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Find out how having clear cut policies in your salon are important and can help grow your business. read our latest blog on how to decide what policies to enforce and how to implement them within your salon today. 💇‍♀️📄
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Hey everyone 😃 just a quick reminder after an unfortunate incident in salon today where we just couldn’t make it work when someone was just running too late. we do our best to still make it work for you but sometimes we do have to say no. we don’t want to upset those who arrive on time for their much awaited appointments ❤️❤️❤️#plaitinum #etiquette #salonpolicies #😢 #beontime #weloveourclients #24hrsnotice
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🚫 attn. hairstylists:: (read to the bottom) ⠀
let’s talk about a hot topic a lot of hairstylists struggle with...⠀

are you experiencing a high amount last minute cancelations & no shows??⠀
if you answered yes, then this tells me one thing...⠀
you are not communicating your policies well enough to your clients. so they have no idea the proper notice to give if they need to cancel or reschedule. .⠀
👉 here’s the thing...it is our job as business owners to communicate our policies to our clients, because if we don’t...they have no idea. it is important to guide your clients on what to do, setting the expectations.⠀

now if your like..okay, “how do i start doing this?” well... first off, only posting your policy on your website it’s not enough. you need to make sure you’re telling your client when they book their appointment what your policy is. this sets clear expectations for them if they need to cancel or reschedule & reassures they know your policy when they book..simple as that. ⠀
yes..i promise you it’s that simple..no social media rant required lol ⠀
➡️ if you want more info about implementing a cancelation policy within your business, click the link in my bio!⠀
. ⠀
i will send you a free video lesson where you can start taking the steps to implement an effective policy within your business today! 💛 ⠀ ⠀
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Friendly policy reminders! i’m a solo artist, and while i’ve had an influx of new clients due to pcs season-which i apppreciate! im still only one person and can only do so much. my time is very valuable, as is the time of my guests. these policies will help make sure that everyone is being respected and valued! #hairsalon #hair #hairstudio #raflakenheath #rafmildenhall #tribase #milso #milspouse #england #uk #pcs #salonrules #salonpolicies #haircolor #smallbusiness
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Which product(s) are your go to for sanitizing your tools and disinfecting your work space? #healthmatters #spatools #salonpolicies #eyelashextensions #sanitize #disinfect #commentbelow
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I have introduced some new policies for the salon and would be really grateful if you could take the time to read 😊⬇️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️💛💛💛⬇️⬇️⬇️ cancellations policy
i know that life can get in the way, illnesses happen & unforseen circumstances arise, but this is also my business & livelihood 😊

please where possible provide at least 24hrs notice should you wish to amend or cancel an appointment otherwise the treatment will be charged for in full. if you forget or fail to show up to your appointment then the treatment will again be charged for in full.

booking fee
for all full sets of lashes (to include classic, svs & russian volume treatments) a non refundable booking fee of £20 is required to confirm the appointment. this will be taken off the treatment cost on the day. this can be paid via bank transfer or direct in the salon.

patch tests
all lash & brow treatments require a patch test & consultation no later than 48hrs prior to the appointment. if you fail to show up for this then the main treatment appointment will be cancelled.

thanks so much for your cooperation with this! 😘
love helen x 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
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Hi babes!! just a friendly reminder about a few policies to keep your lashes on point 1️⃣please remove contact lenses prior to your appointments 2️⃣please arrive without any eye make up on #realstagram 3️⃣& remember to keep your precious lashes out of steam or anywhere with high humidity for at least 24 hours after your appointment - - - - #eyesonyoulashes #kelowna #salons #lashextensions #lashtech #eyelashextensions #explorekelowna #beauty #lashlove #bossbabe #policies #salonpolicies #lashtips #beautytips #eyelashtips
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I’m so grateful for all of my clients and the new clients i’ve gotten through social media! i love that balayage has become so popular and there is nothing i ❤️ more than painting hair.
i get so many requests for a “balayage” however you may have a lot of things going on in your hair that will not allow me to do a traditional balayage.
this is why a consultation is required but most can be done through messaging me. when you dm me, i always ask for the following:
•a current pic of your hair (in good lighting)
•a few inspiration pics
•a history of haircolor
in most cases i can determine what needs to be done so i can more accurately book your appointment with the correct timing and give you an estimate.
if cost is an issue, i can work with you and perhaps offer some options to stay more within your budget.
keep in mind some colors take more than one session to achieve the desired look. i am always honest and i will let you know if something will work for you or not.
many of my clients want the end result to look like a “natural balayage”. realistically, you may need a major color correction to achieve that.
after we have settled on what we are going to do, i can book you an appointment online. however, you will then need to confirm this appointment by calling the salon and giving them a deposit of $50 which will be used towards your appointment and is fully refundable if you cancel with a minimum of 48hrs notice. your appointment will be only be held for you for 24 hrs is not final until you leave a deposit. if we don’t hear from you you will be removed and you will have to wait until my next available opening. •deposit is for new clients only.
thank you to all of you who have trusted me with your hair and i look forward to meeting new guests! 🦋
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Before i left for my break,
there were at least 30
people who wanted an
appointment and hoped for
cancellations. there were 2
last minute cancellations and
a no-call, no show. out of respect for clients willing to have your appointment, here are things to know:

1. no call + no show= no book... ever again.

2. by booking an appointment, you authorize this business to charge your credit card a no-show fee of up to 50% (25% for extensions) of the scheduled value should you miss your appointment without proper notification (18 hours). 3. last minute cancellations (within 18 hours): for repeated last minute cancellations, clients may be asked to pre-pay for future services after the first three last minute cancellations.

if you don't have a credit card on file and you have last minute cancellations in the past, you don't have a secured appointment. expect to be double-booked to accommodate other willing clients in the event you have to cancel at last minute, and possibly unable to complete all services requested.
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I had a bit of a diy day today 🔨, i finally got my certificates up on the wall... i did it all by myself as well 💪🏼 (let’s hope they’re still there tomorrow & not smashed to pieces on the floor 😂)
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☀️just a few reminders for clients over this busy time of year☀️ 💜we know kids are off school but we do have a no children policy in the salon - please arrange appointments suitably. 💜if your gel/shellac has not been done in this salon- let us know before booking a removal and reapplication. it may take longer and a different charge may apply. 💜please let me know minimum of 48 hours if you need to cancel your appointment - or even don’t need all of it. that way i can find someone to fill it! 🏖thank you all for your understanding🏖

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‼️salon policy ⁉️. unfortunately i have had to in force a salon policy due to my schedule often being so busy and usually have a cancellation list. however a rise in no shows or last min cancellations has forced me to do this. i hope you can all understand and appreciate i work hard to ensure you all get a great treatment and that you get the times and dates you need ❗️cancellations need 24hr notice ❗️booking fee required for treatments over £40 ❗️late by over 10 mins i will have to reschedule as it knocks other treatment/ clients late and also myself going home i respect your time please respect mine. ❗️no show - will loose booking fee and we will not re book unless pre paid in advance in full.
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For your convenience...
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🖌dear instagram...⠀
get ready for some instastories & pics from one of the most beautiful places on earth. (well not for a couple days but trust me, they’re comin’ 📷)
>> any guesses where we are headed next??⠀

hint: ☀️🌊🌴😎⠀
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Salon policies! since i cannot add it as a highlight i want to post to keep it on here! #salonpolicies #brixbeautybar #policy #rules #sorry #communicate #imnotthebadguy
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I respect your time, please respect mine! to all of my clients..friends..& family who respect my business and my time, thank you!!! 💇🏽‍♀️🙏🏼 .
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I operate a business that is primarily ran "by appointment only” therefore, last minute cancellations can have a great negative impact to my business......because of this deposits are required on all bookings and multiple services.....deposits can be cash or credit card and the amount charged will be applied toward the services on the day of your appointments.....deposits must be paid the day of booking.....failure to pay the deposit will result in the specified appointment time being forfeited.....time slots are only reserved when the full amount of the required deposit amount is paid.
i strive to serve my clients in a spirit of excellence by consistently upholding high professional standards and integrity...i appreciate every one of my clients whether new or existing....i have created strict policies for the betterment of my business and to ensure you all receive the best experience possible!
thank you in advance,
kimberly .

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We have some new policies at the lash and brow studio going into effect march 1st 2018 ⚠️this decision was discussed for months after so many new clients not showing up for their appointments or cancelling last minute. it’s time blocked off on our schedules that another person could potentially have. if you’re serious about keeping your appointments these updated policies won’t affect you. our time is valuable as lash artists and when a full set is cancelled last minute or no shows that’s 2 hrs we have of free time, if 2 clients no show it’s 4hrs of our day not working. i hope everyone understands that our time is valuable. if we’re not working we aren’t making money. thank you for choosing me as your lash artist. i love what i do and it wouldn’t be possible with out the amazing clients i have! 💕😊💕 #lashes #lashes #lashextensions #eyelashes #eyelashextensions #lashartist #lashtech #lashstylist #newpolicies #lashsalon #lashstudio #ilovemyjob #salonpolicies
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