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i_am_pamm | having the most amazing & indulgent afternoon @fairmontpacific's #willowstreamspa! hour long massage, lunch, sauna & hot tub...& now rooftop sunbathing & champagne!😍 truly a perfect ending to my long weekend! i am so unbelievably grateful & feeling so blessed for this experience.... #fullofgratitude #selflove #selfcare #luxuryafternoon . . . . . . #longweekends #spaday #relaxation #pampered #sunbathing #massage #fivestarservice #fairmontpacificrim #willowstreamspa #vancouver #vancity #rooftopview #bluesky #oceanview #blessed
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Elena Rose
4 minutes ago
Balance all 7 chakras with this mudra and chanting practice! ✨ lam is the sound of the root or muladara chakra and is done with hands on knees in gyan mudra (thumb and index finger touching) vam is the sound of the sacral or svadishthana chakra with yoni mudra (fingers interlocked except for thumb and index fingers which are touching, index fingers pointing down) ram is the sound of the solar plexus or manipura chakra with shiva mudra (hands interlocked, right thumb up with left index/thumb wrapped at base) yam is the sound of the heart or anahata chakra with the lotus mudra (hands open with thumbs and pinkies touching) ham is the sound of the throat or visshuda chakra, from lotus mudra flip your hands so that your fingers are pressing together, facing your throat, and your thumbs and pinkies are touching. om is the sound of the third eye or ajna chakra with the namaskar mudra (hands in prayer, thumb touching at third eye, fingers spread) om is the sound of the crown or sahasrara chakra with hands together, palms down, raising up from the top of head back down to your knees. repeat 7x 💜🙏 as soon as the weather stabilizes here in denver, i'll be found at wash park practicing a chakra themed kundalini flow, anyone and everyone is welcome to join me!
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Joani Boggs
1 minute ago
joani_lp First time ever planting flowers. i will be so proud if these grow lol 😄 #flowers #burlap #beginner #gardner #selfcare #fun #dollartreefinds #fnfab
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19 minutes ago
biobellecosmetics #repost @ipsy: we’ve got your skin care rehab essentials to whip your skin into shape in no time!⏰ || tap for details || #ipsy
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CALM Body and Home
10 minutes ago
calmbodyandhome 💙 original a3 size watercolour and ink feather art...teamed with our calming selenite tea-light air-purifying beeswax candle and my favourite chunk of rose quartz...can you feel the love? 😉💙 available soon...and don't you love @kmartaus for cute accessories...aka geometric vase?
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4 minutes ago
londonspedisoaks Giftsets are one of our many specialties. contact us if you want to custom make one for a special occasion. or chose from our popular favs: bestsellers, try me trio and get grounded. growing very popular is our ultimate london's pedisoaks experience, which allows you to sample all of the products in our foot care line. #loveyourfeettoday #giftsets
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3 minutes ago
spousehood Today's reading for our #free #devotional: psalms‬ ‭56:3‬ #bibleverse #scripture . want to subscribe to our devotionals, created just for military spouses? click the link in our bio, then "subscribe." . #prayer #quiettime #jesus #selfcare #faith for #nationalguardwife #marinewife #armylife #armywife #militarywife #militaryspouse #milspouse #navywife #reservistwife #coastiewife #afwife #milfam #militaryfamily #airforcewife #military #militarylife #milso #milsosupport
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Melanie Trehan
3 minutes ago
theskincareboutique #makeupmonday during my many years of celebrity beauty consultation, i often heard “wow, i wish i could do this gorgeous makeup myself!” well you can! 💋 it starts with finding the best products for your skin tone and texture👇👇👇 first consider your skin type. to give definition for oily skin, use a cream based contour routine to “carve” out your face. for dry skin, use powder. note that fine lines are accentuated by powders, so in these instances, use lightweight, dewy cream-based products to hydrate and contour simultaneously😌 for a more natural look, before contouring, put on your base foundation. some people like to put a base foundation on first before contouring. to create a more dramatic sculpted look, apply your concealer and a darker shade of foundation and blend. there is plenty of ways to “play up” your look with contouring. both powder and cream foundations can be used together and you can mix and match. you can also use powder on top of your liquid foundation for a smooth contour🙌🏼 as for the contour itself, check out the photo below to see where to highlight and darken based on your face shape. and blend blend blend! hope this helps 😘😘😘
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Beccy Howe
3 minutes ago
Are you in the wave, the rush, the "yes!" the doing, the creating, the whooshing? or are you in the ebb, the pulling back, resting, recouperating? the drawing back into yourself and your own inner world for a while? for they are both useful. they are both needed. yes, we see others waves, their "yes", their "i am doing this now!". but there is, hopefully for sanity, a drawing back and quiet inwards space necessary too. and this ebb, and this flow or wave are also useful, are also needed, in your life. life. xx💚 #peace #peacestartswithin #waves #ebbandflow #flowstate #selfcare #love
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3 minutes ago
theycalmejackie Take care of yourself. 💕cutting out toxic people is #selfcare 💕 surrounding yourself with people who "get it" is #selfcare 💕 self acceptance is #selfcare
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Jennifer Kittredge
4 minutes ago
jenniekitt Resting after a long week of festivities.
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Kristīne Kalniņa-Berga
4 minutes ago
thebiteofwinter Take the stones people throw at you and use them to build a monument! i can do it, you can do it! so let's do it! * es akmeņos jūtu dzīvību, enerģiju un jūras viļņu piedzīvojumu stāstus. tie sāpes un dusmas neuzrāj sevī, tie palaiž tos prom kopā ar viļniem. ir pienācis laiks uzrakstīt kādam ar roku rakstītu zīmīti/vēstuli.. #lovingkindness #stone#mindspa#calm#balticsea#wind#nature#explore#meditation#mindfulness#truestory#lifegoals#visualsoflife#lifeofadventure#vsco#inspiration#momentsofmine#selflove#selfcare#tasteoflife#colorful#slowliving#myhappyplace#style#naturegram#naturespa#allgoodthings#moments#love#blogger
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Jodi Tellier
4 minutes ago
somedayartco I'm back from 3 glorious days in the country - no electricity, no emails, no stress. just lots of hiking through the woods with the most overjoyed dog ever, food & wine, playing board games, reading, a lot of sleeping, and a teeny tiny bit of painting for fun - the only work i did the whole time was lesson plans for upcoming watercolour workshops. and i did that with a glass of wine 🥂 i will be back to work tomorrow, thanks everyone for your patience with this much needed recharge 😘 #randr #selfcare #longweekendfun
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5 minutes ago
shesconfidentacademy 💜💙happiness and self-love is a inside job. and until you give up searching else where for it. you will never have the self-satisfaction you desire. queens we are all a work in progress and extremely far from perfect. so don't discourage yourself from being authentic. because truth be told the fakes never make it very far. #loveyourself 💜💙
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4 minutes ago
lifecoacherin Hi! i'm erin. i used to be a practicing attorney, but it didn't bring me much joy. so after lots of soul (and internet) searching, i left law and designed a life and career i love. through the process, i realized i want to help others do the same! i'm passionate about helping young professionals shed stress, overwhelm and perfectionism in favor of ease, self-care, gratitude and joy. i also help people speak and write more effectively as a communications skills coach. i believe that authenticity and genuine connection are lacking these days even though most of us truly want those things. so, to foster more connection, please introduce yourself below!! i would love to get to know you better 💜
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4 minutes ago
mind.your.wellness I think that this is so important. not everyone is going to understand your journey. it isn't for them. needing time to find your 'okay' doesn't negate what an amazing person you are. if you have to excuse yourself from something, or even miss it entirely that is completely okay. don't let anyone make you feel like less of a person because of it. i know how hard this can be. most of the time i'm upset with myself for not being able to do it or be more present. forgive yourself. love yourself. take care of yourself. you are worth it. 🌙✨ • • •#anxiety #panicdisorder #mentalhealth #acceptance #selfcare #selflove #breathe #bewell #bemindful
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