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Stunning sea-inspired ceramics by @lisaseaurchin - i received these two a few weeks ago and they are just so 😍😍😍 the orange swirl one brightens my desk up and i can't wait to get a wall hook fitted so i can hang the other one!! they make me happy to look at! check out lisa's instagram (link above) to see more of her amazing work! .
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7 561 June 2019
Writing for insta week 2. i’m doin it. only for you would i bring an old dead white dude onto my feed. so i hope you feel this act of love. cause aristotle’s triangle of persuasion is useful for our purposes—and has three elements so you know i’m sold.
what this dude said was that we need to perform three different acts of persuasion to convince people to do anything, right down to liking us: appeal to their logic, their ethics, and their emotion. now, i’m not saying that every single caption you write has to perform all three of these appeals. but i am saying that overall, your content should be covering them.
appeals to logic are a little less important in this space than the other two [imma appeal to your logic rn by telling you i cut this one out due to caption word limits]. appeals to ethics are crucial because they’re how you build and sustain trust. makers might perform these appeals by showing their faces in their feed often, letting their readers behind the scenes, writing in a way that’s vulnerable, open, and honest. giving your followers an inkling of how much time goes into making something, letting them in on just some of the fullness of your life, showing up to support the work of others, naming the people/cultures that influence your creations. basically, think about what helps you to trust someone and then write those elements into existence in your feed.
finally, appeals to emotion are what will be your superpower on this platform. i’m going to be blunt about this one and say that successfully appealing to emotion boils down to one thing: make stuff that moves you. if you’re not stirred by the things you make, how on earth can you expect others to be? make the things that move you because that’s how you’ll transmit feelings about your creations, and about creating itself. hint: if it’s only ever happiness or joy that you’re appealing to, that’s gonna get old (it’s not credible that anyone walks around only rejoycing). people want to hear about what frustrates you too, what thwarts you—and also what allows you to push past those obstacles. annnnd...don’t forget that feelings don’t have to be emo. funny is good too ✌️
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Classic pearl earrings from our new collection.

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11 714 July 2019
I was resistant to reworking this design with colourful fish, but i’m so glad i did. until now, the style i’ve adapted in my work does involve colour, but normally not in the foreground of pieces. is it silly to say that i’m almost afraid of using colour? it seems very foolish, especially since now i’m surrounded by beautiful rope inventory—yet trepidation still sets in when it comes to using it in my own pieces. what do you think? are you feeling the more boisterously coloured version of “cods of misery”? [photocred to @tieoneoncreative ]
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Нежные, функциональные, красивые💙

Это все о них, сервировочные доски👌

Не смотря на небольшую площадь заливки у этих, вглядываться в свое личное море можно очень долго, и смотреть как пенка отбрасывает тень в глубину😍

Признавайтесь, кто хочет начать красиво подавать на стол сыры и нарезку❓
или вы уже балуете себя и близких❓
Смола @artresin_lab
i'm so in love with this delicate sea inspired look in these two serving boards💙

my favorite thing is to look on foam shades in sea depth😍

do you already use decorative serving boards or planning to❓
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I’ve been thinking a lot about the struggle to create things in a culture that has a difficult time accepting the importance of consent. the responses that arise in discussions of copying often employ the following tactics (see if you find any of this familiar): “well, you shouldn’t have put your work out there if you couldn’t handle it being copied;” “you had to know that people would recreate it,” “you can’t control what other people do,” “well, your designs come up in google and pinterest searches,” “there’s nothing new under the sun and everything is a copy of something else,” “you should take it as a compliment that someone liked your work enough to copy it,” it’s just the way the world works,” and so on. to me, these overtures are both familiar and frightening because they remind me so readily of the very same apathies and blames expressed in conversations about s****l misconduct. why can’t you make these fish to sell and post as your own creations? because i’ve not only said no in every possible way i can imagine—and i’ve also never said yes. why isn’t that enough?
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Ocean inspired resin collection!
every is handmade specially the sea shells🏝🐚
tell me what do you think y’all?
—— مجموعة قطع من الريزن مستوحاة من الشاطئ والبحر
الصدف صنع يدوي 🐚
اسحبوا لتشوفوا باقي الصور واحكولي رأيكم 💕 —————
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