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Beroto is vicky’s oldest son, he helps maintain parign hak, and keeps everything running smoothly! visit our website to learn more about our ayahuasca retreats!
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Bottling the nightshade flower essences! then i need to do a photo shoot, editing, write product listings and a newsletter... i will be sending out a newsletter about the flower essences and their healing properties this evening and releasing them in the online shop tomorrow (wednesday). so far i have made belladonna, bittersweet nightshade, datura inoxia, datura stramonium, black henbane, and wild tobacco flower. #medicinalnightshades #floweressences #nightshade #belladonna #bittersweetnightshade #daturainoxia #daturastramonium #henbane #wildtobacco #folkmedicine #folkmagic #magicalherbalism #flowermagic #sacredplants #sacredplantmedicine #medicinemaking #herbalstudio #sarahannelawless
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Where does one “go” in heightened states of meditation and deeper fields of consciousness? it seems clear that we come closer and closer to awareness itself. this field of infinite potential is alive with possibility and is charged with love itself — it’s where everything started and where everything will return. our work is simply to be, to deeply unfold until all resistance drops away and all unconsciousness has been brought to the surface and shown love. it can be hard work, it can be extremely uncomfortable, and it’s also the most fun, the most fulfilling and the most magical work i’ve ever done 🧚🏼‍♀️
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I’m feeling a little like a wilted sunflower this leo season with the plethora of retrogrades going down, but i’m working on accepting pause. today, mars rx moved from aquarius to capricorn, giving an intense vibe pertaining to work, finances and tangible earthy matters. mars is exalted in capricorn, which means the planet gathers strength and energy from said sign, however we’re still retrograde so the fiery planet is asking us to tie up loose ends that kinda feel like a bummer. yes, we’ve been through this before, yes we have to revisit it again, and yes mercury rx is making the details of it all even more difficult to work through. when mars goes direct on the 27th it will still be in the sign of the goat so this is a perfect opportunity to make career moves and create more structure for yourself. the red warrior planet will officially be out of shadow on october 8th, and will have moved back into aquarius. for now, don’t try to forge ahead or begin anything new but reassess your goals, work ethic, life purpose, expression of anger, sexuality and even rage 🌻

one of my fav astrologers @annabelgat suggests to reach out for help when you need it, and offer it to others where you can. when we’re feeling burnt out in our own life, often it’s much easier and beneficial to our being to extend a helping hand. if you need a new astrology podcast to geek out on, check hers out! and of course come and find me if you need a reading, are interested in medicine work or want to dive further into your own natal chart. sending fiery love to all my sunflowers out there. xo, p.
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Got a new friend in my garden. maybe she needs some healing from the beautiful san pedro cactus aka grandfather #sacredplantmedicine .
everyone needs a #loving #home to rest and feel safe in.
i'm sure cats are aliens.
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A heavy and potent summer indeed. anyone else out there floundering in the fire? i hope that you know you are never alone. i hope that you know you are worthy. that your heart can break and bend and expand and snap back, loose and exhausted and keep on beating until it’s full again. the final eclipse of the year came and went early this morning and now we are with a void of course moon, pausing in the wake of deep release. it’s all changing, burning away, creating new sturdier platforms of being...new ways to rise up. no matter the suffering that you’ve endured, the confusion and loss, it is the catalyst for deep and true change. the kind of change we need. listen. get quiet and listen. be kind, to yourself and to others. i know it can be hard sometimes; we are holding onto so much. let it pass with grace. honor your own wisdom. everything you need is waiting for you, i promise. i love you i love you i love you, and as always, you know where to find me. new moon blessings. xx p
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8/11/18 • πŸŒ‘β™Œ • c o u r a g e

i have allowed my mind to be lost beyond comprehension. i have allowed sacred plant spirits to guide me further and deeper into the unknown. i’ve embraced surrender of human mind, heart and body and allowed myself to die. in this space of non-resistance, i let guilt, shame, obligation, exhausting narratives, and unhealthy relationships be taken away.

and i'm left to wonder,
who am i?
where will joy, love, and pleasure lead me?
what do i desire?
what am i leaving behind?

as an old way of being is released, there is grief and anxiety. this grasping of what was, and has been for so long, is fear of letting the unknown future unfold. letting the unknown, unjudged, authentic responses of my being arise, has been a practice both terrifying and liberating. it's scary to feel lost in the wilderness with nothing to hold on to. when we allow spirit to guide us, and surrender our ego, we are left to celebrate the influx of divine flowing through us. we can dance with others into the night, uninhibited and with wild abandon, having given up a limited vision of ourselves.

as we walk along this path to becoming, and celebrating, all we are, may we do so with love, gentleness and courage.βœ¨πŸ‘οΈ
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Sacred sandalwood & the dharma mala - 108 honey toned sandalwood beads, hand knotted between each, with one little dharma wheel guru bead, a symbol of the eightfold path - buddha's practical instructions to end all suffering. • find this mala in our traveller collection, link to shop in bio • #chantbehappy
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According to the @nytimes one of the greatest threats today is bacteria rapidly becoming immune to all antibioticsπŸ”¬the truth is western medicine is based on mixing/matching molecular building blocks that r found in plants like aspirin from meadowsweet or codeine from poppy’s 🌼 but non of these pills can truly match the intelligence n complexity of plants w/ their eons of evolutionary data 🌍 some call this the consciousness of a plant 🌱 for example: imagine if u were cloned n somehow ur clone should have the same memories u have πŸ€” this is where we r at w/ our medical system πŸ–πŸΎhumans 0 🌱nature 1 (to the infinite power) .
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Today i filled my lil sacred pouch with fresh prayers and herbs and seeds and crystals and a half dollar coin that mysteriously appeared in my pocket. i needle pointed this last year and since then it has stayed in the pocket that rests on top of my heart in the jean jacket i bring everywhere. it feels good to have a potent collection of things that remind me to stay grounded and remember who i really am when i’m out in the world getting overstimulated and overwhelmed.
life can be hard and things seem to be especially difficult for everyone lately. i wish i had more to offer but the words “be kind” are all that come to mind.
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