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The last days of gumps in s.f. eran and i adopted this matitenance free dog today!
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One of our 2016 arts. this is back when we were active in #sanfran #artistsoninstagram #memes #memesdaily
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Headed over to l.a. next week. going to try and flex in front of other filmmakers 😁😬🤪
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San francisco ❤️
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Road trip day ✌🏻. : san fran
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Blazin’ saddles
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🇷🇺 Чего хочет женщина?
Немного французского сыра со свежей клубникой, нежного паштета с трюфелями и хрустящим багетом, красного сухого вина, цветов и... новую стрижку! 😍
Провайдер маленького пира - супермаркет Трейдер Джо. Вот где всегда найдётся что-то новенькое, чтобы порадовать душу гурмана. Гурман из меня так себе, но пробовать всякие вкусности - кто же это не любит? Обожаю, что за приемлемую цену я всегда могу себя чем-то здесь побаловать! 😋
Всем хороших выходных! ✌
🇺🇸 what does the woman want?
a little bit of french brie with fresh strawberries, some pate with truffles and crispy baguette, dry red wine, flowers and... a new haircut!
provider of this small fiesta - supermarket trader joe's. here i always find something new to please a soul of gastronomist. i'm not really a true one but love trying different delicious things - who doesn't? and i just love treating myself with something from tj with their affordable prices.😋
have a great weekend! ✌
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Yesterday was a serious check off the "i hardcore game" list. #lesmizus was invited to @ubisoft #pregamescom here in #sanfran (shoutout @bdljuce for the setup!!!) and were able to demo unreleased titles, xpacs, along with their new #starlink #battleforatlas (which is going to be ground breaking). we sat with the dev teams and played for a few hours (i stayed over time bc...absolutely). ubi has a sick lineup coming out this year and into 2019, and can't wait to see what lies in store thereafter (i was deep into #thedivision, can't wait for the sequel).
also, combo on this post, stopped by the @razer storesf to demo the new razer 15. oooooo boy am i adding this to my wish list. solid build quality (perfect for throwing in a backpack and touring the country with), super lightweight gaming lappy, beautiful 144hz screen, blazing fast i7, plenty of 3.1 ports, and that 1070 gtx was keeping those frames up high. even got a game of #pubg in, and was able to pop off 6 players (before getting stuck in the middle of a field first aiding and eliminated). yeah. i'm excited, and also been a @razer fan for years (back to the #deathadder original release in '06). keep up the great work and quality products.
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