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"i will not be perfect but it's fine for me." ~😁❌
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cascabeles al viento, van girando al compás
del sutil movimiento de la brisa al cantar
estos versos celosos de la lluvia y el mar
que cubrieron el tiempo de encanto tropical
#larocaenformadepiedra #valledebravo
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Lo que niegas te somete. lo que aceptas te trasforma⚡
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Lindo de bonito, gostoso de cremoso 😂😻 @joaoguilherme
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🔮✨book of shadows✨🔮
some time ago i made a post about the book of shadows. the fact is that i am a lion and if everything isn't perfect as i'd like, i can't stop. so here it is, this is a page of my personal book of shadows. ✨🔮
but what is exactly a book of shadows? 📚
originally, the term "grimoire" was used to describe a book of spells and magical rituals to evoke the spirits. it seems that there are valid materials dating back to the times of the egyptians. ✨🔮
the books of the '600 are very complicated to decipher, probably to avoid that the wrong people were able to read them.
one of the most influential books of shadows is "the gardnerian book of shadows", which is attributed to gerald gardner and doreen valiente. 🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️
this work is a collection of rituals that the authors fused and blended with classic and modern elements between 1949 and 1961.
and basically, this is a book of shadows: a collection of spells, rituals, information about elements, crystals, moon phases that the witch records during her journey.
#fire #bookofshadows #witches #witchy #dragon #book #witchcrafts #witchesofinstagram #witch🔮 #spells #wiccansofinstagram #wicca #bos #magic #magical #tarot #red #grimoire #witching #witchescommunity #draw #elements #bookofshadows2
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