Jenni Cornette
10 minutes ago
spiritwarriors These malas found me! handmade with love, from my kundalini teacher’s mother. 108 beads. river shell. blue lapis. single rose quartz. for intuition, creativity, movement, and expansion. #weareone #sacred #spiritwarriors #satnam #bebrave #beautifulsoulsunite #lifeisgood #kundalini #intuition #meditation #weareone #weareartists #givelove
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Your Sacred Daily Ritual®
4 hours ago
alyssumalchemy S o l s t i c e ✨come celebrate the longest day of the year with me with crystal infused aromatherapy rituals and a guided meditation. we'll discuss the significance of this potent time and take time to reflect on the year that was as the sun sets over the ocean, while setting intentions for the year to come. we'll be at @the_collaborative_maroubra studio which has stunning ocean views. spots are limited and bookings are essential. dm for more details on how to book ✨💗✨
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🍄 Willow 🌿
22 minutes ago
smellyhippee Had a beautifully pleasant time at greenfields beach with the one and only @lil_hatchii, we had some awesome discussions whilst being the creative cats we are! while i started wet felting a pair of purple pixie slippers, talithas pen whirled its way across her page, forming quite the pretty picture! so good to be doing what we love outdoors instead of kooked up inside, so blessed to have that freedom :) #beach #huskisson #greenfieldsbeach #crystals #fairyoffering #spirit #sacred #southcoast #australia
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Lauren Howard-Tripp Yoga
24 minutes ago
laurenhowardtripp_yoga Mondays are my favourite teaching days, because we have the opportunity to come together as a sangha (community) for meditation & philosophy @westsideyogaschool . over the next few weeks we will be exploring different kinds of meditations, tonight we explore an indonesian open heart meditation 🧘‍♂️ see you at 7:45pm yogis 🙏🌞🌻
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31 minutes ago
rebecca.yoga Being a woman is a beautiful thing. the moon cycle is a time for detoxification and cleansing. shedding of the old, a time for release and letting go. it is an important time to reconnect with the sacred divine feminine, a time for retreat and reflection, a time to practice ahimsa towards ourselves. #yogini #moon #cycle #sacred #divine #feminine #myyoga #ahimsa
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42 minutes ago
cryptomentorofficial Futures have descended upon our beloved cryptocurrency further legitimizing its future.. look for increased volatility while the shorts could scare some people but ultimately see some huge “short squeezing” that’ll run up the price in larger jumps than were accustomed to.. going to be a fun ride for us bulls!
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Rebekah Johnson
48 minutes ago
rjohnsonwriter Heavenly father, thank you for your priceless love, which has been demonstrated again and again in my life. help me to remember your love in times of distress. guide me to drink from your ‘river of delights’ and replenish me with your spirit. i want to walk in your spirit of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge - just as jesus did. as he demonstrated his love for us by sacrificing himself to atone for our sins, help me to follow in his footsteps and put others before myself. give me your heart for the lost and broken. thank you for allowing me to walk in your light and be light to a world in darkness, until you return. amen. isaiah 11:1-3 psalm 36:9-7 1 john 4:9-12 . #advent #love #preparingmyheart #sacred #week2
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50 minutes ago
oneplusone_is_three It is she, we owe our lives to. universal secretions that lubricate creation, conception to completion, pumping life in spirals through tubes of observation, consciousness permeates these openings giving birth to self awareness. fingers reaching, in each dimension, stroking skin that's living in, divine direction, the guidance to enlightenment runs through every fold of you, no need to be told what to do when you let the flow unfold you, hold you in love and let you go inside and out, the time is now, it always has been, the tide is rising but there's no need to rush for we will rise too seeing eyes through kaleidoscopes needing eyes to see through, it'd be wise to seed the mind to release what is denied, and held in the body, so the light can enter, melt the barrier and be felt inside you. sweet caresses comforting, heat undressing and unsorting what needs to be sorted out, let it out, let it in, respect the feeling and honor the healing taking place inside you. love all, leave no crevice, crease, fold, or depth untouched. feel everything. weave soul into every opening, and over every wall. don't forget, our power is greatest, when she stands tall. i love us all. i love all of us. #grateful #divinefeminine #sensuality #sacred #sexuality #rainbow #heart #love #oneness #allow #spirituality #trippy #galaxy #universe #youniverse #meditate #honor #respect #lightworker #starseed #tantra #yoni #creation #feel #emotion #art #healing #energy #5d #multidimensional
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