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Growing up i received the message to “be nice” and “if you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”.
and while i’m sure this guidance was coming from a place of good intention, the message my child self received was to place other people’s needs ahead of my own and that another’s happiness was far more important than mine.
ultimately this greatly affected my sense of self worth and i lived for many years completely disconnected because being embodied was far too painful.
navigating my late childhood and those tricky teenage years i found myself saying “yes” when every aspect of my being was screaming “no” and as the years passed many aspects of my identity were chipped away as i approached my life running from wounding and distortion which kept me distanced and separate from my truth.
and by the grace of the goddess i found flower essences. πŸ’—
the first gift that was returned to me when i began to consciously work with the flowers was a reconnection to self and to the earth - and oh my, this completely altered every aspect of entire existence....
over the many years as i’ve deepened into and onto my own healing journey with this exquisite plant medicine, more and more aspects of my whole self have returned home.
it’s an absolute blessing to share the flowers and their gentle yet profound gifts with the world. 
it’s a path i walk with incredible reverence and respect, and i love nothing more than supporting women on their own path of remembrance with the medicine of the flowers.
i have 3 spaces opening up for a 1:1 flower essence mentorships this month and it would be an honour to support you in creating powerful shifts within your inner and outer world.
if you are hearing the call of the flowers please follow the link in my bio. 🌷🌿
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I am so thrilled to be co-facilitating this sacred costa rica retreat. check it out and consider gifting yourself with an opportunity to do some deep inner work and transform your life. this retreat will be nourishing on all levels! @psychedelicjourneys @goddessofskin @enectarbast @megandakoda12 @muykate #dreamteam #transformation #sacredplantmedicine #innerhealing #wellness #ascension more info at: www.psychedelicjourneys.com
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Naemi will be sharing on the graduate catch-up call on friday about her recent cacao training. maybe get some to drink during the call! rachel is looking forward to seeing you. confirm you attendance on the fb group.
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i spent the last 4 days in a training about the sacred cacao plant and the art of cacao ceremonies - it was intense and very beautiful, i did learn a lot and am very grateful πŸ’• our plant world is so amazing and precious, let's not forget to protect and honour it as much as we can πŸ™ @cacaomama #cacao #sacredplantmedicine
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Ayahuasca (in kichwa, ayawaska) has been used in spiritual and healing ceremonies for centuries. called the “vine of the soul,” or "vine of the dead," it is a brew prepared from the banisteriopsis caapi vine and psychotria viridis leaves. the result is a powerful feminine energy hallucinogenic brew that contains dmt. the psychedelic effects of ayahuasca include visual and auditory stimulation, the mixing of sensory modalities, and psychological introspection that may lead to great elation, fear, or illumination. its purgative properties (known as "the purge") are vital to discharge traumas, parasites, bacteria, and viruses from the digestive system. the all-night potent ceremony is lead by “icaros” - the sacred chants and music performed by the shamans. participate in this sacred ceremony at the andes summit in ecuador this june, with indigenous shaman don manuel calazacon and other members of the tsachila tribe (pictures here). visit www.theandessummit.com for complete details, along with information on the 10 indigenous shamans who will be presenting master classes, and giving healings in the tradition of the high andes of ecuador. email us at contact@theandessummit.com.
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Soul portrait: revelation .
i receive my teachings from beings who can't communicate with me in words, instead they allow me to feel and see the truth. truth that only works for me and my life path. .
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I spent the last 4 days in a training about the sacred cacao plant and the art of cacao ceremonies - it was intense and very beautiful, i did learn a lot and am very grateful πŸ’• our plant world is so amazing and precious, let's not forget to protect and honour it as much as we can πŸ™ @cacaomama #cacao #sacredplantmedicine
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#marijuana is not fun or recreational for me πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ’.......
marijuana is a powerful sacred holy plant, and just like anything sacred....
....it can be taken advantage of and abused--its magic and power squandered and wasted.

i am a #traumasurvivor,
an #abuse #survivor. "casual abuse" is what lead me to the pits of hell. and "casual abuse" will not lead me to health! ---- "marijuana is the safest" sacred medicinal plant for the fact that there is generally no physical reprocution to over-use (because you cannot overdose, your body will not die from abusing this medicine)

however there are immediate spiritual (emotional) reprocutions to any type of unguided misuse of any sacred plant.

using marijuana as a spiritual health aide (psychological & emotional at least) requires research and #awareness of the dark forces in the universe, as well as a strong #understanding of the #light.

research research research

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C a l c i t e
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Today's sweet bundle β™‘
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A short poem i wrote this morning about ayahuasca. it was my 10th time working with the medicine and although i have changed so much since i first drank, i still have a some work to do on myself. what i have learned is that healing is a journey not a race. i feel so full of clarity after this ceremony.

to you i give all my trust, while i’m bathed in divine light,
a pure flow of ecstasy, its as if god has placed his hands upon my head,
im born again, like the sun rising after the night,
the perfect path in which i have been lead,
i’m filled, i’m filled with pure delight.
a warm and protective embrace you give,
channelling sacred knowledge i don’t usually understand,
bringing clarity into a life i didn’t used to want to live,
you come and take me by the hand,
sacred plant.
renewing each cell of dna, you bring me through emotions like a whirlwind of feeling,
a river of pain,
i purge my fears, i cry, but from this i gain.
i feel the warmth of your love, bringing out any worries, releasing the ego, caressing my brain. #ayahuasca #sacredplantmedicine
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