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Good morning almost the afternoon btw jacob looks so cute in this video❤️ - @jacobsartorius @milliebobbybrown - #jacobsartorius #sartorians
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Abito in cotone elasticizzato in fantasia astratta molto colorata sui toni del verde, gonna con pieghe e corpino aderente con manica corta e scollo a barchetta, in vita una cinturina nel tessuto del soprabito con fiocco sul davanti e chiusura con gancio e automatici sul dietro. #madeinitaly #bottega #handmade #italy #sartorialinspo #zagara #sartoriagram #sartorialjournal #sartoriacreativa #sartoriale #sartorialism #sartoria #sartoriadalcuore #altasartoria #sartorialstyle #moda #sartorial #sartorialelegance #sartoriaitaliana #sartorialist #instalike #sartorialcouture #sartorians #sartorialsisters #instagood #madebyme #sartorialhound #sartorian #picoftheday #fashion
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Laila | 0.7k?
+ i really miss jacob musically and snapchat i want him to come back here's a new text post please don't let it flop :) - give credit if you repost @jacobsartorius @jacobsartourius - [fc] 690 thirsty tags: #jacobsartorius #jacobsartourius #jacob #sartorius #sartorians #rolfjacobsartorius #rolfsartorius #milliebobbybrown #jillie #musically #muser #repost #markthomas #johnnyorlando #marioselman #hunterrowland #zachclayton #hrvy
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@jacobsartorius 😆😅❤❤👑#sartorians
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Neil ;) | 30 Days’
This was from the manchester show i didn’t even know it existed until recently ... :)) quality’s so bad but hey ho! - - @jacobsartorius / - #jacobsartorius #sartorians #sartorius #thelasttextep #theleftmehanginep #music #2018
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Herkez yapmış ben yapmazsam olamz dedim ve yaptim. 😆 @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriustürkiye #sartorians
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Can i get past 175 follower by the end of march?💛~c #jacobsartorius
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2/2/18 ❤️
~chapter 1~ - •your p.o.v• i woke up to the horrible sound of my alarm blasting from my phone. i looked over to turn it off, 5:30.. ugh. i got up and took a shower hoping it would give me a little life to get through today, i hate monday’s. after getting out of the shower i got dressed in (swipe) and left my hair down. (your hair is brown with blonde hilights and it’s wavy, make sense? 😂) i sat at my vanity and did a natural makeup look. (swipe) then i texted cameron to make sure she was ready and i slipped on my white converse. as i walked out the door and onto the sidewalk cameron appeared at my side and locked our arms together. - ~skip to when you’re at school~ you and cameron went to your lockers which just happen to be next to each other. you gathered your books for your first class, shut your locker, and waited for cameron. as she finished and you turned around, you saw someone you weren’t ready to deal with today. you knew this was going to bring trouble for cameron, and while you held your breath waiting for him to say something you got lost in his eyes. - ~your thoughts~ no, y/n. no. i can’t seriously be thinking of him like this. he bullies my bestfriend. there’s no chance i’ll ever like him, ever. but he looks really good today... no y/n! ~end thoughts~ - when you finally came back to earth, you saw that jacob and cameron were fighting - (j- jacob, c-cameron) - j: no! you either do the whole project or you get a new partner because there is no way in this world that i’m working with someone like you! c: jacob there is no reason for you to be such a dick. i’ll do the project but i’ll make sure you don’t get credit j: watch and see, little bitch. c: i’ll ask mr.mays for a new partner. j: i don’t give a fuck. i can do the project on my own, f**k off. - cameron rolled her eyes and walked away. still in a state of shock, you tried to process what just happened as you started to walk away. you took about two steps before feeling jacob tug on your forearm. you turned around slowly. - j: y/n i know you don’t like me but i really needed her to do this project y/n: sorry jacob... j: please help me (more in comments)
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Jacobs eyes are so clear and shiny omg i love them @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #sartorians #leftmehangin
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