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This is my first edit like this, this sucks and i feel so scared to post it l**o also this dont have so much transitions bc im lazy

au: tk is in love with sam but he tries to hide it dating rhyme, sam likes tk too, but he's confused and started dating cassie to hide it too, one day tk see sam and cassie in a date and he gets jealous, sam tried to talk with him but tk still angry. they begin to remember all the memories together.
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thinking ab starting a theme again 🤔
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I’m feeling creative today so i decided to do another one of these lmao.
sorry asher,but she’s taken ;) #kenzieziegler #johnnyorlando #ashtonarbab #jenzie #kashtonisnotreal #jaurenzie #lenzie #laurenorlando #sassie #totaleclipse #brat
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Kenzie's pov
after johnny helped me up he had to rush off to school. when he left i had this feeling as if i was supposed to bump into him it was weird. i continued walking to school in deep thinking. when i arrived at school i took a deep breath and walked in i went straight to my assigned locker. as i was putting my books in my locker i felt a tap on my shoulder. "hi my name is emily you must be mackenzie" yeah that's me but u can call me kenzie. "okay cool the head teacher asked me to show you around we have all the same classes" oh cool thank you i said closing my locker. "no need to thank me you seem nice" thank you. all of a sudden i look up and see johnny he smiled and waved i smiled and waved back. "oh i see you met johnny" emily spoke up. um yeah i ran into him this morning. "oh great he is my best friend lauren's brother we should all hang out after school at lauren's if you want" that sounds great i walked to class with emily i'm happy i'm making friends.

johnny's pov
when i arrived i went straight to my locker i looked over and saw kenzie with emily i smiled and waved she did the same back. i went into class and sat next to carson. kenzie sat next lauren and emily. "the new girl is cute" he said. bro u think every one is cute *laughs* "true true" he joked. i taught to my self she is really cute he was not lying about that. i also couldn't stop thinking about how i felt when i first met kenzie as if i was supposed to bump into her. then there was an announcement made. "remember prom is around the corner the theme is swan lake remember boys ask the girl of your dreams before it is too late.
it was lilia making the announcement i had no idea who i was going to ask. i began my work.
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