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Charging for content - the final installment of this series is here!! i just want to note that i spent a long time writing this and for free. as you probably know, there are so many successful content creators out there charging for this kind of information through webinars or social media courses. i want to share my experience free of charge because i want all of us to be able to love what we do and be rewarded. that’s why it would seriously mean soooo much to me if you could share this with your audience if you found any of this information helpful. it lets me know that this is the type of content you want to see and helps me to create more guides like these. πŸ₯° anyway, i wrote a whole blog post answering questions like:
⭐️ how to ask for payment
⭐️ exactly what to say to companies ⭐️ how to set rates ⭐️ what to think about when making rates
⭐️when you can charge more .
i even revealed how much i get paid for posts! 🀭 to know more, go to the link in my bio or swipe up in my stories! i really really hope you take away at least a little something from this blog post! and again, i’d really appreciate it if you could give this some love ❀️ if you have any more topic requests, please let me know! love you!! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
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Obsessing over my fave daily skin detox essential - @essano_beauty superfoods cinnamon purifying gel cleanser! the cinnamon purifies and removes toxins & the pumpkin supports healthy renewal of skin while the aloe vera rehydrates! i just love that it makes my skin cleaner & clearer giving me a healthy glow! best of all, it’s natural & contains no parabens! with essano superfoods celebrating its 1st b’day, it’s time to celebrate feeding your skin beautiful with the natural power of raw, organic, cold-pressed plant extracts! available at woolworths! πŸ’•πŸ™Œ @essano_beauty #feedyourskinbeautiful #essanosuperfoods #ad
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So, you see we’re serving attitudes today lol
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Laudano nero extrait de parfum by tiziana terenzi - a complex blend beautifully done to turn heads! this monstrous fragrance won't disappoint you on performance. just be sure to use it for colder months only.

swipe for more photos. *fragrance gifted by notino uk.
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Things i quit doing on instagram - and maybe you should too πŸ˜β €
β €
πŸ‘‰πŸ» trying to do all the things on instagram sure gets overwhelming. and things get even crazier with the constant updates.β €
β €
for that reason i like to keep it simple as much as possible. i’m also a mom of two boys, so it’s actually a must to simplify how i use instagram for my business and how i help clients with theirs.β €
β €
πŸ˜€ a fun way to spend more quality time on instagram is actually cutting down on what doesn’t work.β €
β €
πŸ’₯ here are 3 tips you can start doing now to show up confidently on instagram without having to be on the app 24/7 β €
β €
1- stop the endless scrolling. this needs to be number 1 on everyone’s list. if your goal is to use social media to grow your business you have to focus on your content and stop looking at everyone’s else. say bye to comparison and yes to peace of mind. i use google calendar to schedule my instagram time. you can also set a timer for how long you spend on instagram daily - between posts and interacting with your audience.β €
β €
2- try all the apps available to mankind in hopes that will help you. i focus on a few apps that i know works for me. i always recommend an organizing/scheduling app and an editing app for photos. i used to have 5 editing apps, which only caused more confusion ( which filter is the best? i must try 17 different ones) and overwhelm. we don’t need 35 options of presets to have a beautiful instagram feed. β €
β €
3- copy trends and forget about your own brand. this is a tough one, specially because trendy posts tend to get a lot of likes. but if you are trying to grow long term personal brand on social media it’s better to be unique and stick to what you love.
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{#ad} tuesday chill πŸŽ€ i’m really looking forward to a lovely evening in relaxing with the latest episode of the great british bake off and some snacks tonight! i might even pop on my favourite new sleepwear set from ted baker at @debenhams, isn’t it so pretty? it includes a shorts and cami top and a matching kimono, it feels lovely to own such luxurious nightwear. debenhams stock a really great selection so be sure to check it out on their website πŸŒΈπŸ’• who’s excited for biscuit week on #gbbo tonight?! let me know if you’re as much of a bake off fan as i am β˜•οΈπŸͺ #doabitofdebenhams
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<something about self care probably goes here>
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