whipped cleanser - now this i didn’t expect to like, but this has pipped the satin cleanser to the top spot. formulated with aloe vera gel and herb extracts, and antibacterial properties. it penetrates the pores and has an enjoyable cooling sensation on the skin. the texture of this i’ve never experienced before, it’s a whipped balm, which lathers slightly and really deep cleans without being harsh. the scent smells medicinal and earthy. another thing i love about this is that it doubles as a shaving cream for everywhere. fabulous.•

▪️perfection c - is jam packed with vitamins a, c and e each one being in a 10% potency. this is gentle and can be used on the eyes and lip area. it’s a nice product, but feels very dimethicone rich, which sometimes is too much for me. however, this creates an awesome primer for makeup. out of all four products this was my least favourite. it does brighten the skin, i didn’t notice any firming properties.•

▪️balancing moisture cream - is a lovely lightweight formula, that can be used with all skin types. this contains vitamins a,c,e, jasmine and peptides. it’s a lovely texture and isn’t enough for winter skin, this will shine in the summer months for sure. it also smoothes and makes skin matte. truly lovely with a great medicinal scent.•

▪️overall i enjoyed all of the products and i would recommend them. the cleansers are my top favourites. have you tried these? let me know.
6 66 March 2018


Review of @kathysueanns nourishing eye stick.•

▪️what they say: “the skin around the eyes is more fragile, more prone to dryness and quicker to show age and fatigue, this nourishing eye balm addresses all these problems.

made with ingredients which have been specially selected to minimise the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles by moisturising and maintaining the suppleness around the eyes”.•

▪️price/packaging: £8 in a super easy peasy stick.•
▪️ingredients: organic  virgin coconut oil, wheatgerm oil, carrot seed oil, lavender oil, frankincense oil, organic jojoba oil, organic rosehip oil, organic beeswax.•

▪️claims: this eye balm will help keep the skin around your eyes smooth, bright and fresh.•

▪️my thoughts: i absolutely adore this incredible stick! i have searched high and low for an eye treatment that hydrates and locks in moisture, i have always failed, until now. after talking with @dirtyboysgetclean about contact dermatitis on our eyes and what he used on his, i found this stick as it was similar to the balms he had used (jordan samuel). i stumbled across a post on this stick by @kathysueanns and asked her if she thought it would do what i needed, she said it would and she wasn’t wrong.
my dry eye lids disappeared in roughly 2 days. it’s the only product that provides moisture to my eyes. it doesn’t alter the performance of my eyeshadows, at night i sometimes layer it as a night eye mask. it never migrates, it has never gone in my eyes and never any irritation! it delivers on every claim.•

▪️repurchase/recommend?: yes and yes, this truly is a magical eye treatment, would suit everyone as long as you don’t have any issues with the ingredients. it took me approximately 10 years to find the perfect eye treatment and i will purchase this forever!!!! @kathysueanns is lovely, any questions you have are answered and i love that from a brand. try it and you will love.•
(info taken from kathy sue-ann’s website: www.kathysueanns.co.uk)•
16 130 March 2018


Vitamin b with copper tripeptide @alphahskincare review.•

alpha h is an australian brand that has decades of experience, led by a woman who knows what skin wants. one of my favourite things about this brand is that specific concerns can be targeted for all skin types.•
what it is: “alpha-h’s vitamin b serum is a potent vitamin serum fortified with niacinamide and copper tripeptide to take on daily environmental elements and helps prevent the appearance of premature ageing. this supercharged serum also contains powerful natural antioxidant chia to assist in plumping and hydrating the skin and ferulic acid to help diminish the appearance of uneven skin tone.”
cruelty free and vegan.•
the serum itself is a super thin texture that is almost water like with a green hue. it’s a true “wet” serum that penetrates the skin quickly. it has the faintest scent of the ingredients themselves, it isn’t offensive or loud and dissipates as soon as detected.•
price: £47.00 for 50ml in sturdy packaging with a dropper. i purchased this in november last year and have a 3rd left with daily use and sometimes twice daily.•
my thoughts: i absolutely adore this serum! it’s so light and does wonders for my skin. i use this after my toner and essence. i have found it has evened out my skin tone, speeded healing (i’m a picker🤦‍♀️), increased much needed hydration and held onto it, plumped my skin, brightened, increased the elasticity and strengthened my skins barrier. when i don’t use it, i know about it and miss it, my skin now craves this!•
would i recommend/repurchase?: hell yes! this product would be perfect for anyone who doesn’t have an allergy to the ingredients. it does it all. i’m going to repurchase this right now so i’m not without it. it’s true love.•

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7 153 March 2018


This is a p*t of nourishing goodness.•

nourishing cleanser - @janescrivnerskincare

i fall more in love with this every time i use it. the sunshine colour makes me happy every time i open it to.•

the nourishing cleanser destroys makeup, deeply cleanses and hydrates like a boss! i never thought that a balm would clear out my pores like this. it purges them with zero effort.•

it melts into the skin and feels like silk, i imagine it scooping out the daily grime for my pores. i can use this on my eyes without having that horrible cloudy eye experience. i do use this as a 1st cleanse but i love it as a 2nd cleanse more, i savour every moment of massaging this all over my skin. i also use this as a hydrating mask, i use this when my skin feels unhappy and needs moisture, to soothe and quite literally nourish.•

i love love love to use this as a last step in my routine, it locks everything thing that i have used prior to this step. it’s not clogging to wear overnight, it’s balances my skin by using jojoba oil, beeswax and 9 essential oils.•

it is pure heaven, it has deserved every award it has received and more. any skin type can use as long as you don’t have issues with the ingredients.•

it’s a dream product, and one i look forward to each time i reach for it. everyone, dive in and get lost in it. it’s so worth it.•

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9 105 February 2018


The after show treatment cleanser by @jordansamuelskin .•

▪️i am infatuated by this beautiful gel to oil cleanser. i knew it was true love the moment i squeezed some on the back of my hand. •
▪️i love the incredibly subtle smell, that carries that hint of freshness that soothes your senses. i was also struck by how beautiful this gel looks, the differing sizes of tiny air bubbles make it all the more appealing.•

▪️this cleanser scavenges every scrap of makeup/grime on your face. for me personally, it’s too nice to use to remove makeup. i use it for my second cleanse, sometimes make a mask out of it or use it for my morning cleanse. my ultimate favourite combo is the @niod lvce followed by this.•

▪️this beauty contains olive, jojoba & grape seed oil as well as sugarcane, apple and willow bark extract. it lightly exfoliates and intensely hydrates my skin.•

▪️this truly is a stunning product that i’m so mad it took me so long to get. it’s worth the hype and so much more. i can’t say enough great things about it. the love is real.•
▪️i knew i would love his products after i did my js x js (@jordansamuelskin & @janescrivnerskincare ) series after seeing their youtube collab (approx 8/9 months ago) talking about their favourite ingredients (if you haven’t seen it, watch it!!!). both spectacularly awesome! ♥️

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5 99 February 2018


#raeraereviews avène hydrance intense serum.•

▪️this serum claims to give 24 hours of hydration while soothing and softening sensitive/reactive skin.•

▪️it is a lightweight gel cream that has a good amount of slip thanks to the cyclomethicone and dimethicone. it contains patented active ingredients that help water reserves below the skin surface and help the surface skin keep hold of it.

▪️hydrance intense contains several humectants, fatty alcohol, phospholipids and sodium dna to give the hydration dehydrated skin needs.

▪️that’s where the good ends for me. the amount of alcohol and perfume (has a baby scent to me) is overpowering and burns my skin especially when this goes anywhere near my temples. i don’t know how sensitive skin doesn’t react to this (i don’t class my skin as particularly sensitive!). it also has a hefty amount of isoparaffin. •
▪️for me, this “intensive serum” doesn’t hydrate my skin, it smells like baby powder. it is supposed to amplify products that follow this serum, i can’t say it does that. the fact that this serum is 77% thermal spring water, i already have the spring water mist that i love and i get better results using the mist followed by a hyaluronic rich serum and doesn’t cause any irritation. i don’t miss this serum, i don’t even think about it. the aim of this serum is to hydrate, this falls short, incredibly short.
i know my opinion is in the minority as people obsess over this, but that’s ok. it simply didn’t work for me. i would not repurchase this or recommend it.•

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10 117 January 2018


#raeraereviews & #1empty1newbie
▪️these two fabulous products from the amazing monkeys @deciem from the chemistry brand line i will purchase over and over and over and over again! ♥️•
▪️retin-oil - this has transformed my skin! my skin has never felt so healthy, hydrated and happy! it’s a miracle in a bottle. i wish it came in a bigger bottle, as i can get through this pretty quickly. it has reduced stretch marks, improved skin tone and texture, while hydrating and giving my skin elasticity and have zero dry areas now, elbows, knees, toes, hands etc are all the better for this gem in a 100ml bottle. please @deciem make this bigger and i will love you more than i already do! 🙏.•

▪️big tub of hyaluronic acid - this is exactly what the label says it is! this super light texture can be deceiving, as when i first applied it, i didn’t feel like it did anything but boy, was i wrong after a week of using it my skin didn’t have any dry patches and was plump. i haven’t experienced happy skin in years! from over 10 years of working in hospital environments, it literally zapped the life right out of my skin! this reversed it in 2 weeks. it’s incredible in the summer as it’s light and has a cooling effect! in the winter months we are in now i apply the retin-oil followed by this and my skin is in heaven!•

▪️incredible job you fabulous monkeys! is there anything you guys can’t do?! i remember discovering @deciem years ago when i fell in love with their hand cream and have been a loyal lover since that day! 🐒♥️🐒♥️🐒.•

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12 149 January 2018


The best first cleanse ever?! f**k yes!
▪️this is the low viscosity cleaning ester like no other from the incredible @deciem @niod.
▪️it’s pure magic in a bottle. i am astonished by how effective this is! seriously shook! this is a ‘cleaning system’ that loves and respects dermal barriers using isolated sugar and avocado esters. •
▪️the key players - ▫️fatty alcohol ethylhexanoic acid ester - an emollient ester that dissolves silicones, oils, pigments, the whole 9!•
▫️isoamyl alcohol lauric acid ester - breaks down persistent forms of uv filters which are incredibly difficult to detach from skin.•
▫️catalyzed avocado butyl alcohol ester - this is a patented ester, that has the almighty capability of cleaning skin instantly of hydrophobic substances while balancing the skin.•
▫️gallic acid ester - cleaning ester and potent antioxidant that adheres to the tissue and offers antioxidant protection daily.•
▪️i have never used a cleanser that melts everything off without effort, it’s insane. it doesn’t cloud my vision, and removes every speck of eye makeup including waterproof and lash glue! i’m lost for words how incredible this is! everyone needs this stat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!•

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23 82 January 2018


sana nameraka - isoflavanones milky lotion.• ▪️what is it? - isoflavanones is in the category of phytoestrogens that are plant derived, mainly from soy if my memory serves. this means it exhibits estrogen like properties that help maintain skin texture, integrity, prevent wrinkles, stimulate hyaluronic acid and collagen.
it is an antioxidant that protects against photo damage, reduces age spots, lightens and brightens skin. isoflavanones are a controversial topic that i’m not going to delve into, it sort of falls in the egf controversy.• ▪️i love how light and moisturising this lotion is, i’ve been using it for several weeks and it has increased my hydration levels ten fold. it has brightened my skin, reduced scars and has plumped as well as define my facial contours. my fine lines appear less defined which i think is a result of my skin being less dehydrated! ▪️i purchased this from amazon for £10.99 for 150ml. this packaging is a flip top that you squeeze the bottle and easily regulate the amount. ▪️the lotion has a thin silky smooth consistency with good slip. my face eats this up, there is no tacky/sticky feeling, no sheen and no noticeable scent to me. it plays very well with others! ▪️it’s a product that i am really enjoying and it has amplified my routine. at this point i would repurchase. i would not recommend this product due to the “for and against” of isoflavanones, however, if your in the know about it and want to give it a whirl i would highly recommend it to you. •

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6 104 January 2018


#1empty1newbie ➰i fell in love with the christophe robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt after first use. it feels incredible on the scalp and is invigorating to boot. it gives a deep clean without stripping your scalp and hair of goodness while giving moisture and these rarely go hand in hand! this has encouraged my hair to grow as it clears your hair follicle.
i enjoyed the entire tub and i’m sad to see it go.
the newbie is the body shop fuji green tea cleansing hair scrub. i’ve used this a few times and it’s also fabulous, it contains menthol so you get a lovely cooling effect. also contains honey for extra nourishment, i have high hopes for this one too! •

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6 104 January 2018


First impressions of the @rodial super acids sleep serum.•

➰rodial was founded by maria hatzistefanis who was (?is) a beauty journalist that identified a gap in the market. the giant rodial was born and i for one am thankful for that. shortly after the world fell in love with rodial, maria and her team created their sister @nipandfab another powerhouse with a more accessible price tag.
they both encompass great ingredients, target specific concerns with fabulously engaging names that make you want more.•

➰rodial: super acids sleep serum:•

➰claims - to repair and refresh the skin, stimulate cell turnover, reduce sun and age spots, even out the complexion, hydrate and nourish the skin.•

➰key ingredients - azelaic acid, lactic acid, liquorice extract and biotylis®️ which is “an effective probiotic complex, that helps protect against bacteria by strengthening the skin cells’ immune system.”•

➰the serum - a very lightweight gel creme that glides on silky smooth and absorbs quickly. it has the distinctive rodial fruity scent from the fruit acids used which disappears almost as soon as detected. i haven’t experienced any tingling with this serum. •

➰results - my skin feels hydrated and nourished, my skin is smoother, calm and pores more refined. i wake up with brighter skin and with longer/regular use this serum will refine pores further, reduce blemishes and targets uneven pigmentation.•

➰packaging - a sleek airtight opaque pump, easy to get the desired amount so no waste. i paid £9.99 for 30ml from @tkmaxx i know it’s rrp is between £45-£92. •

➰worth it? - i would recommend this product and i would definitely repurchase it for the price i paid and up to £50, once the bottle has finished i could pay £92. watch this space for the empty verdict. •

➰well done @rodial beauty this is a dream product 👏. •

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2 79 December 2017


#empties - quick fire review•
@esteelauder - advanced night micro cleansing balm. •

◻️i enjoyed this cleanser, as soon as applied to the skin it melts into a silky oil and emulsified like a dream. •
◻️it removed make up well and didn’t make my eyes cloudy which is always a plus. •
◻️it has a mild scent, which disappears quickly. •
◻️non irritating to my skin.•
◻️a good solid cleanser.•
◻️aesthetically packaging. •
◻️i wouldn’t repurchase this because there are better balm cleansers for a cheaper price point that are more effective. •
◻️£29-£37 for 70ml. •

#raeraereviews #productreview #cleansingbalm #cleanser #skincare #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #366inskincare #iloveskincare
2 58 December 2017


#raeraereviews @blissworld - steep clean. •
◼️what is it? - bliss say “a professional-strength mask for clearer skin. when used weekly for 15 minutes, this pore plunging, clog clearing mask will help transform skin into a scene of extreme clean. intense exfoliation, oil elimination and deep pore purging are perfect for all skin types.” •
◻️what does it do? - enzymatic, exfoliate, decongest clogged pores, regulates oil without over drying, brightens skin to help prevent post blemish hyper-pigmentation. •
◼️key ingredients - salicylic acid, vitamins a, c & e, grape seed extract, prozymex and zinc gluconate. •
◻️how to use - it’s a double pump, one side is yellow and the other is blue. press them both together and then mix them together until they turn green. apply to your face and leave for 15 minutes, then remove with a damp cloth. •
◼️what do you get? - dual pump, sturdy airtight packaging. 100ml rrp £37.50-£44.50, i picked this up from @tkmaxx for £16.99. •
◻️my thoughts - i am really really impressed with this mask. it gives your pores a great deep clean without being harsh or aggressive. it doesn’t irritate or leave my skin angry and red. my skin is smooth and bright after use. my skin feels slightly tight after use but not unpleasant and is easily solved by continuing with my routine. i would repurchase and would definitely recommend. i agree with bliss that i do think this would be suitable for all skin types! good work bliss. •
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8 123 November 2017


#skinemmies2017 hosted by @antiagingamber and @morethanjustskin day 22 - splurge. •
◼️this is dedicated to the splurge i wish i hadn’t!!! if you want to know why, see #raeraereviews
4 58 November 2017


Quick fire #raeraereviews on @muradskincareuk sensitive skin soothing serum. •
◼️what is it for? - hydrates, calms, soothes and strengthens the barrier of over-processed, irritated skin. •
◼️what it does - attracts and retains moisture, calms and soothes while improving suppleness. •
◼️key ingredients - hyaluronic acid, glycolipids, lecithin, chamomile and arnica. •
◼️price/packaging - £47 for 30ml in a glass bottle pump. •
◻️my thoughts - this is a lovely serum that has a slight tacky/sticky texture that quickly dries down. it’s layers very well and offers a good smack of hydration. it soothes my skin and does reduce redness to some degree. i have heard from others that the results from this serum happen later than sooner. i’m enjoying this and it definitely helps when i have decimated my barrier from being super aggressive with actives.
i’m seeing this serum at the moment as a product that adds hydration, when i have finished the bottle i can report back. i managed to snag this for £19.99 in a set from @tkmaxx at that price i would at this stage repurchase, i wouldn’t repurchase for its rrp. maybe i will after i have finished it?! i will keep you posted. •
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2 81 November 2017


Estée lauder - new dimension firm and fill eye system. •
◼️what is it? - a two step eye system with anti ageing benefits. £55.00 for 10ml 😡. •
◻️the claim: “a two step treatment. step 1 a light gel that cushions and comforts with the second step is designed to lift and firm with a pro collagen complex while filling and smoothing with multi-level shaping technology and light diffusing optics. targets ageing and dullness leaving you with brighter, younger, defined and lifted eyes”. •
◼️the only “pro” of this product is the stacked packaging and it’s colour. •
◻️for me this product is an absolute fail. i found step 1s light gel cream irritated my eye contour without providing any hydration, plumping, cushioning or any relief whatsoever. i don’t know if the irritation was caused by the strong fragrance or the actual ingredient?! 🤷🏼‍♀️. •
◼️step 2, the worst step! the product has the consistency of putty, that is tacky and sticky that has zero spreadability. as soon as this was applied, i instantly felt every ounce of moisture leech out of my eye contour and made my eyes so uncomfortable. it did lift a little but i think that was due to no moisture. this does not play well with others, it doesn’t work with makeup whatsoever, primer - nope, concealer - hell no, eye shadow - f**k no! i have tried to use it many different ways, just the first step, laying a different eye cream and then step 2, pushed through 3 weeks of use to conclude it’s not for me. this may be good for early 20s that don’t need any help with wrinkles/firming. i imagine this would be awful for mature skin. definitely not worth the price tag. •
◻️if anyone uses this i would love to know your thoughts below 😊. •
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6 49 November 2017


◻️first impressions @111skin aqua physics defence cream. • ◻️111 skin was born from renowned plastic surgeon dr. yannis alexandrides collaborating with space scientists, who combined the knowledge of effectively targeting signs of ageing with the stellar expertise of protecting skin from environmental damage (genius!). • ◻️the 111 skin skincare contains nac y2 which is a patented formula of n-acetyl cysteine (i had been giving this drug for over a decade for paracetamol od & post liver resections, to put this on my face took a little getting used to!) and ascorbyl phosphate (potent vit c) & escin. i’m not going to get into how it works, but this formula work in harmony to detoxify, hydrate, and regenerate skin cells while working from within to strengthen the skin and fight environmental elements. • ◻️this cream contains a mineral uv filter (you still need spf) protecting from uva and uvb rays while maintaining the skins optimal hydration. • ◻️my thoughts: a cream that feels ever so slightly greasy that instantly disappears, it has no scent (winner) and spreads/pats into the skin effortlessly. so far it offers a good amount of hydration but i do need a little more. this cream so far has healed my skin (almost) alarmingly fast, dry patches greatly reduced, my skin appears brighter, even and a more firm. it doesn’t irritate, i’ve used it around my eyes as my lids have been insanely dry and after using this it’s almost gone (in 2 days!). this cream plays very well with others and is great under spf and makeup! so far i’m enjoying it, i will report back after longer use! •
2 66 November 2017


Evening skin:
#niubody - coconut cleansing cottons. •
#janescrivner - nourishing cleanser*. •
#growgorgeous - overnight to gorgeous. •
#scinic - honey all in one ampoule. •
#klairs - midnight blue youth drop. •
#deciem - the ordinary squalane. •
#gatineau - 3d defi lift eye cream. •
#larocheposay - cicaplast baume b5. •
#cetaphil - moisturizing face cream. •
#janescrivner - ‘un’conditional oil. •
#egyptianmagic - magic cream. •
#neostrata - intensive eye treatment. •
#skincare #skincares #beautyroutine #eveningskincare #doublecleanse #asianbeauty #kbeautyaddict #beautytime #beautygirl #beautyful #beautyskin #beautytalk #skintalk #instagood #wrinklefree #dryskin #beautydaily #beautydiary
8 127 November 2017


#skinemmies2017 hosted by @morethanjustskin and @antiagingamber day 10 - neck/chest/hand. •
it appears i’m drawn to the colour blue 🤔. •
➖the @scinic_beauty aqua all in one ampoule i use all over, it’s a fabulous product, a little goes a looooooooooooooong way. it moisturises and soothes my skin as well as brightening and firming! it’s lovely! •
@neostrata @neostrata uk triple firming neck cream is another gem, i use this every other night as i don’t quite need it just yet, but i see results so i imagine using it bd would yield fab results (i’ve seen many before and after pics and it’s a true transformation). a little goes a long way and this will last me awhile! great packaging that you can control and metre the dose! it’s non irritating, lifts, firms, smooths and evens skin tone! definitely worth it. •
@esteelauder new dimension tighten and tone neck/chest treatment is a lovely product, i apply this at night and the following morning any my skin feels and looks firmer and tighter. it comes with a little massager that you can use to apply it (and obviously massage in). •
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1 74 November 2017


My little musings on the @scinic_beauty honey and aqua all in one ampoules (aios take the place of toner, essence, hydrator). i had been wanting to try these for so long, so when i found them on tkmaxx for £12 each for 250ml they quickly got added to my cart!
••••. ••••. ••••. ••••. ••••. ➖honey aio - 90% honey extract (give me all the lovely moisture), the other ingredients that drew me in like a moth to a flame: glycerin (humectant heaven), niacinamide (@dedez_beautynstuff 🤣😉) (for all its brightening, moisturizing, ceramiding, collagen gorgeousness), royal jelly extract (vit b), propolis extract, centella asiatica, hydrolysed silk, adenosine (i still associate this as a cardiac drug i used to give on the regular, it also interests me how it works on the skin because on the cardiovascular system it’s not a good feeling). it contains many other ingredients but those are initially what struck me. •
➖the aqua aio contains similar ingredients with the addition of deep sea water, alaska glacial milk, seaweed complex and marine collagen capsules. love me some of these ingredients too. •
➖both have a runny gel texture, like runny honey if you will, they are both slightly fragrances that disappears very quickly. a small amount goes a very long way. they are both refreshing with a slightly tacky feel that dries down. they have both definitely improved my hydration levels and absorb quickly. i don’t replace my essence and toner step with these, they are a welcome addition. i even use them throughout my routine if i feel i need more oomph. i also have layered as a sleeping pack and also applied a heavy layer under sheet masks which is divine. i also have used them on my body as a body lotion and they are amazing for dry elbows, knees etc. they lock moisture in very well. •
➖they both pack a punch and add great hydration, brightening, anti inflammatory, moisture, cell communication to my skin and i notice when i haven’t used them, which i like my products to do. continued below 👇#raeraereviews
9 81 November 2017