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@cindyahinds (the brood, the dead zone) joins this year's judge panel! submit your fifteen second horror films for free through 15secondhorror.ca

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Today on my blog i’m chatting to twice bafta nominated tv writer chris lunt.
we discuss how he hit the big time, his writing process and work ethics and how he turns rejection around in his favour.
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"the secret to happiness is freedom... and the secret to freedom is courage." the most difficult and courageous decision we can make in our career is to walk away and head into the unknown.
before you walk away check out this brief @mikeamcnamara post via the link in bio.

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Positive attitude🌻
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Yuki and me having a meditative moment before my next move #lmusftv #screenwriter #movement #pomeranian
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I haven't posted anything in two days because i don't have anything to say. i've got lots of beautiful photos, but no inspiring, mind-blowingly motivational and amaziiing captions to go with them.

so i thought maybe i should write about that.

being a huge people-person and thriving of making people inspired and creating smiles, this platform gives me so much joy.

and yes, it's important to do things for yourself and not for other people all the time. but i love inspiring other people. i love receiving and replying to comments and messages and feeling like we all have a genuine, real friendship. because without that, i'd just be a person screaming at a wall, nothing but my own voice echoing back at me.

it's a conversation. i show my life story, my struggles and victories and sunshines and rain clouds, and then you show yours.

but it's just a fact that the new algorithms and technologies and whatever other fancy things keep making social media more and more one-sided.

i have trouble making any real connections these days, and that's why i don't know what to write about. i have no idea what you're struggling with.

i keep getting lost in ads and thousands of comments and fake follows and likes, where there are no real people, only what big brands and companies want me to see and think i need.

all i need is a little place for my words to be read, for my story to be listened to and where my dreams come alive. all i need is for someone to say hi, and for me to reply. no messages going unnoticed, no comments disappearing in the ocean of "look at me, look at me, look at me!" i want to share my cute pictures of cherries and books, and i only want to have followers who are real humans who seek to be inspired and cared about.

i'll always be here, but if you want to be here too, then please don't lurk around. say something. say hi. send an emoji.

don't be a 'follower', 'liker' or a 'commenter'. be a human.

#socialmediasucks #butyouareamazing
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