Clearfork Market
4 hours ago
clearforkmarket Seed, the untold story 🌱recommended documentary viewing over this long weekend ~"few things on earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds -worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind. this documentary follows passionate seed keepers who are protecting a 12,000 year-old food legacy. " . . #nogmo #heirloom #growyourown #seedsaving #thetruth #seedsavers #seedtheuntoldstory #wakeup
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6 hours ago
hazelboughfarm No matter how many times i grow a garden, i'm always delighted to see the first sprouts. here's an heirloom squash coming up and a basil start i picked up at my favorite local farm stand. i stink at starting basil, so i'm happy to leave it up to someone else. #gardenherbs #permaculture #basil #heirloomsquash #heirloomplants #strawbalegarden #strawbalegardening #homegrown #seedsaving #seedsavers #wintersquash #springfeeling #urbangardening #urbanpermaculture
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πŸ“Triad-area, NC. USDA Zone: 7B
8 hours ago
purslanegardens 5.27.17 // coriander in the making! i'm so stoked, this is my first year growing cilantro & saving it's seed. it's been fun to watch all the tiny native bees & other critters enjoying the flowers! soon i'll have some homegrown coriander πŸ‘πŸΌ
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13 hours ago
ambersvictorygarden #arugula started from saved seed on 5/2. and gravel.... because now that we have gravel paths around the beds, our two year old likes to decorate with it. everywhere...i guess i'd rather have gravel in the soil than soil in the gravel! 🀦
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LIMBO semillas
13 hours ago
limbo.semillas Sábado de semillas al sol! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸŒ±πŸŒΎπŸŒž#limbosemillas #teocintle #semillas #seeds #seedbank #seedsavers
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15 hours ago
mrslittlechickenlady Thanks to my dad, i finally got dirt and the rest of my garden planted. downsized a bit this year. no corn or beans. i do have a few different types of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, cantaloupe and watermelon. oh and some garlic growing along the fence. 😊 #seedsavers #growyourown #lifesagarden
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Fiona Morgan
20 hours ago
wherefishsing Choko! the tofu of vegetables. soaks up any flavour it's cooked with. grows on a prolific vine. my score today from our seedsavers gathering. i'm pleased to this time get sprouting chokos ready to plant from a similarly warm climate location (emerald beach - thanks mary). previously all the seedlings i've collected have been from dorrigo (up the mountain and much colder) and none have taken off or survived. maybe this time! #choko #chayote #seedsaving #seedsavers #bellingen #midnorthcoastnsw #gardening #vine #ediblegarden #foodforest #backyardfarm
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Buddina Community Garden
buddinacommunitygarden A small but mighty bunch at the working bee today. thanks so much to the people who make it possible. #buddinacommunitygarden #growingtogether
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invinciblesummerfarms Caraway seeds. we are doing seed increases of caraway varieties from europe and the mid-east. big differences is size and taste. all saved by farmers and other folks. pretty cool all around. #seedsaving #seedsavers #heirloomvegetables #openpollinated
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Per Arne Kobbevik
pers_garden Sweet peas planted out in my three new planters. ☺️//madammen har bestilt erteblomster, og nå er de i boks! 😏da er det bare å la tiden gå sin gang og montere litt klatrestøtte etter hvert. og ja, har limt på kobbertape mot snegler nederst på kassene. πŸ˜ŒπŸ™„ ps - det er zinnia-spirer foran på det nederste bildet.
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Lyn Jones LaCava
lynlacava At the end of last summer, mr. mangrum, a well-season, knowledgeable farmer here in our town, gave me a hand full of calico crowder peas. i am beyond thrilled to see them going in my garden!! thank you mr. mangrum. #gardenlove #seedsavers #passiton #growyourown
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