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Squad πŸ–€
#didyouknow ? killer whales hunt in pods, or groups, in a way similar to wolves. they circle their prey and force them into smaller areas before attacking. once cornered, the orcas take turns biting and ramming their prey!
captured by @slatermoorephotography
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Tag a friend to plant a bee garden with you this summer! 🌸🐝⁣
first slide is pretty flowers you can plant, and the second is herbs you can use for cooking! 🌱
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Happens more often than i’d like to admit πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
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A powerful and thought provoking sculpture by a brazilian street artist @willartferreira
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Hello dudes. dudettes. doodlings. doodlejumps. i hope this which is me trying to be all whimsical and s**t helps you in any way πŸ’• hehehe. please enjoy!
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Sustainability means balance, for the earth but also for ourselves.
i almost cancelled this trip, as traveling in times of climate emergency felt selfish. my head said: focus on activism. but my heart needed this trip. so i went, and i couldn’t be happier! i met so many kind people, learned so much, feel so inspired.
every day my values are challenged, and i challenge someone else’s. that’s how we learn. soo.. let’s talk more to strangers and listen to their stories, let’s challenge ourselves to new views. this could be the catalyst we need to unite, break barriers, re(connect) humanity.
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