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⛰️перевал у вулкана Вилючинский, Камчатка ✔️На фотографии - один из многих сотен тотемов, расположенных на территории Камчатского края. ✔️Тотемизм – одна из ранних форм религии, суть которой вера в существование связи между людьми и определенным видом животных или растений. ✔️В культуры народов Крайнего Севера — якутов, эвенков, хантов, мансов, прочно вошли мистические верования и загадочные обряды, ритуальные пляски вокруг костра и почитание духов. ✔️Истинной миссией человека здесь считается служение духам и поддержание баланса и гармонии в окружающем его мире. _____________________________ 🆔 Спасибо за фото автору @kutuzowa_vasilisa _____________________________
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Proposal video with the drone (low quality bc of ig upload)
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#countryoftheday is nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 suggested by @elabosak_ 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 capital: abuja population 186 million area 923,768 sq km (356,669 sq miles) major languages english (official), yoruba, ibo, hausa religions islam, christianity, indigenous beliefs life expectancy 52 years (men), 54 years (women) currency nigerian naira after lurching from one military coup to another, nigeria now has an elected leadership. but the government faces the growing challenge of preventing africa's most populous country from breaking apart along ethnic and religious lines. thousands of people have died over the past few years in communal attacks led by the islamic state-aligned boko haram. separatist aspirations have also been growing and the imposition of islamic law in several northern states has embedded divisions and caused thousands of christians to flee. nigeria's insecurity has added to its economic woes, hindering foreign investment. the former british colony is one of the world's largest oil producers, but few nigerians, including those in oil-producing areas, have benefited. a former military ruler, muhammadu buhari swept to a historic election victory in march 2015 when he became the first opposition candidate to win a nigerian presidential poll. after helping oust elected president shehu shagari in 1983, the then maj-gen buhari led a regime that sought to combat crime and corruption, but was also accused of serious rights abuses. in 1985, he was overthrown by gen ibrahim babangida. now, mr buhari has distanced himself from military rule, promising to respect democracy and govern as a civilian leader. 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 to suggest a country or movement, like and follow over 100 days waiting list 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 #nigeria #animals#pretty#lagoa #travel #gapyear #history #nigeria #trees #abuja #waterfall #travealideas #ideal #perfect #africa #southafrica #country #flag #flags #maps #geography #rocks #sunset
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Ну люблююю я концерты в Роксе, нимагуууу 😊😊😊 @rockscocktailbar, как всегда спасибо вам за жаркий приём! 😘😘😘 #Люsea и #Люseaband #rocks #rockscoctailbar #Владивосток #живойзвук #вжаримроку
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Summary of sedimentary rocks. source: unknown #learninggeology #geology #rocks #sedimentaryrocks
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Gabrielle Cardinale
Went to the rock store today :) so many cool finds! #rocks #skull
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Okieeeee so you guys said i should post art stuff and this is the only stuff i will willingly share on the world wide web because everything else is uglier then me😂... so the first is this weird sunset painting that i did in like 5th grade and it’s cropped weird cuz instagram be like that and the next two are legit rocks i painted in canada (awesome place poutine is 🔥) and i loved them enough to lug them home! lol anyways i was so extra on the flower one that i legit painted the whole thing front and back so ye that’s the stuff... enjoy i guess!😂 #art #flowers #ocean #sunset #paint #rocks #isuckatart #whatamidoingwithmylife #canada
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Laura Nicole
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Edys Empelis
. it’s my life and it’s now or never ! cause i ain’t gonna live forever, i just want to live while l’m alive it’s my life. #malta #gozo #beautifuldestinations #beautiful #beautifulday #beach #life #travel #edyse #travelblogger #travelphotography #chill #livestyle #live #sea #rocks
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