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15 minutes ago
_brooklyndragonfli_ . i have learned a lot. i have become strong and resilient, as is the case of almost every human being exposed to life and to the world. we don't even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward. isabel allende . #keepitreal #bellagracemagazine #bellagrace #dearbellagrace #liveauthentic #dof_addicts #dof_brilliance #rsa_rural #rsa_landscape #jj #rural_love #rural_life #rural_america #farmlife#seekthesimplicity #positivethinking #positivevibes
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haleyerickson_ For the good of all, not the profit of a few. this land is our land. this is our shared american inheritance. owned by the people, for the people. . i spent the majority of my childhood barefoot and covered in dirt. always outside. i wanted to climb everything and explore everywhere. if i could've run away as a child to go see the world i would've. i've known from the time i was old enough to form my own coherent thoughts that i wanted to live a life outdoors. i wanted to experience everything. the thought of my own children not being able to enjoy the privileges nature has given me doesn't sit well. . i now live in one of the most beautiful states surrounded by some of the most beautiful lands and national parks. in utah, transfer legislation threatens 29 river runs, 1055 climbing areas, and over 1250 miles of mountain biking trails. to see all of that fall into the wrong hands and privatized for profit, not just in utah but in all public lands, is terrifying. . what a lot of americans don't realize is that the gold mine is already here, all around us and has always been here, and public lands haven't been an idea that has needed defending. until now. advocacy for initiatives like this is imperative. last year i became a part of the advocacy to shut down line 5 in the straits of mackinac to protect the great lakes. to protect my home. now america needs to protect our home, and protect our lands. because it's ours. . 43% of paddling is on public lands. 193,500 miles of hiking trails are on public lands. 71% of climbing is on public lands. 12,659 miles of mountain biking trails are on public lands. . i used to hate politics. a lot of it being because i never understood it. but times are changing, and right now it's become more crucial than ever to be knowledgeable about what's happening in the world surrounding you, and about the people who are trying to control it. stop trying to crush candies, stop wasting time swiping right on someone who you'll probably never date, and use your phone to be productive. get on the d**n internet and do some research. . learn how to advocate for your lands @ protectourpublicland.org 🏔🖊
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SilkWave Designs
2 minutes ago
silkwavedesigns Took the day off of work for another painting. california sun painting 🌻🎨
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Taryn Sierra Pauly
5 minutes ago
happiness_and_chaos Just want to make an appreciation post about this guy. he has been taking such good care of me the past few weeks and i am so thankful for that. i had a lump in my armpit for two weeks and it was bothering me pretty bad. joe kept telling me i need to go see a dr but i'm someone who really hates going so i put it off. then wednesday of last week i went to the er and luckily the lump was an abscess and not something worse. however, they told me it was so bad and that i should not have waited so long to come in. the immediately had to cut it open and drain it and that was one of the most painful things i've ever experienced. i was fully awake and felt everything! but really guys if you have any sort of your lump in your armpit don't hesitate to go get it checked. this could have made me very very sick and even killed me if i let it go on much longer. thankful it's all taken care of. now to just heal and finish all of these meds they have me on! happy friday everyone! i am blessed to have my husband by my side through every little trial. through sickness and health 😉
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Meg McSherry Interiors
4 minutes ago
megmcsherryinteriors It's always so hard to leave, but it feels especially hard this time around! this week has been truly magical, mostly because my oldest daughter was *really* able to experience everything that makes this place so special. until next summer, @basinharbor !
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Meitav Barak ⚡
5 minutes ago
meitavbarak #pooltime🏊 #lovemyboy💙
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Mary | MaryMyDear
5 minutes ago
mary.alice.field Saw a yellow hydrant and thought "yep this looks like a cool place to sit"
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Chelsea Francis
6 minutes ago
ohhhchelsea Met the president of the good girls club this morning and oh my word, i'm in love. i got to shake her paw and give her some pets. 13/10.
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k o t a ↟
6 minutes ago
dakotaafrank It's hard to be blue when you have a lake like this.
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