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Same dress. different body.

i remember this day like it was yesterday. i had had surgery two month prior, and i felt like i wasn’t losing weight. i felt disappointed! i felt defeated! i felt like i couldn’t do this weight loss thing and i wanted to say s***w it.
fast forward to today. i’m here. i’m doing it. i feel amazing!! i listened to my fav wls vets and trusted the process and did exactly what my dr ordered.
it’s a year later and i’m 180lbs down. 20lbs away from onederland!! i know the beginning is hard, and i won’t say it gets easier, but trust me when i say, it’s worth it to keep going and keep fighting hard for the results you want!
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Feeling really mehhhhhhh about my journey lately but this #facetoface reminds me i’ve come a long way. i can’t be mad at it. ⬇️1️⃣1️⃣8️⃣#️⃣
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Oh hiiii
it's me, valen. here's a #tbt #throwbackthursday for you guys.
i was probably close to 400 pounds in this pic. the first time i got on the scale when i decided to change my life i was 366. that was hard to see.
i'm so proud of how far i've come and i still have a long way to go!
currently weighing in at 223. (goes between 220-225)
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😱one year surgiversary😱 i can’t believe it has officially been a full 365 days. warning ⚠️ : long post ahead — it has been almost two years now since i decided to have gastric bypass. the decision came after i had a massive breakdown in my car, crying my eyes out to my mother— desperately asking her why i wasn’t happy, begging her to tell me why i couldn’t find any satisfaction. her answer certainly wasn’t “get surgery”. in fact, i don’t even remember her answer. i remember my own. after that horrible and depressing conversation, my mind began to race as i searched for answers. i had lost weight before (150 lbs) and then gained it all back and some within the span of a year and a half. i had dropped out of university. i had moved home, started working, got caught up in the motions and let all of my dreams fade away into what i thought life was. work. eat. sleep. repeat. i began to abuse food— i began to eat food i didn’t even like (jalapeño cheetos and wendy’s, i’m lookin at you 🤢) in copious amounts because even if it didn’t taste good, it felt good. it relieved me of something. i’m still not entirely sure what of. but it was horrendous and entirely unhealthy and i wasn’t coping with my depression and anxiety. i was trying to choke it out with food. anyways— i had always had the common misconception that weight loss surgery was the ~easy way out~ and i’d never considered it because of the stigma. but this pseudo breakdown in my car led me to believe that it was my only option. and, quite frankly, it was. weight loss surgery is not easy. it is regimented and hard and, quite frankly, sometimes extremely uncomfortable. but it was my last resort and, hey, so far so good. i am beyond happy with my results at one year. i’ve changed my life. i am happier, i’m healthier. i smile more, i talk more, i am engaged in my day to day. i’m not scared to go places, i’m not afraid of being stared at or made fun of. i’m not constantly wondering if i’m going to fit in a chair or if i might embarrass myself (which wtf???) just by existing. i eat to live and i actually enjoy the food i get to eat now. wild, right? i have begun to live again. and that’s rad as hell. 🤓
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Breakfast today! i was blessed by the avocado gods, so i decided there was no way in hell i would let half of that puppy brown in my fridge until i ate it later, so i made my veggies the sides and my avocado the star! also, if you haven't tried mrs. dash lemon pepper on your avocado - you gotta pick it up. sooo yummy.
cooked my spinach and mushrooms in some coconut oil and a bit of kerrygold to wilt them down.
some may ask, "but kayla! where is your protein?!" i'm gonna be heading out for lunch today with a friend and i figure it will be much easier to get a meal focused on protein than it will be on fat. this will keep me full and satisfied, and i'll balance out my macros a little later today. 😊
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You know what would be great? if i could find a bikini that made me feel as good as my underwear does. because i definitely feel better about myself in this than any bikini i tried on.
i haven't posted a really good before and after for awhile, and i know that's why a lot of you follow me - to see what hard work can do!
weight loss surgery - nov 9, 2015
highest weight - 343.8lbs
lowest weight - 175lbs
current weight - 189lbs
been doing keto for over a week now, feeling lean and great. loving it so far!
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Garlic, teriyaki sauce, and honey salmon (4oz) seasoned with “everything but the bagel” seasoning and red chili flakes 🌶. there’s also cauliflower rice (1 oz) under the salmon 😋
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From my lowest point to my greatest (so far). it keeps getting better from here! i’m up late, so technically this counts as a #facetofacefriday. also, i really just want kim k’s brows.
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Today has been a big day!
this morning my sister came with me for my first ever wedding dress shop. we had organised a date in june for 2/3 of my bridesmaids and my mum to make a day of dress shopping but got told about a place with a good promotion on and didn't want to miss an opportunity.
i had planned on buying a dress online. i didn't want to spend a fortune on a dress and i was secretly shutting bricks about going in to a bridal store and the dramas that could unfold. although i have my moments, i feel like i'm handling all of the rapid changes to my body really well in terms of mental health. i knew wedding dress sizing was larger than regular clothes and was so worried shops wouldn't stock anything that would fit me.
to avoid the embarrassment and potential knock to my headspace i emailed places to ask if they had a curve or plus size line so i would have a back up.
my anxiety was really trying to control me this morning as i got ready and then while i waited for my sister in anticipation. ..
i tried on about 10 dresses but one stood well above the rest. my top half is 2 sizes smaller than my bottom half. in general clothes at the moment i fit a 14 top and 18-20 bottom. the dress i tried on today was very loose on top and firm around my bum and thighs. i didn't lock it in as i want to sleep on it but i think it might be the dress i marry my one and only in!
unfortunately i can't predict what the next 7 months will bring me in terms of weightloss or changing body shape. this means i'll have to take a risk in ordering a dress that will need alterations to fit me perfectly.
sent some photos to my friend, the mother of the children i nanny. her response is pretty b**g on!
i didn't cry, neither did my sister, but i think it was because she was amazed by how small i've gotten and i was busy checking myself out in the mirror thinking 'dayyyum gurrrl!!' 😍😍
this afternoon james and i did another tour of our venue with our families then had the first official meeting with our wedding coordinator. so much to do but feeling confident that everything will fall in to place!
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I had a s****y night. my neck is killing me, i think i might have a fever because i'm freezing cold, and the gas still hurts (and i did a total of 9 laps yesterday). i should be going home this morning, but i'm scared to.

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Please comment about this transfo! 😱 tag a friend to show what's possible!
check @inspired_to_transform for daily updates! 👌 📸 by @myadventuretofit
"these pants 👖 have been through it! 83 pounds down! 😁
go check out my ig stories for a bunch more old photos at my highest weight ❤️"
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@annalisemishler "60 lbs --> 110 lbs. for once i will spare you the long, feelsy caption because this photo can speak for itself. 🖤 "

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[things i’m looking forward to about the new me] when you accidentally skip a number because you are so excited to share your dumb little goals. anyway #5 is as stated above. i haven’t worn shorts in a few years just because of this problem. it’s embarrassing, not to mention annoying! i want to one day wear shorts with confidence.
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@mslisagatling "this is what 180lbs lost looks like. i turned the brightness up on this one so you can really see this 👀 look at my wrists... my fingers... my face even... this is why i’m constantly taking pictures, constantly in the mirror. i’m seeing things on my body i’ve never seen. bones in my wrists and forearms, hipbones not just when i lay down, my feet are smaller. i’m fascinated with myself in the least selfish way possible 🙌🏽 sometimes, i don’t remember being that girl on the left and then sometimes it comes back to me so vividly i’m brought to tears 😥 she is me and i am her and i wouldn’t be who i am now if i hadn’t become her first ❤️ "

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Happy 8 year anniversary to me! yep it was 8 years ago now that i was waiting in that room, pillow in arms, ready to walk down that long corridor to surgery! i wasn’t nervous by then, there had been plenty of months prior that had got me in control. i was just excited. i could never have imagined how much that day would change my life, but i can genuinely say i would not be the person i am today without it. hell. i might not even have been here to tell the tale! so big up to mr woodcock at northumbria healthcare trust for performing that surgery that day. as well as all the team that ensured a smooth ride. you made my life. #rny #mrwoodcock #northumbriahealthcare #rakelane #gastricbypass #gastricbypasssurgery #8yearson #changinglives #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightlosssurgery #fitandwell #surgery #bariatricsurgery #bypassblogger
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I'm very lucky to have a beautiful little family, getting married next year and no longer in fear of dying by the time i'm 40. this pic makes me really proud of the work i've done. it's hard, i'm not always the best bariatric patient and sometimes i eat too much, but i'm working hard every day to be better than i was yesterday and that's all we can do!
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@ellipticalifragilistic "this pic seems to be making the rounds again... just a note that yup, that's me, and here's the watermarked version 😊 thank you to everyone who dms + tags me in posts where the unwatermarked version is posted and usually uncredited! you guys are the best and i really appreciate you looking out for me 💓
i'll have to make an updated version of this soon! .
. "

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Nouvelle émission ce week-end
25 pays - 70 radios dans le monde
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The virtual 5k starts at 1pm est. free and open to all. i'll start an official ig thread here before starting time. feel free to check in or comment. there's a fb link in my bio as well. if you post race photos-please hashtag #amlvirtual5k #wls #wlscommunity #wlsjourney #wlssupport #wlsfamily #wlsstrong #wlsinstacrew #wlslife #wlsmen #wlscrew #lifeafterwls #rny #rnycommunity #rnyinstacrew #rnylife #rouxeny #vsg #vsgcommunity #vsginstacrew #gastricbypass #gastricbypasssurgery #bariatricsurgery #weightlosssurgery #obesetobeast #wlsrunner #wls5k
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What i would call balance 😍
on one side we have pasta made out of buckwheat, mixed w/ avo pesto and a topping of cherry toms + h**p seeds👌🏽 on the other, we’ve got a kale salad
#grubbingtime 😁🍅🍝✨
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💪wanna lose 3 pounds in one week ??💪
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I’m the earliest riser in the house regardless of day or occasion which means i often get hungrier sooner and simply can’t wait for everyone else to arrive for breakfast. today it’s more likely to be brunch so i’m having ‘chia pudding’ early doors to keep me going. simply chia seeds with unsweetened almond milk, a dash of vanilla and smidgen of sugar-free sweetener, soaked overnight then topped with berries. the skies look heavy this morning and rain isn’t far away but i shall sit back and enjoy this ‘bowl food’ in peace before the weekend activities begin. #chiapudding #returntoslender #bariatriccookery #eatrightwitheverybite #wlsgood #whatsonyourplate #bariatricfood #breakfast #bariatriccentral
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