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The question that i asked myself
was why?
why was it that i could be
so weak minded
but still be loving and mature
about things.
while what i saw around me
was people who wouldn’t give,
and people who were
incapable of growing up.
project 3: listen - piece #4
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{this book.....the most profound, heart breaking, beautiful, & deep book i have ever read... and i’ve read thousands and thousands of books. this book was everything i didn’t know i needed to read & so much more. i am sitting here half crying and half in awe. thank you for this beautifully written novel @rmdrk . i will be forever moved by this incredible work of art you have given to every one of your readers. ❤️}
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Goodnight. 🖤 #rmdrake @rmdrk
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{and she was always willing to burn for everything she’s ever loved} #rmdrake
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A forever favorite from my favorite poet ♥️ help me settle the horrors #rmdrake
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#rmdrake you get me
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